Why Bernie Sanders thinks Democrats going all in on abortion battle is a mistake

  1. Every one of these issues that depend on privacy rights will always be vulnerable to a partisan Supreme Court unless an amendment to explicitly guarantee such rights is drafted and passed. If there's one good thing about the court's current regressive agenda, it's that is draws attention to the underlying issue.

  2. We should definitely start talking about an amendment to guarantee the right to privacy. That said, because privacy is fundamental to ordered liberty, it should already be protected under the Ninth and Fourteenth.

  3. The headline is complete nonsense. All he said is that we should not shy away from fighting the Republicans on economic issues.

  4. It shouldn't be about abortion, it should be about the Supreme Court rolling back precedent after precedent. They are on the way to making the US a corporate theocracy.

  5. Abortion is absolutely an economic issue but we're not exactly discussing any of those economic issues now, are we? We aren't talking about the cost of raising children, the cost of feeding a family, the cost of housing, stagnation of wages, or even the health care costs of having children. The only conversation that we are having is that the Democratic Party will codify abortion, which ironically may be equally difficult after midterms as it is now, and will remains so for years to come.

  6. Bernie is confused. The Abortion battle is absolutely about the rich holding down the poor, the abortion battle *is* the economic battle he so fiercely wants us to fight. The rich can still find ways to get abortions, it’s the poor that suffer from these laws.

  7. We aren't talking about the wealth distribution in this country. Abortion is mentioned in isolation by the Democrats, without any reflection on class issues and economic issues that are related to it.

  8. It's so fucking depressing when even the real allies don't get it. Maybe even the most well-meaning and sincere men simply can't understand, much like a white ally will never truly understand the plight of POC.

  9. Because he’s an old man and doesn’t see it as an economic right or body autonomy. He has a weak link to feminism which was constantly on display during his runs.

  10. The problem with trying to build a political coalition around these sort of economic issues is that you'd actually have to offer more than table scraps after you got elected if you wanted to sustain that coalition. The Democrats can probably deliver on abortion in some way without having to piss off the Wall Street banks and the insurance companies that fund the party so that's what they're going to go with.

  11. People will get mad here, but he's right. Of course the Democrats should concentrate on abortion, and election subversion, and the environment, and college affordability, and everyting else. Not everybody cares about the same issues, but most voters are more aligned with the Dems than they are with Republicans. Voters, particularly independents, care most about the economy, especially inflation:

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