Veteran GOP Strategist: Herschel Walker running for Senate 'was a ridiculous idea'

  1. At first I thought this headline was a little bit of stating the obvious, but it really is. Of all the idiots agent orange has selected/endorsed for office, this one really makes no sense. He has absolutely no political experience, barely any business experience, and he is extremely problematic as a person. Let alone straight up a bad at campaigning. “Ridiculous“ is a good word

  2. He opened the door for anyone to run for office regardless of experience or education. Without tfg, and the gop's lack of morals or common sense, we wouldn't have ended up with garbage like Greene, Crawford, or Boebert.

  3. You act like they need it. The fact they have no political knowledge is a plus. That means they're not a politician which is what MAGA really hates. Plus Republicans say they hate celebrities, but love electing them. Reagan, Trump, Swarzeneger, Kane (wrestler), Ventura, Tuberville, etc.

  4. I think it was some kind of test to see what people would vote for or something. like they couldn't make someone worse in a lab, and he is so close to winning.

  5. Neither Herschel Walker nor his handlers have yet explained how he can claim to be a genuine resident of Georgia running for the Peach State’s open U.S. Senate seat, while Walker receives a property tax exemption on his $3 million mansion in Texas, which to qualify for the exemption must be the homeowner’s “primary residence.”

  6. Could this be something the democrats prefer not to mention unless Walker wins? Otherwise they prefer to run against pure incompetence, so don’t say anything yet..

  7. Remember, he's not an NFL player... atleast not for GA. Hes merely a college ball player for GA. He never tried to get with the falcons in his career and after he was traded a few times, the falcons didn't want him. He was a great college ball player, but a sub par professional ball player with a lot of baggage.

  8. They run a black man against another black man because they believe the black voters will be so confused, they won’t know whom to vote for. They tried the same trick running non IL resident Alan Keyes against Obama in 2004 in IL - worked like a charm then too!

  9. Keep a population living from paycheck to paycheck, and you can mold just about whomever you want into just about whatever you want - at any time. Especially if they have loved ones that they care about.

  10. Why is it you never hear GOP strategist question maybe its because the Republican party has no message or policies. Seriously what does the GOP actually stand for? Going by the laws they push and the majority of the rhetoric the only unifying message is we hate the LGBTQ community people of color and liberals they are all evil demonic paedophiles. Yes walker is a shit candidate because the what the party represents.

  11. The GOP have learned over and over that their voters will vote for anyone with an (R) next to their name, no matter how incompetent they are.

  12. Trump's instinct was right: a vague amount of name recognition and an R was all Republican voters needed to vote for this guy. Walker being able to make rural Georgians go "Oh yeah, isn't he that guy who...?" was much more important than all his abortions, lies, lack of policy stances, and his complete inadequacy as a political candidate or even as a functional adult.

  13. Just because you were a great COLLEGE athlete does not mean you have any business holding public office. His fame and popularity in Georgia is the only reason he was taken seriously

  14. It's strange, but EVERY time I hear someone saying "Lets get celebrity/athletes out of politics!" it's a right winger saying it, like its a "Muh both sides hurr hurr" issue.. Show me one left wing celeb running for office. ONE. Meanwhile: Reagan, Trump, Walker, the list goes on. I mean I agree, lets get them out, but its not a both sides issue, lol.

  15. it really isn't that ridiculous of an idea. trump won off celebrity and entertainment. they thought it'd work with oz, walker, vance, etc. vance was able to sneak through because he's relatively normal but none of the others came close to trump in terms of just absolute entertainment.

  16. I mean, Tommy Tuberville? This man has not the slightest idea how government works but after coaching college football, Alabama said good enough and made him a fucking senator.

  17. Celebrities and TV personalities have no business running for any political office. They have no knowledge of the ins and outs of the political process. Look what happened with the last orange 'celeb' that got elected and made this country a laughing stock. The whole process has become a joke. Sure hope the voters of Georgia do the right thing here

  18. Could some Georgian explain to the rest of us this happened. Evidently there were other people running in the primary. At least one of them must have been marginally qualified. Still 68% went for Walker. I don’t live anywhere near Georgia and did not follow the campaign. Was it simply a matter of Trump supporting and everyone else, including the Donor Class, following suite? Sure, anyone can just vote the way other Republicans vote but Senators have considerable power to help various interest in their state. Do Georgia GOP voters understand that? Was this just a way to “ own” not only the hated Liberals but the mainstream Republicans as well?

  19. He’s a conservative black man who’s willing to be told what to do, who denies every concern black people in Georgia have about racism and discrimination, and he gives a level of plausible deniability to the Georgia GOP.

  20. I’m not a republican so this is all deductive reasoning but I don’t think the Trump association was that big of a push because Kemp beat the Trump-backed Perdue. The other candidates are no-namers or at best B listers within the Georgia GOP (second place Gary Black is the agricultural commissioner). So that said, I believe his popularity in the primary boiled down to name recognition/celebrity status, the fact that his craziness wasn’t well known until the actual campaign revved up and maybe a small bump from Trump affiliation.

  21. And I’m pretty sure they win this seat in 2022 if they run a generic R politician who can recite the GOP script semi-competently.

  22. He’s clearly suffered a brain injury from football, and it shows. Honestly, it’s not like he’s nobody either - maybe it’s because I’m from the South, but I knew who Walker was before - outside of college football it was basically him having violent episodes with his wife and kids. It was sad back then, it’s wild that he was picked to run for senate after even one story like that.

  23. In theory, the basic idea had merit. Run a black football star in Georgia - attempt to appeal to the people who can't see past "football celebrity" and undercut Warnock's racial identity as a factor.

  24. He was possibly the best New Jersey General. Thats gotta count for somethin. I vaguely remember some douchey NY slumlord running the team

  25. Was it, though? Cause people are still voting for his dumb ass. Basically put an R beside any POS and the gullible idiots everywhere will vote for them.

  26. I'm recovering from two mild concussions. If anyone wants to know what a concussion feels like, it feels like Herschel Walker looks. Every picture of him looks like he should have stars circling his head. And I'm not even joking.

  27. No doubt in my mind that if it were the other guy, he would have spent so much money he would have Glenn Youngkinned himself into that senate seat.

  28. they thought he could do it because tuberville won. they didn’t understand how much more brain damage a running back has over a coach

  29. I mean, he still pushed Warnock to a runoff. For how terrible he is at being a politician, he garnered millions of votes just based on name and status. Pretty fuckin sad

  30. I doubt he garnered many votes based on his name or status. People voted for him not because they like him. They voted for him solely to put a Republican in Congress.

  31. And yet the only thing that stopped him from winning outright was less than 2% of the votes being thrown away as Libertarian.

  32. You mean an ill-spoken football player with multiple abortions who lives in another state isn't an ideal statesman for Georgia??

  33. Apparently not so ridiculous since they’re having a runoff. A little more vote suppression and it’ll work. Proving yet again republicans will vote for anyone with the R by their name.

  34. Without Kemp on the ballot, Walker doesn’t stand a chance. Kemp, and down-ballot voting are the only things that Walker had going for him. He’s a clown, and not good enough to get enough people to come out and vote yet again.

  35. I live in Alpharetta GA and I don’t understand why the fact Herschel Walker even became a candidate isn’t insulting or other Georgians. Take his primary for instance. There were 4-5 potentially qualified GOP candidates. Business owners, Government officials, veterans. During their debates, Herschel Walker never even showed up to any of them and all of them got primaried. They all lost to the man who never even showed up. Now fast forward, it’s revealed that Herschels primary residency is in TEXAS. Now legally he can run, but look at it this way. 5 Georgia residing GOP Candidates lost their primary to an imbecile imported from Texas. This is what the GOP think of the people of GA.

  36. Why? Zero experience? Unenviable IQ? No leadership ability? Hasn't had a job in 20 years? Pathological liar? Wholly unqualified? Comically under-vetted? Just curious what your reason is. I mean I see a lot of "women for Herschel" signs and they can't all be from homes with battered women, staring regretfully out the window above the kitchen sink. At least some of these signs were placed by strong, progressive women who just feel like they have too many liberties and yearn for the great America days before suffrage, when they could just put on a corset and some impossibly tight heels and be eye candy for their breadwinners.

  37. Turns out there was nothing in Hilary’s emails. We knew. Turns out nothing nefarious about Benghazi. We knew. Turns out Trump committed crimes while in office (Mueller). We knew. Turns out there was no election fraud. We knew. Turns out women don’t want their rights taken away. We knew. Turns out asshats like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker are terrible fucking candidates for the US Senate. We fucking know. Jesus christ these republicans are full of bad ideas that we have to fucking deal with all the time when we already know they’re bad fucking ideas. Such a drain on our country.

  38. They had to have sat him down to talk to him at some point and think, "this guy is going to be talking on the senate floor and being interviewed about policy for a campaign and six years." That should have horrified them. Pre-Trump era they would have taken stock in what that would cost them in other races, other states, and campaign contributions.

  39. I mean in addition to being a terrible human being he's pretty obviously legit brain damaged. You can't tell me they didn't have a better candidate...

  40. The GOP ran a useful idiot in 2016. He won and lowered their taxes and took away women’s rights, so I could see why they would try again with a senate candidate.

  41. It's not just that he's a uniquely bad candidate- who still got 48% of the vote- it's that he's running against a uniquely elegant Democrat, a guy with a PhD who turned his thesis into a well-respected book on black theology and the history of the black church. Warnock is morally and literally the heir of Martin Luther King- occupying his pulpit- and while he's got some warts, running Walker against him proves that the GOP really does think black people are stupid. Do they really think that Walker would peel off black votes from Warnock, a legendary black activist and intellectual giant?

  42. I'm sure the GOP wants more black faces in their lineup, to try to refute charges of racism. Well-known black athlete, even better.

  43. I mean it’s good to keep up the narrative that there is a war against Christianity if you run this scumbag against a reverend…

  44. Well vampires are becoming quite the issue in Georgia. At least he seemed to want to do something about that. /s

  45. Yeah, but the guy smashed the field in the Republican primary and is now in a runoff against the incumbent.

  46. I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that senators should probably be at least fairly intelligent. It amused me to no end when Walker did everything he could to lower expectations for his debate performance against that slick, silver tongued preacher man using all them big words. What came into my mind was what i thought would be a good campaign slogan for Warnock: "Stupidity is not a virtue." Expand this to an ad calling out the campaign sins of Herschel Walker: "Lying is not a virtue, hypocrisy is not a virtue, delusion is not a virtue, child abuse is not a virtue, domestic violence is not a virtue, and stupidity is not a virtue." I need one more to have the seven deadly campaign sins of Herschel Walker. How did this man get so many votes?

  47. Yes, as ridiculous as trump running for President, Boebert running for Congress and countless other GQP candidates lacking any qualifications for public office.

  48. UGA should be ashamed instead of endorsing him. He went to the school; an institution of higher for 4 years and can’t speak correct english. Did he go to class? Or did they appoint someone to go to class and take tests on his behalf? All the school want from him was to run the football.

  49. And they still thought their constituents were gullible enough to elect him. Pretty telling, the GOP clearly does love the uneducated.

  50. The guy fucking played football. Football. What qualifies this guy for the Senate??? Not even Mayor, House of Reps, Governor… right to the Senate, huh? Wtf Georgia?

  51. I get that he’s basically the worst choice for a senate seat all around for literally every reason imaginable, and yet-

  52. It took a "veteran GQP strategist" this long to say running Walker 'was a ridiculous idea'...huh! Interesting...a bunch of dumb bastards.

  53. The GQP need candidates who are either corrupt enough or stupid enough to do exactly as told by their betters. Problem is, there's a fine line between puppets and the stumps they're made from. In this case, the GQP just hired the stump.

  54. Right up there with some of the great republicans crazies, Palin, Akin, any of the current flock the list goes on and on.

  55. Let's face it, folks, Georgia voters are some of the dumbest in this nation voting for Lying Walker and voting for the Nazi Mangy Marge Green. Fact Jack!

  56. The fact that it is in a runoff ought to embarrass the entire democratic party. There is something going on beyond people just voting for any republican supplied to them.

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