Bernie Sanders says voters who are right-wing 'homophobes, xenophobes' and 'racists' will never be won over by Democrats

  1. I agree. The democrats’ winning strategy is energize voters by doing things that matter to people and make people’s lives better.

  2. You can never waste time exposing them and reminding them how hateful they are. These people are like spoiled brats that are never challenged.

  3. Homophobes, xenophobes and racists who vote Republican are voting in their best interest. Hating gays, immigrants and non whites is what they do.

  4. One of the tenants of democracy is that you as the voter are better situated to determine what your interests are & who serves them better.

  5. I remember in the primaries when Hilary and Bernie were going head to head. A news station followed a dedicated group of college kids campaigning their asses off for Bernie. In the final interview, primary night, it transpired that almost none of them had voted, citing various weak-ass excuses. When I saw that, I knew not only was Bernie screwed, but that Trump was gonna win. That’s the left’s problem. Follow through. You can’t keep a scared, white guy with some money away from the polls. EDITED TO CHANGE ELECTION NIGHT TO PRIMARY NIGHT

  6. Hey look! It's the thing everybody's been fucking screaming at the top of their lungs for years! Stop trying to appeal to the republican electorate! They fucking hate you! Try to appeal to those disenfranchised voters who feel they have no reason to vote because both parties are trying so hard to win over ring wing conservatives. There's millions of them, and they're desperate for someone to represent them.

  7. Sanders then went on to say that they can appeal to some of the Republicans who aren't just motivated by bigotry.

  8. Yup, stop trying to appeal to this “theyll eventually come around on the bigotry is bad thing” and just pass the best legislation for everybody.

  9. You gotta stop being considerate to Republicans. They're not looking for common ground they want subjugation. They're gonna vilify any policy Democrats come up with so you might as well go as far as you can with that.

  10. Bipartisanship is a giant waste of time with the current maga mindset of the right. Its only a matter of time before they try violence once again against our country and hopefully this time we punish them accordingly.

  11. This is nothing new though. Sure it's not extreme now, but republicans have been a useless party for a long time now. Their existence is pointless for progress as a society.

  12. And they're not wanted either. We need to have majority rule and to stomp out this type of hateful thinking. I'm so sick of this screaming minority cheating and gerrymandering their way into local and national politics. It's insane because they have nothing but hatred for groups like the Taliban but they're exactly the same

  13. The only way to win them over is to convince them that the Dems will give them what they want: make dumb-ass white guys king again.

  14. He’s right because when you’re the party that stands against that stuff you’re hardly going to win the assholes who perpetrate that behavior. Democracy is about winning majorities, not winning assholes, the republicans win the assholes and they can keep them.

  15. Policy can be debated, people's right to exist can't. You can't break bread with someone who doesn't even see you as a fellow human being.

  16. I was raised in a rural Ohio town. I’m sure I was all 3 of those things at one point growing up and I saw the light after moving away

  17. This is what the propaganda misses. Biden said the same thing. There is a subset of right wing extremist voters that will not be reached and are causing the major issues in our democracy- people who either committed or supported the actions on Jan 6th for example. They're extremists, they're not going to suddenly play nice. That's not a huge percentage of republicans though. Am I still made at people who look the other way at Trump's actions? Yes, but I don't equate them with the extremists.

  18. Unfortunately he’s 100% right. They would actually vote for Hershel Walker before voting for a Dem. Btw as a lifelong GA Dawg fan I can’t tell you the shame I feel as this guy just keeps getting worse. Alas we have a championship now so it makes it a little better

  19. And that’s why the culture war is so powerful for Republicans. Without that fiscals policies of the left might start to look pretty appealing to their voters.

  20. That’s why Democrats need to spend their capital on getting previous non voters voting. If the youth turned out, they’d win every time. Double hard during midterms and local elections.

  21. He’s right. I grew up in southern VA surrounded by these types. Their self definition through racism, homophobia, and xenophobia is what leads them to the Republican Party, not vice versa. If the Republicans suddenly embraced socially responsible ideologies, they would no longer vote Republican.

  22. I wish he had kept that in mind before he touted Joe Rogan's "endorsement" of him (it wasn't actually an endorsement in the first place.)

  23. Look, I don't think every Republican is a racist. Some just always vote party line, some are rich and want tax breaks. But... I don't see white supremacists, Nazis, voting Democrat. So, why is that Republicans?

  24. He's not wrong, my right wing homophobe, xenophobe, racist family members do not give a fuck about what Trump did in the lead up to January 6th. Think Biden should inexplicably pardon Trump, despite Trump lacking any kind of remorse for what happened or what he did. And thinks that the J6 committee is a witch hunt and a waste of time.

  25. Trump gave the racists, the homophobes, the misogynists, and others the right to come out from under their rocks, letting them know that he is one of them.

  26. This couldn't be more true. Those bigoted shitheads are a lost cause. They stand against every freedom Americans want and deserve, cannot be salvaged.

  27. "But I'll bet I can do it by chanting 'economic anxiety' into a mirror and throwing women and minorities under the bus enough times."

  28. Bernie is finally realizing that it’s not just about economics and that his economic populism won’t win them over. Took him long enough.

  29. I appreciate him saying this. Many of the earnest Bernie supporters somehow thought that if only neoliberals would get out of the way then he would win the presidency. Because somehow Republicans would vote for him, but not neolibs (I think that was the argument?).

  30. Yes, and even MAINSTREAM conservatives see attempts by Democrats to reach across the aisle and work together while in power as a weakness. That's fundamentally not how they think! I honestly think progressive Dems will win over more voters from the center-right if they take extreme stances in favor of protecting the middle class and workers, protecting our environmental resources, and so on.

  31. A dramatic about face for the man who endorsed anti-choice, anti-immigrant candidates in a number of post 2016 elections. However, he has often suggested that "identity politics", as the bigots call it, is a waste of time.

  32. I just got my friend (38) who has never voted to register yesterday. Please do what you can to get your nonvoting friends engaged. We are running out of time! Some deadlines have already passed. Check your status today!

  33. Focus on building an actual left coalition instead of pandering to the far right, you braindead fucking liberals

  34. Seems like that’s about 30% of the American population based on all the poll results that always come out

  35. We should rebrand the Democratic Party to be the “Not Bat Shit Crazy” party. Conservatives are welcome, debates and compromise is rewarded. The crazy’s can provide halftime entertainment amongst themselves.

  36. I think some bigots will take their beliefs to their grave and others won’t. I wish there was a better way to tell which is which.

  37. Dems clearly will never get them. Good. F ‘em. Relatively small share and don’t want them around anyhow.

  38. Yep. And if anyone thinks these comments “divide” or “exclude” people, ask yourself why you think that. They don’t say all republicans or conservatives. They specify racists/bigots. Why would you want to cater to those types of people, ever.

  39. Watching Governor DeSantis' wife telling us how kind and caring the governor is without mentioning the thousands of pregnant Florida women who will be sent to prison if they violate his anti-abortion law is another of this Republican govenors' cruel tactics to get votes by hurting women! 😝

  40. Swing voters are strange animals. They're like people who can't decide if they want to go to Alaska or Florida for vacation. A compromise trip to North Dakota is not going to fly. Whichever team you're on you have to sell the best most authentic version of your product. Watered-down compromises won't attract any of these folks.

  41. And he’s right. This is a generalized sentiment, I know, but all the folks who think like that in my periphery can’t even define what being a progressive and being a conservative is. They just vote how daddy voted.

  42. And Republicans won’t attract Jews, Muslims, brown people, black people, gays or educated women. White Male Christian club is getting smaller and smaller.

  43. The buried lede is that we need to motivate democrats to vote, because those people who are unconvertable, may very well reelect Trump.

  44. As a general rule I believe most people are redeemable, but I also definitely believe it's largely a waste of time to try and campaign and politic hardcore right wing authoritarians out of their beliefs. You need full on intervention and therapy to get out of those kind of deep seeded beliefs.

  45. I'm glad he has finally learned this after two failed presidential campaigns where he quietly tried to court these specific demographics against the "Establishment Democrats," garnering praise from Steve King for his anti-immigration rhetoric and policy positions:

  46. Unfortunately, he’s right. There are very few and far between of these kinds of people realizing their dumb ways and growing their humanity. I was raised by these people. Im only 24, but I grew up with these views and projecting them, but then 2019 was when I started to realize everything I was taught, everything that was forced on me was rooted with lies and inhumanity. I had many questions for right wing that are still left unanswered and instead responded with yelling or biblical bullshit. The same response I used to project onto people who asked me those same questions. It had me thinking “I used to be that… I was raised to be this.” One can only hope and pray that right-wingers have a realization like I did and change their ways and realize what they’re projecting. But most of them are older and thinking they made it in life with their views so it’s ok, and anyone who calls them out is crazy.

  47. FACTS. Which is why it makes absolutely no sense that mainstream media keeps putting a microphone in front of these people.

  48. Bernie is exactly right here - don't go for far righters, you can change their mind but it's something that will either take months or years, or a life changing event for them that you have no control over. Instead target people in the middle and those that don't vote. Much more reasonable and willing to listen to logic.

  49. Focus on the protecting/building our structures that influence the next generations - to prevent indoctrination into toxic ideologies.

  50. 💯 Also it’s always democrats who are always told to chip away at their policies to be more palatable to the right. The right continues to sink lower and lower to indulge in their worst possible selves but never gets told hey maybe at least stop talking about all the different groups of people you want to harm because you gotta worry about appeasing moderates.

  51. We need to reverse the apathy of the people who've completely checked out from voting. That's the hidden constituency that can deliver success for generations.

  52. ...they killed themselves in great number to spite everyone else. if they don't mind dying for their demagogs, trying to appeal to their common sense and self interest to change their minds now is a fool's errand. making them politically irrelevant and improving the school system to give the next generation a chance is the most that can be done for them now.

  53. People aren’t usually “won over” by the other party, changes in voting are usually accounted for more by turnout and changes in the voter base then large numbers of people changing their party.

  54. Basically if they STILL have trump paraphernalia on display they’re a lost cause? Just going to be hard to undo decades of right wing programming on economic issues

  55. And this is exactly what talk radio and Fox News knows and why they are pushing people to an extremist point of view: to keep them voting Red forever, even against their own self interest.

  56. The Dems need to institute a nation wide voting rights act, admit Puerto Rico and DC as states and get rid of the electoral college.

  57. Trump doesn’t even register on my scale of possible public servants. He’s a non starter because he doesn’t have the slightest inclination of public service and he’s said that and demonstrated that repeatedly. Even Reagan had some inclinations of service to others. Might as well nominate a Chevy.

  58. He's not lying but it doesn't mean we shouldn't try to influence them. Our neighbor's daughter came out and they asked us what we thought. Our only response was 'Is she happy?'. They were less conservative after that because we were supportive and they just needed people to assure them they weren't alone.

  59. He's not wrong. We need to stop pandering to sociopaths whose only goal when they vote is the dismantling of democracy.

  60. It amazes me how people on the left don't understand why they get pushback and people actively disliking them when they infer or just outright call people that don't agree with them homophobes xenophobes and racists.

  61. He's completely right. I wish we'd work more on voter turnout than trying to be bi-partisan with really crazy people with hateful opinions

  62. And in other news. The FDA has announced water found to be wet. Picket lines and Protests are already forming outside of the White House in response to this announcement.

  63. I made the below comment in another subreddit just this morning. There's no easy answer that ends in a good result for how America is going to survive a terminal problem with violent cults. Out of an array of options that all suck, including this one, and in the grim reality that damage control really is the best we've got, then what do we do?

  64. It's true even the ones who use Obamacare actually complain and yell at everyone to call it something else and didn't vote to re-elect him some of them got interviewed on the news saying they don't understand why we need to connect this legislation with Democrats

  65. It's possible to do, but likely not a winning strategy, since the Democrats would also have to drop many of their current voters to make it happen

  66. He is not wrong. Remember Romney and the 47% comment? Pepperidge farms remembers. He was not wrong. 47% vote dem 47% vote republican. It is the middle that makes the difference.

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