DeSantis-backed school boards begin ousting Florida educators

  1. He also blocks constituents on Twitter if you call him a shit bag one too many times. Absolute snowflake, covered in dog piss.

  2. Increased salary is the fiction. The positions will get temps under contracts to staffing companies that then donate back to GOP.

  3. Their goal is to completely destroy public education, privatize it, and funnel a bunch of public money into religious indoctrination that fits with their right-wing ideology.

  4. High rent, high mortgage, rising home insurance, terrible climate change profile, high crime, enhanced hurricanes, Florida man types, people getting eaten to death in their own yards… it’s time to move guys. If you don’t have your exit plan (dying there counts) you should work on one.

  5. Gonna be interesting to see if the next generation of Floridians can read, write, and do math. At our current pace I suspect not. But they will be fine culture warriors. The will be specialists at being the victim. They will be whiny and loud. I'm old enough to most likely be gone when that generation comes about. I've always been lucky..... :-)

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