Election takeaways: No sweep for the Republicans after all

  1. It's in their best interest. The looming indictments make it a really good time to shift entirely to DeSantis. As someone else pointed out, these people are just a means to an end for them, even Trump.

  2. One of the top comments I saw was "maybe it's time to give up on celebrity candidates" Yeah you fucking think?

  3. They're all acting like they've always been reasonable thinkers when it comes to trump. Like, c'mon guys, last week you were all still frothing at the mouth flailing about like chimpanzees, willing to do anything for him.

  4. I was just saying this two days ago. They replaced their God with a new one, DeSantis. Now all of a sudden, Trump did nothing and he is a loser.

  5. I went there this morning and I was so shocked. They are having moments or clearing but i don’t believe they are seeing the whole picture of the issue. They were talking about Oz being a horrible candidate placed by trump. I can’t help but think that they still voted for him because party over country, right.

  6. I’m going through now and it’s hilarious. This guy called trump a “sore loser” because trump blamed a senate race loss on the candidate not saying the 2020 election was stolen. WE’VE BEEN TELLING YALL HES A SORR LOSER FOR 2 YEARS. it’s so entertaining lol

  7. I think it's been building for some time. They just knew supporters wouldn't react well if it happened all at once. Throughout the conservative community, there have been seeds planted that Trump is a detriment and a distraction, while pushing DeSantis instead. Fox News and the like have followed the same track, slowly building up Trump doubt and pushing their people toward DeSantis. It's a slow boil because they didn't want to lose all the MAGAs.

  8. That was my first time checking it out, and I have to say it was a joy, reading all the comments as of late 🙌🏼😊

  9. Classic republicans. This is what everyone predicted and it happened with bush too. "We never liked trump" "trump was always a clown" etc etc. Conservatives are the dumbest voters (literally, their states rank lowest in education)

  10. This is a terrible midterm showing for the Republicans. I wish it was worse, but they should have done way better and could have if they weren’t the party of Trumpism.

  11. I've commented this before, but sooo many Republican candidates this round were either clearly incompetent or completely nuts. They appealed to some constituencies, but it looks like a lot of not deep-red areas have backed away from Trump's circus of zaniness. My purple state had a huge blue sweep to the point that we might flip a state legislature that has been scarlet for 40 years.

  12. Only the House is up for Grabs, The senate is almost 100% going to stay with Dems even if just. The house is Likely to flip, but not 100% the Dems could still hold on and even if they lose it's going to be by a VERY slim margin.. No super Majority like they hoped.

  13. That’s a lock. Trump and DeSantis are both godawful human beings. There is zero chance they conduct themselves with any restraint running against each other.

  14. I wish Dems could do something productive while the Republicans wage their civil war. I'm not thrilled with the idea that we're (at best) still going to be stuck with Biden for 6 more years.

  15. Maybe overall, but my state disappointed me. We couldn't flip a Senate seat and every winner for a judge was Republican. 4 for the state's Court of Appeals and 2 for our state Supreme Court making it a 5-2 majority for R's. This will lead to battles over abortion rights, it's currently legal in our state but with this outcome, who knows.

  16. Yea, within the "realistic" range of results, this is about the best scenario we could have hoped for. Assuming trends hold Dems holding the Senate, GOP with narrow House majority, voters rejecting Trumpism.

  17. Agreed with you 100%. Republicans need to lose Trump and the fringe candidates he's endorsing. But the problem is as soon as they cut out Trump, you effectively fracture the party. Trump will sink the ship before moving on and there are scores of voters in the party willing to follow him to the bottom of the ocean.

  18. Holding on to the senate is highly likely now even if its just 50/50. Mark Kelly looks good in AZ and Warnock should do really well in the 12/6 run off. NV is looking dreary right now for Cortez Masto, but the Fetterman win in PA was massive. If NV doesn't turn, all eyes are looking at GA.

  19. Yeah - things could definitely have been worse. But I don't understand the celebratory news running through the Democrats. It's like the Romans celebrating "Yay! The Barbarians aren't past the gate yet, they are only smashing at it with a battering ram!". Relief I can understand ... but this feeling that "Finally - NOW things will get back to normal" seems misplaced to me.

  20. I’ve heard people describe it as possibly the strongest showing for a party in power in a century. Democrats didn’t just not shit the bed. They actively performed better than the best case scenario.

  21. This is why I keep saying we need to stop acting like this is a trump cause and not that trump is an effect. They want fascism and will continue to push for it. It’ll likely be through desantis now though

  22. Sounds like my mom. She found Trump "distasteful", but she'd never vote Dem. So Rand Paul got two write in votes from a Marylander in 2016 and 2020.

  23. Ew...why would you even go there 🤮 fiscal conservatism is dead in America, so I can't imagine what those people believe in at this point, besides fascism.

  24. Wasn't that pretty much what people like Romney were saying during Trump's presidency? Pretty much any GOP criticism of him amounted to "We don't like him, but we like his policies".

  25. The funny thing about MAGA is that the rich have gotten grotesquely more rich through the years but sure it's the libs' fault you have inflation

  26. They’re hitched to Trump for life. He will never not be shouting shit from the sidelines. The best thing for the Republican Party is if Trump went to jail so that his successors can martyr him.

  27. Now we get to watch them all crawl back into the "but we're just libertarians!" Costume like the pathetic insects they are.

  28. The funniest thing about this election is the Republican strategy of abortion restrictions. If they had not messed with abortion rights, they would have won far more elections yesterday. Incredibly stupid on their part to piss off so many women that they lose control of Congress and governorships

  29. They are their own scorpion and the frog. or that meme where the dude jams a stick in his own spokes.

  30. The real hero of this whole thing is the Supreme Court clerk who leaked the RvW decision. I have a feeling they weren't going to publish that opinion until after the elections had that whistleblower not come out.

  31. Is this gonna happen? Foreigner in the US here. I’m looking at the map graphic that NYT has and it looks like they’re still winning by a bit? And are winning the house for sure. I saw a comment on

  32. It really isn't discussed enough just how BAD of a electoral strategy it was to just let your voters die.

  33. I mean all you have to do is look at the people that Republicans put up to lead this country. Election deniers, fascists, snake oil salesman and complete failures.

  34. You forgot actual pedophiles, a guy who forced abortions on mistresses, and a woman with zero class who filmed herself harassing a survivor of a school shooting that only won her election because her base THREATENED her opponent so badly it legitimately ruined his life.

  35. No but this seems like a solid rebuke. In the last 4 midterms, the party holding the White House lost an average of 37 seats in the House (64 in 2010 under Obama and 42 in 2018 under Trump). In this midterm Dems will only lose about 10, maybe less.

  36. Yeah but if their majority is no more than 3-6 seats it'll be very easy to peel off a few moderates to pass at least standard spending and legislative packages.

  37. 13 Republicans voted for the infrastructure bill. There are Republicans that are more moderate and actually interested in legislating. I think the slim margin could still leave the door open for some across the aisle successes. I think there will still be opportunities to for the Dems and Biden to pass good legislation.

  38. The thing I noticed is how much blame is going to Trump. I think he’s going to be the fall guy why things didn’t go like the GOP leadership planned. Honestly I left the Republican Party because of the Tea Party and everything since including Trump. If they started cleaning out the garbage I do think they could have their red wave. But they have to stop embracing the crazies.

  39. That was so funny when they all flipped on Bush. People would say well I never supported bush and would go silent when I asked who they voted for

  40. …which makes you wonder why there was talk of a Republican ‘sweep’ to begin with. Every poll on the contested races was neck and neck. And races that showed a clear winner in advance, like New York’s gubernatorial race, were portrayed as nailbiters favoring the Republican candidate.

  41. There was an article about early voting that got a few thousand upvotes that I knew for a fact was skewing the stats in Republicans' favor. It's a long story, but they chose a particular way to calculate an early voting stat, and were very careful in their choice of words, making early voting look lower and more dire than it actually was. So not actual disinformation but using clever tactics to boost Republicans. Changed how I look at all of this "journalism" forever.

  42. It was fear-mongering. Make it seem like an impossible hurdle. I’m just really getting tired of democracy hanging on by a thread every 2 years now.

  43. Historically speaking, the red wave was expected just because it's traditionally worked that way. It had nothing to do with anything else.

  44. A very popular political 'analyst' website (cough538cough) kept posting article after article about how the Republicans were going to take full control of the House and the Senate. And since half the political media decided to get their information from there and not vet it themselves, big surprise why everyone thought that.

  45. From what I've read today, the polls did a bad job of polling people under 30, who were +29 for the Dems yesterday.

  46. No red wave, no blue wave but a few states have protected abortion and legalized marijuana. So at least private citizens got some protection, by their fellow citizens. Maybe we the people should just vote on important laws by popular vote. Rather than elected officials that decide what is good for us.

  47. Thank god. I think honestly this is the best outcome for tempering Fascism, at least for now. I really felt that we'd pass the point of no return if the Republicans (Fascists) made huge gains...but they also made just enough gains that it's going to make it tougher for them to sell their Big Lie that our elections are stolen.

  48. When you consider all of the election interference, obvious gerrymandering, and other shady tactics the GOP employ, this… I mean this is just really bad.

  49. The fact that it was so close is what gets my goat. By all accounts the dems should be trouncing everyone if it wasn't for the damn culture wars!

  50. So was Michael Moore vindicated? I think so, at least partly. It wasn't the blue wave he had called for, but they did remarkably well in the face of some strong headwinds.

  51. He was right in 2016, he said people will elect Trump because it's a fuck you to the political establishment. What he and the rest of us missed was the political establishment saying fuck you back.

  52. Well, it could be that a lot of districting for the House is actually set up to favor Republicans. Democrats have to over perform to just keep in place.

  53. American media was champing at the bit for a red wave because most American media is right-winged and they are naturally interested in putting forward right-wing lies even when data doesn't support it. Baffling how many of them got this wrong, but they also only interviewed 60 year olds named Tranch Hitler instead of anyone under 30.

  54. Wasn’t just Republicans claiming there would be a red wave, just about everyone was predicting a wave. But yeah, more of a ripple than anything else.

  55. The republican party is full of the mentally unfit. They are so focused on getting back at the Democrats because we impeached their failed reality show host, mob star wanna be "president". Twice.

  56. Nancy seems to be planning to step down soon and Fauci has announced his retirement. It will be interesting to see where they go when two of their favorite boogeymen are gone

  57. These were supremely close elections. Even with the batshit insane repub candidates it came down the 0.1% of the electorate in some states. Dems have to increase voting fervor for every single future election. Something they're historically pretty bad at. Good luck everyone.

  58. It’s what happens when you align you party in a form of dictatorship as opposed to a democracy that this country was founded on.

  59. Not me having no clue that Republicans really thought they would have a “Red Wave”. Like. They do realize they pissed of huge groups of people including half the population(women) right? The only thing keeping these assholes going are the corps that want their tax breaks. They’re strong, but not “red wave” strong. They don’t have enough influence over the little guys. They’ll keep their power but what the fuck has big business done for anyone lately?

  60. I'm not a very religious person and not even sure what my beliefs are anymore, but for the first time in a long time I prayed for this. The conservatives have been destroying our country and taking more and more of our rights every single day. I actually lost sleep over this last night. Thank you to all who showed up to vote.

  61. This just demonstrates that pollsters have no clue, what they are doing OR that polling in general is antiquated and easily manipulated to give a false perception.

  62. Polling is a horrible way to gather data anyways. Normally when relying on volunteer polls the data is never representative of the population it is supposed to measure. Volunteer bias if you will lol

  63. From a commenter: “Tonight was the final straw for me, trump gloating at a Republican losing did me in. I knew trump was a pretty crappy human being but i at least thought he was more concerned about the nation doing better. His ego has gotten to the point I can’t overlook it anymore.”

  64. On the threads I checked there is actually some logical, reasoned discussion occurring. Granted there was also someone who stated that MTG is smarter than 90% of the Democrats in congress, but there is also some intelligent conversation occurring.

  65. Thank the gods. But let’s hope Boebert loses. She deserves to lose. And that the House Dem majority holds because we really need to get rid of the insurrectionists who are still sitting there. And Warnock needs to prove that Georgia is not as despicable as it appears.

  66. It is depressing how many working class people vote for free handouts for billionaires. Republicans fought against child tax credits for workers but then gave trillions in tax cuts to the ultra rich. Republicans blew 20 trillion on a 20 year war in the middle east then they cry we have no money left to help working class families. Republicans pay poverty wages and force the government to subsidize the wages with foodstamps and then they demonize democrats for not letting workers starve. In California workers get paid protected sick days, paid rest breaks, overtime after 8 consecutive hours, etc. My red state offers none of that. Neo-cons here think California is a broke, dangerous welfare state when in reality our red state has a higher rate of violent crimes and we receive more federal handouts than we pay in while California pays more in federal taxes than they recieve.

  67. Maybe this is controversial, but i'm banned from conservative so I can't say it there... I have read a bunch of posts by conservatives in that subreddit that the party needs to dump trump so that they can stop getting screwed over by him.

  68. I guess the clock is ticking now to see how long they take before impeaching Biden. Is their only goal only now to make sure that trump wasn’t the most impeached president ever? So they’d have to start nearly immediately after being seated in January

  69. It's still devastating to states that went red. I live in NC and the election results will have significant impacts on our rights here. The Republicans have the majority to ban abortion and many of them have extreme positions on it.

  70. It's telling that the only places Republicans even performed well at all are the states with the most voter suppression and fear tactics.

  71. And once again, Republican fantasies about reality are crushed by said reality. I'm confident all the 'red wave' talk was simply a way for them to claim that the elections were rigged when they didn't go their way.

  72. My personal opinion, is that SCOTUS really helped the Democratic candidates, in general, when they overturned Roe. Some economic headwinds may have helped GOP candidates but they could not stop nominating fascists.

  73. Georgian here, THE FIGHT ISN’T OVER! While Warnock and Walker are taking the spotlight with the upcoming runoff, don’t forget that Arizona, Nevada and Alaska are still contested.

  74. They're gonna win the house and probably the senate. Sounds to me like they did pretty well. Maybe not as well as they'd have liked, but it's a lot more than I'm comfortable with. I hate that people are cheering because they expected a blowout and it didn't happen. They still won.

  75. Poor leadership? What's so bad about Biden other than his age? He's got the infrastructure bill, clean energy investments, united NATO, student loan forgiveness, and sounded the alarm about the MAGA threat to democracy which probably contributed to Dem victories last night.

  76. Most of Biden's accomplishments wouldn't have been possible with a younger president. Experience and connections and leverage from years of relationships count for a lot in the presidency.

  77. With record inflation, high gas prices and Biden’s poor polls numbers, this should have been a Republican blowout.

  78. Shapiro's final speech at the last rally was probably the most charisma I've seen from a mainstream democrat since Obama. He might need to be considered for 2024, even though he'll only be halfway through his first term as governor.

  79. I dont know if there was ever going to be a "sweep" but all the GOP need to do is to get a single vote majority in either house and the Democrat's will be obstructed to kingdom come

  80. I don't know if I'd bet on that. This election shows the public isn't really behind the GOP as much as they'd hope, they'd be wise to change course before the next POTUS election if they want to win anything.

  81. It is much, MUCH harder to get a strong House coalition with such a divided, minor majority. If they only have a 5 or 6 vote lead, if anyone abstains or votes with the other party, the House is effectively tied. So, while there might be obstruction on behalf of the House, the Republicans need policy wins to promote in 24.

  82. Even if they do, this election proves obstruction and not having any plans to solve anything will just come back to bite them in the next election... which is likely to be Trump v Biden rematch.

  83. I don’t get how people thought Republicans would take over after the Roe decision. I thought there would be more of a blue wave.

  84. The abortion stuff really hurt them. It’s really a minority of people supporting it. Even split in the Republican Party.

  85. THANK FUCKING GOD. Tired of these fucking shit stains ruining this country. There's still a lot of work to do. We need to revitalize education and fix these morons.

  86. All this love from republicans/conservatives for Desantis and the dude hasn't even done any major rallies or public speaking events.

  87. Yes because turns out women like to have the right to their own body and I personally don’t want a bunch of men deciding if my life is more important than a fetus.

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