Discussion Thread: 2022 Midterm General Election, Part 6

  1. I think one thing to come out of this election it seems, especially since we see so many split tickets between Gov/Sen/SoS, etc....

  2. As a younger vote (just turned 20). I don't remember elections prior to 2020 taking 3-4 days to know results. Am I just remembering wrong or is this mostly because of the mail in ballots?

  3. It does take that long in many cases but the media is willing to call anything earlier based on trends if the vote swings wildly in one way.

  4. You are correct. Take my state of AZ which allows early voting by mail. The ballot cannot be counted prior to election day and the signature on the envelope of the ballot has to be verified before the envelope can even be opened to put the ballot in a pile for counting. So for all the ballot received on election day those signatures must be verified first before anything else. Next off, after covid more folks have opted to vote by mail in my state, a lot of which are left leaning. In the past our elections weren't so close so it didn't really matter to count every mail in ballot prior to announcing a winner because the margin between the winner and loser was greater than the number of outstanding ballots. That isn't the case right now. Is it annoying to wait? Yes. But this is going to be the norm in swing states for a while. Oh and lastly this shit is by design!! The longer it takes to count the pissier people get and the more they start crying foul. Do not let this deter anyone from voting in future elections in any state. If your vote didn't matter the GOP wouldn't be trying so hard to oppress it. Especially true for Gen Z right now. Keep voting. Don't stop. Democracy dies when we get lazy.

  5. Yes and some states passed laws saying they couldn't begin counting mail and early voting ballots until after election day.

  6. You know you're causing more joy than disappointment with these troll posts, right? These attempts are so obvious that it just signals how desperate you guys are now that your rEd WaVe fizzled.

  7. I mean, the dems are gonna vote Warnock, you'd probably want to be calling independent voters to push him over 50%

  8. Yes, but it usually happens when they're not in office. They also better be sure their fanbase is for them and not for their party.

  9. It almost happened in 2000. The Senate was 50/50 and there was talk of John McCain switching parties which he ultimately did not. If it did though Democrats would have been given the majority.

  10. Tiffany Trump’s getting married this weekend…damn, can you imagine your own father ruining your wedding, because you know he’ll be pissy, raging and talking about himself the entire time.

  11. I don’t believe the whole getting older changes your views. Pretty sure there are studies on it to that confirm this.

  12. I honestly don't think this is as big of a deal as conservatives want it to be. They really want the narrative to be that the older you get, the more reasonable and wise you get, thus you vote conservative.

  13. It is more generational than age based. 15 years from now I expect a good bit of that +30 to stick. So it won’t be a +4 it will be more like a +15-20. Politics are much more about culture than about policy at this point and I don’t see that changing.

  14. I'm 42, I voted republican in 2000 because I was an idiot and wanted to appease my dad. Never voted for those fascists again and never will unless there is a complete overhaul of their leadership, platform (or lack there of), and social stances. Those things happen, then I'll take a look at what their offering, but I can't see that ever happening.

  15. My favorite part about Republicans is that instead of taking lessons from the midterms and realizing they need to start appealing to a wider group of people (mainly younger voters) they have already started doubling down on talking shit about "entitled" Gen Z and "lazy" millennials.

  16. They've also got plenty of venom for unmarried women, too. A direct quote from a post about unmarried women voting mostly D:

  17. They basically said the same in 2012, and then they went back to their usual operation modus not long after.

  18. Does the rejection of Trump based Republicans put the brakes on the expected end of Republican viability nationally for at least another election or two since most pundits are saying “normal republicans” could’ve won a lot of these races or will they continue to ignore logic and nominate dog feces candidates

  19. I mostly reject your premise. While it’s true that better Republican candidates would have done better here, Trump lost by a very, very thin margin in 2020. I’m not convinced that Trump-based candidates are anathema so much as it is shitty Trump-based candidates. In 2024, if Trump is on the ballot, he’s going to generate turnout the way he did in 2016 and 2020.

  20. Hopefully Gen-Z stays committed and stays the course. The 18-29 demo broke at a similar ratio for Obama in '08 as Gen-Z broke in this election. Flash forward to 2022, and the

  21. I mean… estimates are that the youth vote was 27% turnout. It’s a good thing some of them showed up, but I don’t know how the narrative has turned into “crushed it” when 10% fewer showed up than last midterms.

  22. When you think you're doing God's will you're more likely to be highly delusional about the validity of your beliefs. Then they double down when someone they have been conditioned to think is the devil (those scary communist socialist fascist liberals) tries to point out the very obvious flaws to them.

  23. Bingo. Republicans haven’t suddenly grown a conscience, they only noticed Trump was trouble when he started losing.

  24. I think you're right. I find it funny/horrifying that that was the line that was too far. It wasn't the racism, the childishness, the blatant corruption, the crime, the making fun of the disabled or insulting gold star families, the bragging about sexual assault... no, it was damaging them electorally.

  25. Dems in 2024 need to make a serious move at North Carolina. Florida is looking like a 12 year project at this point and those resources should be aimed at NC.

  26. Solidify the western states, and rust belt. And expand in NC and GA. FL is a lost cause because of how bad the DNC operations is down there. I traveled to Kissimmee last month and was listening to Spanish radio and all I heard was Republicans negative ads against Dems. Nothing from Dems but silence.

  27. If Dems can keep the NV senate seat AND win the GA runoff, that will be huge because they could achieve a majority even without Manchin.

  28. Well she’s a marked target for defeat now. No one had a clue she was this vulnerable or her district was this competitive, and she’s up again in two years so you can bet Democrats will be pouring money and resources into that seat in 2024. Plus Republicans won’t have midterm headwinds next time… if you can even call what this was, headwinds.

  29. I have a feeling more will reveal themselves if/when DeSantis runs in the primary. Some of the pundits are already starting to turn and I’m sure the national party would 100% prefer DeSantis, who is a much more predictable, by the numbers Republican compared to the wild card that is Trump.

  30. That's . . . kinda brilliant. With such a slim majority, I wonder if they could get 3 or 4 Republicans to jump ship with a Cheney speakership.

  31. Man I would so trade that extra Senate seat back for just the few House seats on the margin to maintain Dem majority. Status quo perfectly preserved, a purple wash. Real conservatism at it's finest /s

  32. Out of all the not actually fraud claims people have made, from the outside this does seem suspicious (even though I’m sure it’s not). If this is gone the other direction the “stop the count” calls would have already been going In full force.

  33. Probably all mail in, so lots of opening envelopes and processing them. Depending on what their staffing is like that could take a long time to go through thousands of them.

  34. Happy for you guys that GenZ voted in droves to save democracy in your country. I hope this inspires my fellow British GenZ to turn up in droves and vote out the lying corrupt Tories who are still inflicting damage in my country, and don't even have the balls to call out a general election even though we didn't vote for the past 2 leaders.

  35. Does this super narrow Republican House majority put the brakes on impeachment and endless investigations into Biden or are we still in for a shit show with just a little less bravado?

  36. I think so, but more than the narrow majority, I think the rejection of that wing of the party during this election puts the breaks on it. The GOP is going to be looking to distance itself from Trump and frivolous impeachments doesn't do that.

  37. It'll be up to the crazies... Greene, Gaetz, Jordan, Gosar and so on will have a lot of power with the narrow margin McCarthy is likely to have.

  38. If they want to keep their seats and have any shot at 2024, it should. America just showed that we’re tired of their bullshit, and vote swings will only accelerate as new generations reach voting age.

  39. It can go one of two ways. The super slim majority means the fringe members have disproportionate influence as, if they pull their support, the whole thing falls apart. Just 2 or 3 people can disrupt everything. So the moderates have to cater to the fringe a bit. The question is, how much are they willing to take before saying to McCarthy "rein this shit in"?

  40. The investigations will happen because they are in the majority. The margins won't matter in the committees, but there definitely will be some curtailing of extreme votes

  41. It really depends. It means it's far more likely that efforts into this get blocked by GOP reps that see how damaging the impeachment would be to their own cause (weaponizing a serious deal out of childish spite).

  42. Razor thin margin for either side is not good. Extremists in either party have greater leverage in that case. Did you guys forget some of the Dems were talking about cutting aid to Ukraine just before the elections?

  43. They wanted to know what the end terms/negotiations would be and it was so badly received they retracted it.

  44. Lies. They weren't about cutting aid to Ukraine, it was a letter written to encourage the President to be open to negotiation. And it was retracted.

  45. Dems took it back after a lot of backlash. Both sides are still supportive for aid. Republicans claimed they might challenge it just to rile up their base for elections.

  46. Reading MTG statement, she subliminally saying Desantis should stays as Gov of FL for another 4 years but basically giving herself an off ramp of Trump by saying “it’s yet time to declare who our next leaders will be”

  47. His own supporters were chanting two more years during his victory speech. They fully expect him to run for president.

  48. Here are the latest Nevada scenarios after the morning updates on vote allocations. We will get official press conferences later I believe:

  49. Looks good but I’m finding a lot of those votes in numbers on the websites aren’t super reliable, hope NV saves us from having to save the country again (GA voter)

  50. Saw a yard sign today saying to vote No on MI props 1, 2 and 3. Guess how many passed? That’s right, all of them!

  51. Saw my whole street with R yard signs out in PA. Guess who had the only Fetterman/Shapiro signs out? Me. They can all suck it. Even though I may need to move now..

  52. If only there were some way to enter in votes electronically through some sort of series of tubes. We trust computers with trillions of dollars worth of transactions a day, but count some votes? Impossible!

  53. Yes, there are so many countries that do this and it would overcome the issues of people being elderly/disabled with no help, in a nursing home, temporarily homeless, in hospital/hospice/bedridden, etc. etc.

  54. Just a stoned thought as I take advantage of the work holiday to eat a morning edible and catch up on the election news I might've missed during the work week.

  55. People think this is all new but remember birtherism started in 2008 and Donald Trump played a big role in promoting that bs conspiracy theory at the time.

  56. I am in md-06. There are tons of votes outstanding still in Montgomery and Fredrick county that are blue. They will pull trone over. It’s just TAKING GODDAMN FOREVER.

  57. AZ-06 is within 2% with 25% of vote remaining (most of which is from Pima County and will favor DEM). Should be on this list as well.

  58. Honesty I promise I’m not an election denier, but between this and Desantis not allowing the DOJ in there should be an investigation. It’s likely Trump is speaking out of his ass but if you put together this with all of the Florida election fuckary going on it seems extremely suspicious.

  59. I mean with the way they're flailing about, it's possible. But given the current blue check mess, people wouldn't really know if it's him.

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