Right-Wing Extremist Boebert to Guide Policy on House GOP Leadership Team

  1. Well they're trying to undermine public education so who better to help them than someone who has none?

  2. She's not going to write anything she is just going to agree with whatever the Heritage Foundation tells her to do

  3. Can't wait for a platform based on mandated weaponry for elementary schools, forced Christianity, and publicly funded LGBTQ concentration camps.

  4. This idiot needed 3 attempts to get her GED. Why is she “leading” anything? The stupidity of the GOP and its voters is genuinely astonishing.

  5. Because the GOP doesn’t give a shit about actual policy, so it doesn’t matter to them if a walking vegetable is on the committee.

  6. They are also having Blake Masters do the autopsy of why they lost. The GOP is doubling down once again with the crazies and ignoring the message voters sent.

  7. As is tradition. In 2012 the autopsy said they needed to cut back on the racism and then put up a loud mouthed bigot. I fully expect that the platform for 24 will just be labeled "the final solution."

  8. The political equivalent of the blind leading the blind? When there are movies made about this era, I predict this will be used for comic relief.

  9. So guns will be fully allowable and concealable in the House chamber. House members can use deadly force to defend themselves from a bill that threatens them.

  10. She couldn't guide her cooks to not poison people, how the hell is she going to guide the entire House GOP?

  11. Given that the GOP hasn't had a policy agenda since 2016, the last time they put forward a platform, this is likely the place they decided that she can do the least damage.

  12. we need to yell more, wear sidearms and all our policies should look good on a bumper sticker. Also everyone should have an entire Sephora on their face.

  13. When you consider the GOP policy agenda of 1. Own the libs 2. Culture wars lol... It makes complete sense.

  14. The woman who said people should decide their sexuality at age 18 but was pregnant at 17 by her then 20-something sex offender boyfriend (now husband)?

  15. I'm surprised that they are sacrificing their chances in 2024 by continuing the nonsense that pissed off the Independents of this country. People clearly were annoyed by maga nonsense. The house cannot pass any legislation that will get signed by the president or the senate for 2 years. All they can do is talk about Hunter Biden. They are sabotaging themselves. It's difficult to understand why they don't see this. All they would have to do is act like adults for 2 years and they can literally pick up a few percentage points. They won't do it. They did defeat Hillary with this nonsense but the media and the pollsters had more to do with her losing than Republicans did. They are making it easy for Democrats. 2024. McCarthy was rejected as speaker 4 years ago for this very reason. What are they thinking?

  16. Why is the GOP allowing freshman Reps to dictate the direction of the party? Boebert barely won reelection, but her and MTG get to run the show now? What happened to seniority?

  17. This headline is just a fancy way of saying the energy company that hired her sex offender, high-school dropout husband after she was elected will guide policy on the GOP leadership. He wasn’t hired for half a millions dollars based on his own resume!

  18. While we’re at it, can we give 4 year olds the right to operate heavy machinery? Same type of logic.

  19. Its fine. They have a plan to build the wall and make mexico pay for it. They also have a plan to defund public schools to help boost military recruiting and defund veterans benefits to build mega churches to support abortion bombings. Yup checks out

  20. People like her and green lost their elections. Them being from a safe red district does not mean they speak to what people that would vote republican want. Let them be the national face of the GOP and lose more elections up and down the ballets. The GOP policies are a disaster for the people.

  21. Biden won the Presidency from his basement, in AZ Governor elect Hobbs won after much handwringing over her low profile campaign. All they had to do is be sane and competent then let Trump and Lake open their mouths enough to win it for them. It makes me happy to see Bobert, Green, Trump in the spotlight. Give them the mike!

  22. She can barely guide her husband’s penis back into his pants when he pulls it out in front of teens, this should go well.

  23. OMG, they pick literally the dumbest person in Congress, someone who hasn’t even finished High School, to guide policy?? McCarthy really has sold is soul. What kind of Speakership does he think he will have with the MAGA running him??

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