Democrats rush to pass legislation before Republicans take control of House

  1. But they're getting a lot of stuff done in those 12 days like checks notes breaking a strike to make sure wealth railroad companies don't have to negotiate with their unions, and guaranteeing the "religious freedom" of non-profits and state governments to discriminate against LGBT people

  2. We have to. Republicans will only conduct childish investigations throughout the tenure of their 2 year control. Oh, they may pass a red meat base pleasing anti-abortion bill. But that's about it. Very little will get done for the next two years. We may find out what kind of laptop Hunter had and all the huge evil he did with it. We may find out that J6 was actually a picnic. We may find out that Fauci was somehow wrong on every single thing he said. Those are the conclusions the Republicans have already arrived at during the puking of conspiracy theories. I expect their 'investigations' will arrive at the same point.

  3. They passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Inflation Reduction Act, which were huge pieces of legislation that could be bypassed despite Republican intransigence. They fought for all of the appointment confirmations they could despite a power-sharing agreement with Republicans and Republican intransigence. If you are passionate about what Democratic lawmakers should be doing, I encourage you to learn what they've done, what they're doing, and what real obstacles and options exist

  4. They're working 1/3rd of the days and pushing a right off center agenda after the American people clearly told them they don't want a conservative agenda in the midterms

  5. Don't the democrats control the senate now? I feel like that will be much more important than the house is moving forward.

  6. Unless things have changed since the last Maddow episode, no, they’re not. Maddow did a whole segment about how few workdays are scheduled by Democrats in the lame duck session.

  7. Yep. Better rush. Get a move on, cause you're going to have a hell of a lot of road blocks when the Rs have the house. Get the lead out Dems.

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