What do you think of Marriage?

  1. The act of marrying is sacred, but the institution is hideous. Love is love, whether you're straight, monogamous, LGBT, polyamorous, age gap, cousins, etc. yet there hasn't been a time in recorded history when it wasn't selective. There was a TV show episode a month ago I saw where someone had down syndrome and one of the messages hammered into the show was he was "not fit" to get married. The institution is a bunch of gatekeepers and that's all they are. In most countries it's also normal to put a thousand dollar price tag on marriage; so much for it being sacred when it's not even a human right.

  2. There are tax benefits as well as other legal benefits such as being able to visit in the hospital if they are in an accident and it’s “family only hours”. I get not liking the pomp and show of a wedding but marriage itself has its uses

  3. You're talking about a wedding, not marriage. You can get married just by signing the certificate. No need for the extra expenses and spectacle.

  4. There's government marriage, and then there's religious marriage. Government marriage is meaningless considering there's so many ways out of it and people only really do it for taxes in the US. Religious marriage is what most people actually have a problem with because it's actually meaningful and also has a might tighter definition.

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