Have you ever fired a gun?

  1. I went to a shotgun range (guess that's the right name?) while on holiday with my family a couple weeks back, was honestly just a great way to spend the day on holiday - Would highly recommend

  2. As an American who has only done it once. You owe it to yourself to do it. I didn't really know why people were so into guns until I shot one.

  3. Not military and I have fired everything from a pen gun to a cannon, with of course plenty of sub guns, belt feds. Sometimes the box fed 50 cals are more fun than the belt feds, they just don't have as many.

  4. New adult in the US. I want to try it at least once. Just to know how it feels in my hands. VR is nice, but dual wielding .50 BMGs in Pavlov is little unrealistic.

  5. I love target shooting and firing older guns. I even got to fire a black powder 44! Or 45? I'd have to ask my brother which it is. But it was really fun. And loud.

  6. I'm not from the US, but the only time I've ever shot a gun was when vacationing at the US (gun range with fam). We don't usually shoot guns for fun where I'm from.

  7. I’m 16 (American) and have fired many guns. .22s, 9mms, .45s, .357s, 38s, 12 gauges, .223s, 5.56s, and probably some more that I currently can’t remember. I’m surprised by the number that have never fired any, y’all are missing out

  8. My father-in-law has quite a few guns. He keeps them safely stored away but when we visit for Xmas or the summer he and I go shooting. It’s fun.

  9. People demonizing guns isnt really that absurd given they are quite litterely tools that only have the use of killing and inflicting harm on others. (Not counting hunting and shooting ranges)

  10. Would black powder count cause those aren’t considered firearms legally in the us? Anyways yeah I have. Quite a few, only safely at a range with proper safety and following all rules. Several Glocks, a 357 revolver, a 22 revolver, AR, 22 rifles, 12 gauge shotgun, Springfield hellcat… I think that’s all, but I may have forgot one, and I’m planning on shooting more in the future.

  11. Fired a Type 95 in school military training. Felt good except for missing the target 5 times in a row and then shooting 10 or 9 ring in the next 5 shots.

  12. I've fired multiple aks, ar-15, shotguns and handguns (Italy). It's a common misconception that you can't have any firearm outside from a handgun, it might be harder than the us, but not impossible

  13. God knows why but I had a friend in school whose father owned two guns: One of those air rifles and a proper rifle. We, of course, thought it was a great idea to shoot the rifle into the air, realized how fucking loud that was and hid back inside. Didn't stop us from shooting targets with the air rifle afterwards though. All of this as unsupervised 13 year olds. And NOT in the US!

  14. I’m Puerto Rican, so technically US, but we have different gun laws. As to having fired a gun before, I have, but in a BSA camp in Florida

  15. I don't understand why so many people who have never used a gun are so against guns. They are incredibly fun to shoot. I even took a self proclaimed anti gun reporter out once that scrapped his article after his experience around competitive shooting. He did write a lukewarm blog post about his experience, he still didn't understand that you just can't go to a gun store and take a machine gun home.

  16. Non US. Used to do that for sport. It was fun but the whole culture around it is massively mentally challenged so I stopped doing that.

  17. How so? In US every time I’ve been to a range they have professionals that watch everybody and most of the time people are chill and just wanna talk about the pros and cons of each gun. Reminds me of playing yugioh saying like “ohhh if you like this you should really try out this deck”.

  18. I’m American and I’m surprised at the amount of people who have actually fired a gun, I myself haven’t

  19. Really? I’m also American and we had hunter safety in my PE class which was basically firearm safety, parents could opt out but nobody did. A lot of kids hunted for food/sport. I’ve also been to the range with friends.

  20. Only air rifles, don't know if they are considered a firearm as we don't really have the same definition for that (as far as I know) in Sweden

  21. I have fired a gun, I'm not from the US, but I did it in the US. Because it was literally easier than ordering a pizza.

  22. I didn't realize until after voting US no that I've fired BB guns before and I don't know how those work mechanically

  23. I've grown up surrounded by guns, shot a couple, only made me more certain the general public should not own them unless they have a use for it (non US here)

  24. I’m from the US. I don’t own nor care to own a gun ever, but when I was 10 YEARS OLD in Boy Scouts they had some weird gun festival thing & I vaguely remember firing a military machine gun with the assistance of the guy who owned it (the ones you see from WWII clips/movies with dudes crouching down & the casings/empty shells fell to the ground of the chain thingy held by something that’s like a tripod…I don’t know anything about guns or their proper names as you might be able to tell). But yes, that’s the only time I’ve fired a real gun

  25. Non American here, I've never used a gun and I hope I never have to, I think they're dumb and excessive in most cases. That's my opinion and I know I'm going to get drilled to the bottom of the Earth because of it but the idea of taking some else's life even if mine is on the line is... Difficult to process for me.

  26. Did you know there’s these things called “targets” that are made out of 100% paper and 0% human, so you can shoot a gun without having to take someone’s life? Crazy, right?

  27. I know people are about the downvote button, but don’t feel bad about having a differing opinion as long as it’s respectful. That’s why I did the poll (:

  28. Guns are great but I seriously fucking cringe at how nerdy some people get with them. (As with a lot of shit, even if its guns YOURE STILL A NERD)

  29. Lived in rural michigan my entire life. I’ve held a few. Never fired one and I don’t ever intend to. Guns terrify me. The fact that it’s so easy to kill any living thing that quickly and easily makes me wish they didn’t even exist. Plus I have a history of mental health issues (I’m doing much better now though). If I don’t know how to operate one, and don’t own one, much less likely I will use one against myself in a potential future mental health crisis. I know I could get one easily during that time, but I stand by what I say.

  30. I’ve actually enjoyed reading all the responses here even if I don’t agree entirely. I’d imagine being in a conservative area in the US it’s a bit of an echo chamber.

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