Jan. 6th Committee member Jamie Raskin on Trump: "People are hungering for justice and for accountability and consequences"

  1. If a president can lose an election, spread lies and unfounded conspiracies about the election, fail in court to overturn the results, and still attack the capitol to stop the transfer of power to the legitimate president... and this president gets away with it... then we have no democracy. Democracy is henceforth toast.

  2. Tell it to somebody who can do something about it. Fuck Trump, let the country tear apart. If Trump breaks America it really wasn't ever that great an idea to begin with.

  3. Did Jamie Raskin specify who these people are? I think republicans and democrats are looking for different type of justice, accountability, and consequences. Republicans only care about Hunter Biden's laptop and Anthony Fauci. They don't think Trump and his cronies did anything wrong.

  4. There is a contingent of Republicans some of which served on the Jan. 6 committee, some who testified, some who are using media against Trump, who certainly are looking for consequences.

  5. Sadly, we've grown accustomed to rich/powerful assholes not merely getting away with their crimes, but also profiting from them.

  6. What is really appalling is that the mainstream media is going a great job at making this all seem like 'business as usual' and not the huge existential threat it really is.

  7. And that's exactly why he has created massive whip lash with his own base this week by going from running a presidential campaign for 2024 to screaming that he needs to be reinstated as soon as possible for the win that was stolen from him in 2020. He knows the net is closing in and the only way to escape is to be active in the presidental role. Good luck with that Chuckles!

  8. Then make them fucking work faster. The justice system shouldn't take this fucking long for anything. My partner was talking to me about the Weinstein trial yesterday and I was honestly flabbergasted that it was still going on, seriously what the fuck.

  9. The frustration is understandable, but things are moving. MeidasTouch breaks down what has been going on. No one is dragging their feet. This shit is just time consuming. And is much more complex than what is publicly known

  10. Yeah, I already starved to death. Now it's just my ghost, and I honestly don't expect any kind of justice. Not in this country. Even if trump ends up behind bars, you'd need to arrest every single Republican to bring me back from the dead.

  11. Who wants to bet the worst that happens to him as far as consequences, is he won't be able to run in 2024? I have zero faith when it comes to prison time for the rich. Zero. Just look at bankman-fried. Dude literally raped an underage girl repeatedly and all he got was a fine (court setlmnt).

  12. There are consequences for the likes of Trump. He just hasn't experienced the totality yet. He is on his way to oblivion. That is, if Merrick Garland puts down his cup of tea for a minute to act. How long can we hold our collective breath until the AG does his job?

  13. And not just trump. Every politician, police officer, secret service agent, TV pundit, and oligarch that supported it. Burn it all down.

  14. No shit, if trump and his cronies don’t see any justice it means the system of government is more corrupt than even trump itself

  15. Nothing will happen to Trump…there are two sets of laws in this country….one for the wealthy/connected and one for the rest of us….lady justice is not blind.

  16. America: .... something something Trump ... something Trump anything ... I love him Trump ... I hate him Trump ... God's gift Trump ... Satan's choice Trump ... something anything .. it no longer matters ... Trump

  17. It’s possible to be hungry for so long that you don’t even feel it anymore. That’s how I feel about getting justice for the actions of a US president. And I don’t just mean Trump.

  18. How can we be almost 3 years since Jan 6 and still nothing happen to Trump?! At least countries that have actual dictators stomp out their insurrectionists with haste. America is too chicken do throw the book at Trump.

  19. This is just Mueller all over again. They go through two years of investigation, grill everyone involved, get us all excited about progress. And at the end throw up their hands and say "crimes were done! But we were never going to do anything about it anyway. Not from the first day!"

  20. Raskin is a clown. J6 is old news. Nobody cares. Just like nobody cares about Hunter Biden laptop story censorship. It’s all theater.

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