Should we be able to sue people IRL for toxicity online ? (insults in games)

  1. I still find it baffling how people are trying to press sexual harassment charges on people who tea-bagged them in Halo.

  2. I understand sexual harassment is traumatizing. It makes you feel uncomfortable and sick in your own body. But as far as I know teabagging isn't sexual. It's just a childish "haha I'm putting my butt in your face." It's not meant as sexual harassment.

  3. Online threats should be actionable based on their media, as they can often transfer to offline consequences, such as swatting attempts.

  4. I think taking action against online toxicity should be the mods/admins responsibility and not the responsibility of the legal system.

  5. I agree. The focus should be on the game companies to create a safe space for gaming, not the legal system. A disregard for that could and should be cause for class action, however.

  6. Stalking? As in someone looking up your address, or going to great lengths just to harass you? Sure. Someone threatening your well being? Already illegal. Someone hurting your fee fees by doing/saying mean things or harassing you? No. Just block and report them. Irl you can’t get sued for saying mean things, why should the internet be any different?

  7. I think some people should be held responsible for being toxic beyond a certain degree, not insults though. maybe a case can be built up for “bullying” (harassment) or repeated cases of sexual harassment and discrimination

  8. Obviously law suits aren't the solution. But it's pretty disgusting how people treat others online, just because they have the shield of anonymity.

  9. No, but I think there should sometimes be consequences for actions online. Ex., there was a a teen girl on youtube that got a lot of hate from other youtubers because her voice and content was annoying (targeted towards children). People eventually started hating her and someone leaked her face online, even tho she had made a lot of effort to be faceless. Imo something like doxing a minor should have legal consequences.

  10. Imagine living in a society where you can get sued for an insult. Anyone who thinks that’s okay needs to grow the fuck up, it’s actually pathetic. Like, have these people never been to school?

  11. Seriously. This can ONLY be enforced with a fascist and authoritarian regime with a blatant disregard for free speech. There is no other way to ensure that people will not do a very natural, human thing such as insult each h other. What if someone actually did or said something worth insulting? Or if people get mad, they tend to just lash out and insult others saying some nasty stuff. We all have and we are (hopefully) not proud of it. Suing for that is just ridiculous

  12. While toxicity sucks, freedom of speech is not to be tackled in any way shape or form even if it includes 12 year old timmy insulting his teammates.

  13. It is illegal in some countries but I feel it shouldn't be. Death- or rape threats or calling for genocide are something else but calling someone a dick or something like that should be legal.

  14. Insults? No. Hateful, harmful behavior? Fuck yeah. If you wanna be all big and brave behind a screen being racist, etc. to the point where you’re threatening peoples lives you can get fucked - online or in person.

  15. Adds tension to the game and is really funny when you get the 7 year olds trying to act tough by insulting my mum lol

  16. It could be in Finland. Here you can take someone to court if someone insults you, kinda. The laws around It are complex and im not an lawyer, but the crime is called "kunnianloukkaus" disrespect of honour.

  17. I really don't get why americans love suing so much. It's such a long, annoying and possibly expensive process, absolutely not worth it for anything minor. In case of toxicity online, you can either ignore it, block/report or just leave. There are so many options more suitable for a scale of the "offense", which is so minor it's laughable

  18. It depends on how you define "toxicity" I have seen girls literally delete their youtube accounts because guys have been too stalky and rapey to them. That should definitely be punishable in some way as harassment, but other than that cant think of much.

  19. Lmfao imagine how humiliating it would be to tell your friends that you’re suing someone for being a troll online.

  20. Maybe not sue. But I do think people should be held legally responsible for extreme harassment like rape and death threats.

  21. Whoever answered yes didn't live through modern warfare 2 chat. And if they did, they probably deserved to get clowned on

  22. We should be able to sue anyone for anything, but it doesn't mean that those lawsuits have to be taken seriously or be in any way successful.

  23. No. This is the only place I go to insult people 😢😢😢where else will i call someone's mom a whore bro

  24. Depends. Only time I see where it can be valid is where there is online bullying where the victim ends up commuting self harm. Typically the people already know each other in high school or whatever, so just blocking the person online isn’t really ending the issue.

  25. Bruh I want some actual good quality polls not some dumb crap like this. This is the equivalent of teabagging = sexual harrasment

  26. toxicity is what made online multiplayer game game felt like an online multiplayer game. like imagine if everyone chatting like voice assistant response. or the chat option just doesn't exist, then its better to play solo game then.

  27. There are extreme lengths of toxicity that are beyond insults and become harassment or hate speech that should have consequences, not necessarily being sued.

  28. I feel like, in the most extreme example where someone is knowingly and actively encouraging someone to suicide who is actively suicidal, they should be punished, but in general, no.

  29. Y'all should just not take anything you see in the internet for full and/or dont give a shit. In the end, Actions matter, not words. And very few good actions happen because people take shit for full they read online. Separate real life and internet. Go out. Have fun. Act local.

  30. I voted yes but I interpreted in such a way that it is only possible for stuff that you can sue for in real life. If you wanna due because someone told you that you suck you should really grow a thicker skin

  31. Insults in games largely is trivial, but if it's constant, vile personal hatred on a platform like Twitter or Facebook, yes we should be allowed some legal recourse, which I believe we are.

  32. Events of continued harassment that affects the victim's personal life or damaging defamation should be able to be pursued legally, but even some of the most vile insults in gaming don't really matter all that much.

  33. Being a dick in video games should probably just be a ban at worst. If that behavior worsens and translates into real life, then you may have ground for a harrasment case.

  34. Not when you can block/mute anyone. However if you block someone and they start harassing you with new accounts and it gets to more than just annoyance I’d say some sort of legal action like a restraining order would make sense.

  35. The fact that 594 people are such thin skinned cry baby losers and think this is something to sue over instead of part of the experience. Hate mail and toxicity were some of my favorite parts of gaming back on the 360. It barely exists anymore at this point anyways because everyone is so report happy now of days.

  36. The 12% saying yes is why i don't play online games anymore. The "anti-toxicity" crowd is ironically so goddamn toxic that id rather play skyrim.

  37. Free speech protects you from the government. Not a falcon punch to your vagina from someone you're shit talking. That falls under assault.

  38. If you get hurt by words online I feel like that's a you problem. I obviously don't mean harassment or threats, and those are already illegal, but insults only have the power you give them.

  39. Absolutely yes, people who are blatantly racist and sexist should not be allowed to take that out on people while online then hide under a mask in their daily life while they do their job

  40. I mean "you suck at this game", no. But if it's legitimate cyberbullying or stalking where they make an effort to continue contacting and harassing you after you've already blocked them, yes.

  41. I think it depends. I don’t think you shouldn’t be held accountable because you said/done something online. but I don’t feel like simply being “toxic” about certain things warrant a suing someone.

  42. I said yes because I was thinking of the victims who were being booted off, hounded with slurs, hacked, revenge pr0ned, death threats, doxxed or swatted.

  43. If you can't handle the trash talk and in game toxicity then either default mute the opponents/teammates in game settings or don't play online games I guess. People are way too sensitive these days though, so idk

  44. A local guy got arrested for harassing a local woman from Facebook but he found out where she lived and was sending her shit too

  45. As long as it stays in the game I don't see a problem but if they stalk you for information and make it personal or threatening it is an issue.

  46. No. This would flood the legal system and make prosecuting other crimes a lengthier process. Purely practical standpoint.

  47. It depends if someone is actually being discriminatory then maybe yes. Online harassment and bullying can still get you sued. It's called cyber harassment and there are legislation in Canada that make certain forms of it illegal.

  48. No. If you're playing a competitive game you should expect trash talking and people being a dick at least to some degree. Competitive environments bring that out in people. Inexcusable behavior doesn't have to be tolerated though.

  49. For death threats and cyber terrorism....yes. Section 230 of FCC that allows platform providers, to allow it should be removed so they would become liable too.

  50. If your feeling are hurt enough that you want to sue someone, consider leaving the internet, you’re probably not mature enough to be using it anyway

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