Sen. Raphael Warnock Is Finally Going for the Jugular in Georgia Senate Battle | The Democratic incumbent had held back from taking hard swings at the scandal-plagued Walker. But that’s over now.

  1. Walker is a Texas carpetbagger, not a very smart one too. How is this guy qualified to be a US senator? Talk about the dumbing down of America.

  2. Trump backed him, that's the only reason he's the candidate. Being a Trump pick was near a guarantee of being the Republican candidate.

  3. First Oz, now Walker. What is it with Republicans being such carpetbaggers? You don't really see any carpetbagger Dems.

  4. I'd wager at least half Republican voters would vote for a wet mop if it was guaranteed to vote along the party line. It's not about representation or ideals; it's about power and control. Many feel they have a moral obligation to be in control, even by proxy, and thus anything is justifiable.

  5. There is an R next to his name in a state that has a lot of those supporters. That's all it takes. Also people being in their own bubble nowadays don't hear the outlandish things he says. They only hear "the libs are attacking him"

  6. Let the voters of Georgia see and repent from the hideously unqualified, serial philandering, compulsive lying idiot they almost elected in the first go round.

  7. If the only thing you changed about these two candidates was the party next to their name on the ballot, Warnock would get over 80% of the vote without question.

  8. Showing what Walker is by showing what Walker has done is something Warnock should have concentrated on from the get-go. Yeah, Warnock has some problems also. But they are a mere pittance compared to the wealth of Walker's affronts.

  9. That wouldn't have worked. Not in Georgia and not against Herschel Walker. When the race started Herschel Walker was a beloved icon in much of Georgia, because he won the Heisman Trophy and helped UGA win an NCAA title back in the 80's.

  10. He sounds like every Survivor player once they get down to the final four, “now I’m playing to win”. Dude, you should have been going hard from the beginning and maybe it wouldn’t have gotten to a run off.

  11. Kudos Warnock for keeping it classy. But he gotta be getting upset every time someone mentions it's a close race. Almost half his constituents would willingly elect a turd dullard over an invested, experienced leader just to own the libs. This is not a fucking game, people's lives and livelihoods are at stake.

  12. Took him long enough. Had he done this from the start, he may not have even been in a runoff. Should have looked at how Fetterman savaged Oz early in their race and defined him early

  13. Another comment on this thread explains the situation pretty well. The upshot is that a delicate approach was required because Walker’s football resumé made him 50x more popular in GA than Oz was in PA.

  14. There was never any reason to be civil with republicans, but lately there's been a lot of reasons to be purposefully mean to them. It's the moral and correct thing to do.

  15. Dear Reverend.. if you personally have issues with increasing aggression in the campaign, remember that THIS is the Good Trouble John Lewis spoke of.

  16. So what actually happens if they boot Walker off the ballot. Is there still a runoff with a new R candidate? Seems like that could be worse…Does Warnock automatically get it?

  17. Walker seems like he’s had a few head injuries, not sure he’ll be able to handle being dumped by the party should he lose.

  18. Father Gabriel never stopped being a man of God throughout the 11 seasons, either. Sometimes it's necessary to kick butt in the name of Jesus.

  19. I have a hard time believing that Walker alone on a ticket is an attractive enough option to go out and vote for him. I can see Kemp voters going down the line to vote R but will people get out and vote without him on the ticket?

  20. About time. I know it seems harsh to some, but there has to be standards for holding public office. He’s probably got CTE and should seek better treatment.

  21. He’s an easy target but he needs to be finished off. Were he to actually win, not using all your available ammo would be regrettable.

  22. Forget the polls, Warnock is gonna win and it won't even be close. No way Republicans are gonna turn out for him like they did when he was on Kemps ticket.

  23. I'm assuming the goal is keeping them home on the actual voting day of the 6th since the assumption is most Rs vote day of. All that is on the ticket is this one contest. Just make them feel Walker isn't worth the effort of showing up (which he isn't).

  24. I Walker wins, the GOP will provide all the evidence needed to have him removed for election fraud so they can just appoint Loffler or Purdue. I wonder who came up with this scheme in the first place because it was actually their best play.

  25. Too bad dems shot themself in the foot by trotting out a weapons ban right before this runoff. Maybe should have held off just a bit longer on that one.

  26. If the trend of having other republicans with Walker every time he talks holds, people need to start asking the questions " Hershel why don't you speak for yourself, you are a man right?, also how can I trust you if you can't be trusted?

  27. Why would a black man running for senate need to be operated like a puppet by a bunch of rich white men every time he speaks in public? Will he continue to be a puppet for them after being elected?

  28. I want Warnock to win and Walker is a nightmare, but I am uncomfortable with clergy being elected to government (even though many have).

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