Colorado elections officials formally order recount in race between Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch

  1. It'll likely change rectify some of the votes, but probably not enough to flip the election, unfortunately. A recount flipped a state house election in favor of the Democratic candidate by 1 vote this year.

  2. There was a lawsuit to stop a state mandated recount filed by the person who was ahead by five hundred votes going in.

  3. Exactly, Frisch already conceded. This is an automatic recount (when the margin of win is within 0.5% of the votes cast for the leader). Particularly in CO with the vote reporting and tracking, this is unlikely to shift the results by the ~550 votes necessary.

  4. Millions spent in analytics and exceptionally well done social media targeting through groups similar to Cambridge Analytics. They can get so granular with their social media targeting. It's like identifying the 6 GOP'ers on the same block with the same message and then walking five other neighbors toward them with targeted messaging.

  5. Engineering social issues and using media to influence a near 5050 split ensures the people are divided against each other and can never make meaningful progress towards overhauling this archaic broken system.

  6. People always say this and I feel like we just gotta face facts that there are lots of shitty people in this country. Plenty of bigots and uneducated hateful folks with no real power living in your neighborhood and they all vote. Some areas just have a higher concentration of them.

  7. Some people vote solely based on their party. It doesn’t matter how qualified/unqualified or crazy a person may be, some people vote only based on the party. There’s nothing wrong with joining a political party, but that does not mean that you need to blindly vote for all their candidates.

  8. Boebert will win by 500 votes and spend 2 years describing her blowout victory in a district that obviously loves her

  9. I can't decide what's more depressing. MTG's actual blowout victory, or knowing Boebert could have been gone if the equivalent population of my high school graduating class voted differently.

  10. I won by such a huge blowout margin that not even all the illegal immigrants mail in votes in the world could beat me! The people - the REAL people - of Colorado have spoken!

  11. One person offered prayers to victims of gay club shooting. The other further added to their pain and tragedy by calling them groomers, and she wins. This country is sick.

  12. She’ll need to start running again in a year because they’re going to (and should) primary her. This is the same way Steve King lost his seat and he won by 3%, a 10,000 vote margin. She hasn’t been kicked off committees and failed to actually do anything for 10 years like King but has similarly run an unforgivably close election. King lost his primary 36-46% despite there being a third serious candidate, that’s how organized and motivated everyone was to get him out.

  13. It's a recount, it will show improperly counted votes, but not nearly enough. there are always some votes that are mishandled, or double counted, or some reason. They are handled by people and people make mistakes.

  14. If the recount flips the seat I will run naked down my street singing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! And I don’t even live in Colorado.

  15. Close shave or not she’s still in power and doesn’t give a shit about the margin. She got rewarded for her behavior and will be worse now. She’s got 2 more years of 6 figure salary, tons of vacation, and excellent healthcare.

  16. It’s really bizarre that Boebert has any support, especially after its well known her husband has exposed himself to little girls. But that must be ok with the Christian conservative MAGA QAnon GOP. Wow that’s a lot of words just to say dangerous individual

  17. It felt hypocritical to me until it hit me that most of what conservatives say & do is about power in one way or another. Every conservative double standard is simply a demonstration of who they think is supposed to be in charge

  18. But if you are ok with sex ed in schools that is inclusive of LBGTQ themes, you're a pedophile groomer satanist that eats babies.

  19. Yeah but she's still better than those godless liberals who want fair elections, sex education, universal Healthcare, justice, and equality!

  20. it's observable that half the country is not interested in a democratic Republic, and never will be. this is why everything eventually leads to autocracies or monarchies

  21. You're surprised that the party of "freedom and justice", who just happen to be pedos, liars, corporate shills, and cult followers, vote for people who are loud and obnoxious?

  22. Many people in her district only care that the person they are voting for has an "R" after their name and couldn't care less about who that person is.

  23. AND ran over the neighbors mailbox, threatening the neighbors. Lauren admitted to shooting the neighbors dog, then took it back.

  24. She also harasses and 80s wrestler who she claims is her dad but paternity tests prove he isn't. We do know however her mother was well known to help wrestlers after matches

  25. I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that some people who vote for her find her very attractive, and for some, that's enough.

  26. It sucks, but there will always be a group of people that very strongly believe that abortion is the murder of a baby. For that group, there's not much I'd expect would change their vote when it means legalizing infanticide

  27. It's a team sport for a lot of them. On the one side you have the god fearing patriots, and on the other side the godless librul globalist commies. They don't really care about issues beyond culture warrior buzzwords. They will happily vote against their self interests, again and again, as long as their team wins and they get to own the libs.

  28. Republicans often run on the platform that government doesn’t work, so they run candidates who are hell bent on making sure that the government doesn’t work by undermining government programs and agencies. We witnessed this approach go full steam during the twice impeached guy’s term. Hence, all of the crazy turnover, including firings and resignations due to ethics violations, and the overwhelming failure to appoint competent people to run those institutions/agencies.

  29. It’s either stupidity, hatred, or arrogance. Too stupid to see Boebert is bad, too hateful, or too arrogant to admit that they made the wrong choice.

  30. Why did he concede if it's an automatic recount? He should be screaming "stop the steal!", stomping his feet, and defecating in the lobby of the capitol building. That's how normal people conduct themselves, right?

  31. He refused the recount in order to not waste taxpayer money, because he knew it wouldn’t change the outcome. Can you imagine Boebert if she was the one who lost? She’d be calling for recount after recount and claiming fraud.

  32. And I've legit seen conservatives online saying the snowflake liberals will all be crying and whining "when Trump gets elected in 2024."

  33. Maybe I'll register as a republican and act all bat shit insane to get myself voted in, then actually side with common sense when I vote for bills!

  34. wtf is wrong with this country where lauren fucking boebert got re elected. she has the IQ of a potato

  35. please god let her lose. it was the one race i kept my eye on all week and slowly turned around in her favor like a living nightmare.

  36. Remember Boeberts district has had TWO incidents of Republicans attempting to tamper with elections and one of those incidents involved Boeberts campaign manager and the FBI got involved.

  37. I think I saw on the local/Denver news last night that there are new developments in that case, and two people have played guilty and are testifying against the campaign manager.

  38. Likely won't change the outcome, but there could be some Republicans voting for their dead spouses that turn up in the recount, they are the party of projection after all.

  39. Almost certainly won’t change the outcome and those issues will not (and shouldn’t) be found in a recount which is literally just re counting the ballots.

  40. It is notable that recounts only ever seem to tilt things in the dem's favor, almost like only one side does voter-fraud.

  41. Boebert is simply a reflection of the GOP voters of her district. She simply represents them. She represents their values, their morality, their decency, how much they value education and intelligence.

  42. It’s the truth too. I live smack dab in the middle of it and I can tell you the news and memes do not over exaggerate what they portray. They are spot on with how extremely dim witted they are.

  43. One person offered prayers to victims of gay club shooting. The other further added to their pain and tragedy by calling them groomers, and she wins. This country is sick.

  44. I get where you're coming from, but it's actually the mountain-rural areas of the district (i.e. the ski areas) that are bright blue, and can balance the red plains-rural areas. Pitkin County (Aspen) went 79% for Frisch and Eagle County (Vail) went for him 75%. A small demographic shift from higher growth in mountain areas could flip this seat in '24.

  45. So UNBELIEVABLE we are in an age where a gun toting trumphumping moronic GED reject like BoeBoe is even considered a viable candidate, for Congress, animal control, anything. Only in today's GQP.

  46. absolutely insane that both Boebert and MTG won their elections. this country is absolutely fucked that people who do absolutely nothing in their positions, and who are truly awful human beings can win elections.

  47. I’m from Colorado and I swear to god I have no idea how she won. Unless Colorado Springs got a boom in population or something. And all those morons out in limon, rifle, and generally deserted areas. This is just insane to me

  48. I hope this thin margin puts some fear of god in her to knock off the bullshit, but I'm not optimistic. She's not in a district like MTG, she's vulnerable now and the Club Q shooting was in her district, she's going to feel persistent heat for that every time she poses with a gun. Rational people would be quiet for a bit and not shake the boat, but she is not rational.

  49. I'm not going to lie. It would warm my wicked liberal heart for her to lose this recount and then for Arizona to screw the GOP out of a seat because they're being petty.

  50. It's bad for us long term if they let the Arizona thing go without certification. I agree it would feel nice right now, but it would set a poor precedent moving forward.

  51. With a lead of 550 votes, don't expect the results to change with a recount. It would be pretty surprising to see the margin change by 100, which could go either way, let alone 550.

  52. This is literally one out of 8 districts in CO. And it’s supposed to favor republicans by 15 points. The fact that a deeply red district got within 500 votes of ousting her in this incredibly divisive environment shows that CO might be one of the least crazy places with regards to it’s republicans. Be more concerned that people like Matt Gaetz and MTG easily won re-election in their districts. Colorado is pretty solidly blue at the state and federal level. Dem governor, AG, Secretary of State, both senators, and 5 of 8 house members. State legislature is also very blue.

  53. Seriously if this woman was in sweden she wouldnt qualify flipping burgers at the local fast food joint. Who the FUCK would vote this lunatic into government. Its mind bending, how fucking stupid are these people?

  54. Understandable considering the margin. Not like anyone would ever demand a recount if the margin was, say, 8 million votes.

  55. The fact that there are so many of these godforsaken close elections is proof that allowing states to organize their own voting districts is cheating the system.

  56. I'm native to Colorado, and this woman is an abomination - I'd like to think the dolts who support her are mostly transplants, but sadly, most probably aren't. To be clear, I'm native to Denver, and we all see her for the loon that she is.

  57. And this time, count them ALL. I find it difficult to believe that Colorado would re-elect such a worthless waste of taxpayer money.

  58. Well don't let her or republicans do the counting, they barely string cohesive words together to make a sentence, I'm sure people like Boebert can't count pass 20 (she'd have to use her toes). God I despise that shrill shrew.

  59. how did our elections process get so fubar'd? I speculate that it's due to the influx of hyperpartisan folks from the top (election law / process) all the way down to the poll worker level. How do we (as citizens) move forward in a way that we remove the partisan politics from elections? The only thing I can come up with is we begin in having civil & meaningful discussions in regards to making sure that no eligible voter is disenfranchised.

  60. No way should he have conceded without a recount. The race was too close. Republicans would be all over that. Look at Lake and her election denying.

  61. Just your daily reminder Boebert needed three tries as a 30-year old woman to get her GED and she married a convicted pedophile.

  62. Do you have a source for the "three tries for GED" claim? I can only find it on conspiracy blogs and Twitter.

  63. I thought she lost. Oh lord. It’s a perpetual amazement that Republicans never consider content of character and track records of candidates and have no education or knowledge of Civic Rights and privileges. Dumb people elect idiots to be moronic legislators. #BoebertsBagOfStupid

  64. After 2 years of showing the world that she has absolutely no idea what she is doing beyond being a mean girl who hates everything America stands for, people voted for her again. Our country is lost.

  65. With MTG, Matt Gaetz, and Boebert winning reelection after acting like clowns for 2 years, I think we can say that American voters are not sending their best to Congress.

  66. You have to understand these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new west. You know... morons.

  67. Hell yea. Maybe we will be given a Christmas miracle. Though most recounts fail to have a different outcome I can have some hope.

  68. How you doing, Colorado? Seems like you’re having some issues. Don’t worry, we out here in “fuck women’s right” Missouri are doing pretty bad. Just checking in.

  69. What's crazy is that this has never been a split district. This has always been a red af district. The fact that its this close means she's doing such a terrible job that her voters (the ones that survived covid) are turning against her in droves.

  70. My faith in humankind is in bad need of restoration. That these elections can be so close as to even need a recount fills me with shame.

  71. Dear God. Can republican voters be so fucking stupid as to want her???? And to a greater extent, people like her, in office across the country?

  72. As long as they get the correct outcome we should support making sure we’re all heard. I lost a local election by 2 votes. The county automatically recounted and I lost by two votes. I told the clerk that I would not appeal as I had faith in our election. This was in spring 2020.

  73. Looks like she’ll be heading back to high class escort service after all! At least this time she won’t feel like she needs to lie about it.

  74. Yeah it was a given since it was really close but since Frisch had a lot of ballots to cure I wonder if the results will be the same or not.

  75. Can someone tell me why he conceded the race and not asked for a recount? This is the dems problem, no b**ls. She would have demanded a recount just like her idol Trump

  76. His concession is not legal, it is customary. If the vote falls within a specific percentage the recount is automatic.

  77. In 2008 Norm Coleman was 215 votes ahead of Al Franken in the Minnesota race for the Senate, after the votes were originally counted. But in the recount process, there were 935 absentee wrongly rejected and several other ballots that had been challenged. After the recount, Al Franken was found to be the winner with 312 more votes than Coleman.

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