Sanders Says Biden Admin 'Must Reject' Merger of Kroger and Albertsons: "At a time when food prices are soaring as a result of corporate greed, it would be an absolute disaster to allow Kroger... to merge with Albertsons," said the Vermont progressive.

  1. He’s not wrong. Food prices are insane and an evil percentage of that increase is directly tied to corporate greed that wants to squeeze every last cent out of you.

  2. Why can’t the government go after these corps with record profits over price gouging? Instead of hurting everyone with interest rate increases

  3. I'd absolutely love to see the government simply buy the large farms it pays to prop up (or to not produce to keep prices from freefall in bumper years) and put them in the hands of a new agency run by university folks who study sustainable farming.

  4. Not defending the merger because anything that reduces competition is a bad idea, but Kroger’s profit margin has been pretty consistently below 2% per year. That isn’t exactly robbing us.

  5. Mergers like this can help the consumer if the merger allows the companies to achieve economies of scale. They would save on costs, which they would then pass on to the consumer (having lower prices makes them more attractive relative to other supermarkets)

  6. Well, this will wipe out pretty all competition out west. Albertsons which owns Safeway, and Kroger and its many sub brands are really the only competition left. Time to bend over for groceries now too after getting boned by housing and rent. And no, Whole Paychecks is not competition.

  7. Costco buys out all the little brands that do well in their stores and then slaps a Kirkland sticker on them. I love Costco but they are part of the corporate greed situation for sure.

  8. After what krogers has done to Mariano’s there is no way I’d support them buying any other company. They absolutely destroyed everything that was wonderful about Marianos and have made it yet another mediocre grocery store.

  9. Kroger charges higher prices for the exact same food than Target, Woodman's, or Walmart, when those places are within a few miles, can't speak for Albertsons, but look forward to Kroger jacking up all of their prices significantly if they aren't already.

  10. In a Free Market Economy there must be competition to allow consumers to choose and to require sellers to offer at low prices or exceedingly good quality and features.

  11. Wasn't it already an issue when Albertsons and Safeway/Pavillions merged. I remember them being forced to sell quite a few stores. Haggen, a chain from Washington was overly ambitious and bought a bunch of stores down the west coast +AZ and NV. They went from fewer than 20 to over 150. Eventually they sued Albertsons and ended up filing for bankruptcy. They were bought out by Albertson and now there are fewer stores with the Haggen name than before. Albertsons has already reduced competition so I can't see it changing much

  12. How come propaganda blogs are posted on this sub as if they were actually news orgs? I guess Sanders can't even get a quote into main stream media anymore, lol.

  13. It wouldn’t make them the number one grocery store chain. They’d still be behind Walmart. And grocery stores do a lot of volume but their margins are in the single digits.

  14. The answer is to break up Walmart then. Not to incentivize corporations to race toward a duopoly or monopoly system. The telecom industry is a different case in that it functions more like a utility. You can make the argument that a national network of telecommunications infrastructure better serves the public when it’s consolidated. Retail chains not so much.

  15. I was a long time sprint customer. Once TMobile forced me on to one of their SIM cards it installed all sorts of shit I didn't want and had to manually remove. They fucking installed Facebook Stub. Get the fuck out with your Facebook stub. And the voicemail is now old style where you have to call in to get your messages through an automated voice prompt. Sprint voicemail was just a list of voicemails you could play like an audio player. If they are trying to compete to be the biggest assholes I guess they're winning.

  16. As someone who used to work at A Walmart, our profit margins are not as low as they would like the general public to believe. There’s quite a few items in produce that were 15% margin and higher. Limes were at 20% margin before I left. And don’t even get me started on meats lmao

  17. Usually i would be 100% in line with this thinking(Sanders), however 10 years of living in the real world has shown me that compromises must be made. In order to take on the root of all evil(Walmart), the other grocery providers must start to band together to prevent their annihilation.

  18. The president from MBNA is unlikely to stand against major corporations unless they do something so egregious that it can’t be ignored.

  19. Thankfully, we don't quite yet live in some fucked up libertarian dystopia where private companies can do whatever they want.

  20. "Dude, it's totally because of corporate greed! Every company universally wouldn't be raising their prices on every single commodity because of inflation or a recession. Cmon. It's gotta be the corporations!"

  21. I am struggling with the idea that food inflation is the result of corp greed. Fertilizer prices are at an all time high, due to supply chain and record high natural gas prices. Demand for grain and such is at a record high because of Ukraine and low yields. The Mississippi River is so low, you cannot transport grain up or down the river. This is just one part of the food supply chain issues, driving up food prices. I would add that at least one of these (reduced access to natural gas) has pushed up urea prices to all time highs, the result of policies put in place by the current government to reduce US natural gas production.

  22. You and a few others commented the same way but that just shows that the presence of these businesses highly varies from state to state, location to location. Not everyone has a PigglyWiggly but some do!

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