Trump’s Team Is Ramping Up Security So He Doesn’t Accidentally Dine With Any More White Nationalists | The campaign reportedly plans to babysit the former president in an effort to prevent any more PR nightmares

  1. So the man can not be trusted to select dinner guests, but can be trusted with nuclear codes and national security documents? I think not.

  2. Despite his incompetency, and the demonstration of his incompetency during his 4 years as president, he actually got more votes in 2020 than 2016. Like the people that voted for him saw his incompetency and wanted 4 more years of it!

  3. I refuse to believe that anyone can have a sit down meal with any former president without someone vetting them. This is just spin. Everyone knew who he was.

  4. Exactly. His team was going to be made up of the "very best people". Given what that clown car looked like I can't imagine what this group of leftover political gold diggers looks like.

  5. The top brass reportedly told the guys with the keys not to take action if tRump called for a nuke attack, IIRC.

  6. This also neuters his only appeal to his base - that he's an unpredictable nutcase. If he stays out of trouble he'll lose all the supporters he has left.

  7. We've already seen him declare nuclear documents as declassified and store them in his clubhouse basement. We've already seen him allow his son in law to sell intelligence on foreign-based US operatives to the Saudis.

  8. Yep, and what does Donald do a few years after we caught a Chinese spy snooping around on the Mar a Lago premises? Brings a dump truck load of SCI documents there to be stored with very little security if any at all. Donald Trump is a threat to national security.

  9. I’m not a former President but I can’t recall ever inviting fascists in my home and certainly not telling them “they totally get me.”

  10. So, he has classified documents and his property is 'very secure', yet he doesn't even know/approve (nor his security team) who comes into the property for a dinner/meeting event?

  11. Also, consider he actually still has secret service detail... how the hell do you ramp up security from that?

  12. Right? Have they MET Donald Trump? Have they NOT been paying attention for the last 7 years, and noticed how preventing him from doing what he wants to do is almost impossible, unless you are willing to really get in his face? (None of these people have the spine to get in his face. Very few people have actually managed to turn him from a course he'd decided on.)

  13. How the hell could it have been accidental? Do you think the secret service is just letting anyone go and have dinner with the HIS private club?

  14. Colbert pointed this out and said that he's sure that the Secret Service has a copy of his colonoscopy from when he met Obama.

  15. Reportedly, Trump insists on being the smartest person in the room so he refuses to hire anyone smarter than he is. This led to an administration filled with a mixture of idiots and people who might be intelligent, but who are willing to pretend to be idiots in order to gain power.

  16. horrible. the worst president ever and hopefully never again. every damn day- before we had a pandemic!!- i woke up like "what'd this idiot do now?!"

  17. it was like having gov lapetomane from blazing saddles as president. but way less funny because of all the power he held.

  18. “It’s not that he’s evil. He lacks empathy and goes into a dissociative state and commits atrocities.”

  19. Given more power he would have been worse. The only difference between him and a dictator is how much power he wielded. Wanted more he did, The dark side he chose, Fear is the path to the dark side, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

  20. If the guy can't weed out his own dinner guests then I may be over-reaching here, but he shouldn't be anywhere near public office or national secrets.

  21. A high level politician doesn’t “accidentally” dine with anyone. They have handlers and assistants who schedule those things and they all know who is coming to dinner. There is no “Whoops! A formed/current US President dined with a Nazi/white supremacist!” type of situation.

  22. This is all part of their try to sell us he was tricked into dining with this peace of shit. Took some days full of silence from the officials until they got their story straight, now this is what they want us to believe.

  23. I will add further to your line, Trump was testing the waters, testing to see how far he could push the raciest diatribe. How far and where his support was. Trump’s test blew up spectacularly, and like clock work, his staff is to blame for not doing something properly.

  24. Why did he invite Kanye? Was that a mistake? If he doesn't know who's coming to his home how did he keep all those stolen records safe for 2 years?

  25. Can't be trusted with the nations biggest secrets, can't be trusted to not dine with white nationalists and anti-semites, can't be trusted not to stage a coup against the Constitution, can't be trusted not to extort foreign leaders for political dirt on his opponents, can't be trusted to be honest about hurricanes or pandemics. But we should trust him to be the most powerful man in the country? LOL

  26. Fuckin pisses me off that we're able to call it a PR nightmare now like that man doesn't have a long history of showing respect to horrible people. Are we forgetting that sucked Putin's dicks for four years, cozied up to Kim jong UN, and praised China for killing anyone caught with drugs. The only reason this is an issue for him now is because the entire republican party isn't running interference for him anymore and the only damn reason they're doing that is because he lost them the midterms.

  27. Hey Rolling Stone. At least two articles today claiming this dinner party was an "accident", when everyone knows , "Birds of a feather will flock together!"

  28. Are they going to prevent Trump from having dinner with himself because he is a white nationalist amongst other despicable qualities.

  29. No way in Hell he didn’t know. The Secret Service finds out who you are before you dine with who they’re protecting. This is absolute bullshit 😆

  30. If you have to put in this much effort to make sure he doesn’t fuck up, why are you okay with him running the country?

  31. Ben Shapiro, with a rare great point, pointed out that the best way to avoid dining with a crazy anti-Semite you don't know is by not dining with the crazy anti-Semite you do know. Trump willingly sat down with Kanye West, which is damning enough.

  32. That great… a former President and possible “future Presidential candidate” needs a babysitter to prevent him from dining with White Nationalists.

  33. He’s shrugged off way bigger scandals than this in the past, but now something like this is drawing blood? Not looking good for him

  34. Trump will entertain anyone, no matter how vile that person is, as long as they publicly praise him. He is that much of a narcissistic.

  35. There was nothing accidental about it. It was planned, and the reaction was expected. Trump wants to reassure his white nationalist fans that he's their man, because he uses them as a weapon to threaten or even kill opponents. They are his brownshirts. And they're his last appeal if he gets in serious criminal trouble.

  36. Like he would listen to them anyways Trump thinks he always knows best. I also find it hard to believe a former president protected by the secret service and his own personal security and handlers were not already vetting dinner guest. More likely they told him and he ignored them.

  37. I'm wondering who would be seen with Trump and not be radioactive by the standards of a PR professional. He is going to have to eat his lunch all by himself a lot if he has a chaperone.

  38. That’s been my question all along. Isn’t the secret service responsible for more than just the physical being of the president? Are they at all responsible for the reputation of the presidency as well? Should this self inflicted wound have been avoided with the most basic of vetting?

  39. Why? He got “elected” last time with a ton of PR nightmares. It only seems to excited his base when he does things like this.

  40. Milo Yiannopoulos, who has since claimed to be “the architect” of the plan to slip Fuentes, a holocaust denier, into the dinner.

  41. They'll have to keep him locked in his office and let him out only for carefully curated press events, and of course, his hate rallies, which he needs to survive.

  42. How exactly do you as a public figure accidentally dine with some one? Is vetting not one of the most basic security and PR steps?

  43. I foresee a lot of lonely nights at dinner for this man. Not that I care about this orange bag of waste of a human being, but still when your only friends are now blocked from seeing you.

  44. Good luck, Trump political team. His lawyers can't even get him to keep his mouth shut when he is facing dire criminal/civil threats.

  45. Donny don't like babysitters (well not in the form presented by this story......). Over/Under of 30 days before he throws off the yoke.

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