DeSantis Tells Allies to Stay Mum About Trump’s ‘Nazi’ Dinner. It’s Part of a Bigger Plan | Trump's response to accusations of anti-Semitism is to accuse his Jewish conservative critics of being disloyal

  1. excuse me, wait a minute, I'm way way stronger than the Radical Left, I've done more for our Country, more than Washington, more than Lincoln, Honest Abe, and he's probably not so Honest if you want to know the truth, and remember I came in right in the middle of a Witch Hunt by the Very Biased and Very Disgraced James Comey, and I fired him, don't forget I heard he was looking at Trump and Russia and I said I didn't like that, and I Fired him, and we took off a lot of Heat, you know what I'm saying, but now you're looking at it and even the Fake News has to say, "President Trump, He's Bulletproof," ok, no more questions, you're welcome.

  2. really doesnt matter who wins the primary the supreme court will install a republican president in 2024 by taking control of lawsuits from election denying counties.

  3. There were Jews in the original Nazi party as well. There are always people that will throw their own under the bus for what they want because they tell themselves "Surely they won't throw me in the oven. I'm one of the good ones!" Then it's all shocked pikachus when they discover that when they said "all Jews" they meant ALL Jews.

  4. Defeating Trump would lose to many voters. He can't afford to fight Trump. He would probably come out the winner but alienate too much of the GOP base.

  5. Every few months you hear about some Nazis camping out on an overpass with signs and flags here in Florida. DeSantis never says a word about it.

  6. DeSantis is wringing his hands together while saying "Excellent." I just hope he doesn't try to block the sun in the future.

  7. Now? I’ve been reading these people’s statements this last week like they never even heard of Miller, Sessions, never watched trump refuse to denounce white supremac. This is part and parcel of the GOP

  8. He just wants the Republicans to forget that their Republican orange Jesus is a White Supremacist. Doesn't look good for the brand. Even if they are running against each other

  9. There's...Still Jewish conservatives left? I figured all of my lot on that side either quit or got disappeared by the assorted skinheads running around in the GOP.

  10. This has nothing to do with Trump or DeSantis's presidential ambitions. This is the normal response from DeSantis towards any kind of racist or hateful incident: condoning silence. We've seen it a dozen times before. He'll rush to a microphone to condemn public health measures and officials who advocate for them, corporations taking political positions that don't align with his own, liberal views among university professors, drag shows, etc. But not one ounce of that outrage towards literal Nazis, white supremacists, open displays of antisemitism, and naked bigotry. Ron DeSantis is more bothered by school children wearing masks than genocide. Let's face it, his views probably aren't any different from Nick Fuentes'.

  11. And what will media do about it? Republicans have been getting away with "staying mum" for years now. Dodge the microphones, say "no comment", make up some squirrely answer that sounds good but leaves loopholes the size of Montana to duck out of later... and media falls for it over and over and over. Every single Republican who protected and defended and made excuses for Trump for years - should be held accountable. (McCarthy lied about Trump denouncing Fuentes... say that. And... remind people that Trump's comment the next day was "I like this guy... he gets me")

  12. I think they may ultimately stick with him. Trump is an extremely useful idiot and it doesn't really matter if he yells racial slurs while he's doing it, so long as they get the policies they've paid to get.

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