Trump wants to testify to the January 6 committee, but only if they broadcast it live, NYT reports

  1. He's creating the narrative so that he can later claim he wanted to cooperate but because of - insert bullshit reason - he can't.

  2. I mean, that is what will eventually happen. But I legitimately think he’s narcissistic enough that he truly believes he’s so much more brilliant/gifted/smarter in comparison to literally every other person that he can go in there and “win” the hearing just based off the strength of his innate genius alone. It’s not just an act — the man is truly deluded.

  3. He says he wants to testify live, but he will be convinced by lawyers and advisers that it is a bad idea and back out. He'll blame some ridiculous reason and never actually show up, but he'll milk it for all the attention he can.

  4. RNC Lawyers - Mr. Trump, we strongly suggest that you not only not testify, but also that you find additional legal counsel. Preferably of the caliber that is more competent than the legal analysts for cable news channels who currently represent you.

  5. Remember the debates He will never answer any questions but just keep yelling what he wants for national television. His audience will love it and if he is careful about kind of statements , there is no downside for him

  6. As long as he's testifying under oath, I say let'em rant until he runs out of breath. It'll on be record and can be used against him.

  7. 100% he will hijack the proceedings so he can scream his 4 talking points into the mic before a national audience. He just wants to grab the mic, ignore the committee and attack until they shut him down. He'll claim to have owned the libs in their own house.

  8. I staunchly disagree. I think him making a fool of himself under oath is a different level. Will many supporters of his stay? Absolutely. But honestly all he needs is to turn off a quarter more of independents and he's unelectable moving forward

  9. This right here. If things start going south for him, he'll call for another insurrection. As much as I love the idea of him embarrassing himself on live TV, the chances of him using it to rally his violent supporters are too high.

  10. He's basically already threatened to unleash his goons if things go poorly for him. Don't give him a live tv soapbox to start riots.

  11. No way trump does this. He’s blustering and just trying to rile up his base. He’ll make up an excuse and then turn it back on the Dems.

  12. Yeah, he's not going to answer any of the questions, he'll just rant about witch hunts and windmills and toilet flushing and whatever bullshit he wants.

  13. He is arguing about arrangements because it delays him having to testify and it delays congress from voting for contempt. If the gop win the house and he still hasn’t testified. The gop will criticize any vote of contempt in the lame duck session as nothing but spite as they will just void the order in January before the doj can even decide the case

  14. Offer an entire week of time slots. Come and testify anytime between 7am and 10pm Monday - Friday. Not this week? Ok all of next week.

  15. Whether it's televised or not doesn't matter. It's a subpoena, not a Halloween party; you don't get to say "I'm not going".

  16. This. He won't answer anything and will blabber about fake news, witch hunt, stolen election, and how he's the real victim. Giving him a live platform is a mistake.

  17. Agree to it. He will make it a shitshow I'm sure but theres no chance he doesnt commit perjury inside of 5 minutes.

  18. You’re nuts. Have you ever had a discussion (or tried) with one of his followers? He is the messiah, and every crazy darn thing he says is suddenly gospel. Yes, he will commit perjury, yes, it will be a shitshow- but there will be thousands of lunatics grabbing onto his every word (and disregarding democracy, and their futures) like he’s the messiah. Shut that fellow down.

  19. Pretty sure his opening statement would be something like .. “Believe me. Some people would say I would commit perjury. I don’t know, but that is what people are telling me. And these people are the famous kind, that also tell me I dress well. Oh the Jan 6 thing is a hoax by the main-stream media. That person that said I did these things was nothing but a coffee boy, and wasn’t even in the room with me. Believe me.”

  20. There’s no doubt of any of that but he’ll also turn it into the the 2020 debates where he just gabbers endlessly and yells over everybody. The committee will eventually throw their hands in the air and adjourn the meeting and he’ll take a victory lap because in his mind frustrating someone to the point they no longer want to deal with you is a win.

  21. Always negotiating to get a win over others. Even if it's a "win" by making others agree to something inconsequential.

  22. Can’t resist an audience, that one. Until, of course, he figures out that’s exactly what we want, and then he’ll pull out (ahem).

  23. "No other President has gotten greater viewership for their criminal proceedings than I have!!!"

  24. At the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, there is a historical precedent for a failed coup leader being allowed to testify while broadcast live and instead using it to espouse their rhetoric which lead to more problems in the end. Maybe we should pass on this one, and just force him to testify in private.

  25. It's never going to happen. Just like he said he would release his tax records. He's not the brightest guy around but he knows where he can bs and where he can't.

  26. I’m of the impression that the entire goal of live testimony is to get his message out at all costs. In a non-televised court proceeding, a defendant can go off topic on the stand and make any kind of crazy statement. However, the attorneys can ask again, the judge can hold them in contempt, and they can be removed with anything they said being stricken from the record. If it’s live, even if you hold them in contempt and even if you strike a statement from the record, it’s out there. He wants the biggest stage possible to spread election denial, because the court of public opinion doesn’t operate with the same rules as an actual legal proceeding.

  27. Absolutely... but I bet he refuses to be under oath and makes a crazy show of it. I expect him to go off on a rant while in the room and make the Sgt. at Arms intercede.

  28. If he no shows, they can go after him for contempt of Congress a la Steve Bannon. If he shows up and commits perjury, they can nail him on that. If he shows up and pleads the 5th (which, based on his inability to control his impulses in the moment will not last more than 5 minutes before he pops off), they can draw lines to an admission of guilt and make a criminal referral.

  29. This kind of reminds me of how Hitler was being tried (and convicted) for the Beer Hall Putsch, but he took the stand and used it as an opportunity to further his reputation. It kept him relevant and ended up making him more famous. Of course the court was very lenient with letting him talk unobstructed and seemed to be sympathetic to his cause.

  30. Mr. Trump is not in a position to negotiate. The only choice he has is to obey the eventual subpoena or not. There are consequences if he does not.

  31. I would have no problem with him testifying live if there is a kill switch on his mic. As soon as he says one word out of the scope of the answer it goes off. Many questions require a yes or no answer. Let’s see him get frustrated like a petulant child and gets up in a huff. I’d love to see that walk of shame

  32. Sure. Can we have Hillary, Jean Carroll, all those who are talking to the FBI/CIA/Jan 6th Committee in the front row? I'd love to see him lie in front of everyone who has come forward to testify against him for whatever reason. Wouldn't that just be so very interesting...

  33. Christ, I wish this country treated people like him the same way they treated me for a small amount of pot.

  34. Donnie, you don't need their permission to speak. Post a YouTube video explaining what you did. You already know the allegations, just explain your version, take as long as you need. Come on, let's hear it.

  35. The committee should jump at the chance to interview him live. Flood the zone beforehand with stories of how well Hilary Clinton did testifying for 11 hours straight during the Benghazi hearings. Set expectations that Trump will get the chance to do the same. Ensure that his mic can be muted if fails to respect the process. Let Liz Cheney lead the questioning. Be prepared with videos and testimony to immediately repudiate any BS he spouts. It will get more viewers than the Super Bowl and it will ruin him.

  36. They will never agree to it, nor should they. Trump is largely de-platformed with only places like Fox News talking about, and even they are focusing on various culture war issues rather than covering Trump. Rumors are that J6 committee has sufficient evidence to refer Trump to DOJ for indictment. Sure, if you let him testify live, he may perjure himself, but it also gives him a platform to motivate his base by saying whatever non-sense he would say. That could certainly motivate voters who have not been engaged with him through other more obscure platforms. If they want to convict him, it's much easier to convince a jury that you have selected via voir dire that has not been influenced by viewing the defendant publicly defend himself. In fact, a prosecutor may be wise to not even call the defendant in such a case, especially if quite a few of his lackeys are called to the stand, people who likely have a tremendous amount of criminal exposure and may be motivated to talk. If he does testify at a trial, let him perjure himself in front of 12 people with no live TV. And politically, preventing Trump from testifying live really lets the J6 committee control the narrative.

  37. “In this video, why are you actively advocating for the hanging of Pence from the White House dining room while strangling a secret service driver and wiping your ass with the constitution?”

  38. He’s going to start making all sorts of insane demands then not show so he can blame the committee. He’s as transparent as as his comb over.

  39. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Trump was subpoenaed. He doesn't get to pick if he testifies or not. Why is everyone acting like he has some say in this?

  40. No. He does not set the terms of a subpoena. He doesn't get to lie under oath. If he doesn't appear before the committee arrest him for failing to appear.

  41. Please God NO. His performance at the first debate with Biden (Stand back and stand by) was a dog whistle to set up the new Pusch.

  42. Fuck this treasonous bastard and his conditions..he needs to testify because he is being held accountable- perhaps for the first time in his pathetic life.

  43. It really doesn’t matter lol, he was subpoenaed he has to show up regardless. But contempt of Congress is a cool charge too.

  44. correction: "trump SAYS he wants to..." This is posturing and nothing more. If our country still works as intended he's effed and he knows it.

  45. Accept the proposal and be well prepared so you can hand him his ass on a platter. Look up all the lies on that letter of response, show him the proof that it's false and ask about it. Show him proof that he was planning this "stop the steal" shit even before the election and ask him about it. Pin him down on all his falsehoods. Present him with the evidence on that TV broadcast and let's all watch him squirm on national TV trying to explain it

  46. Dear Lord baby Jesus please, please, please let the orange haired Oompa Loompa do this live! The train wreck, the perjury, oh my!

  47. It would be just like his debate with Biden - diarrhea of the mouth, won't shut up, and when they force him to be quiet, his base will cry censorship. He gets to aggressively manipulate the hearing while being a victim at the same time.

  48. Lol, Seth Myers’s called it the other night. Trump can’t resist a audience. He already so proud of his audience on Jan 6th. You can’t keep a narcissist down!

  49. Why is nobody talking about how Brannon tried this crap and it didn’t work. Trump doesn’t get to dictate terms. He will show up in the manner required at the time required and answer the questions or be charged with contempt. Anyway…

  50. I would love to see him testify live. There is no telling what crimes he would confess to once the committee got him riled up and spewing.

  51. Sure, but it must be in the rules that every time the inflated cheetos bag veers off subject, makes false claims, spouts conspiracy theories or treats the hearing as his own personal circus, he is subject to the “cattle prod of order”.

  52. He has no right to demand any conditions or anything. He's been subpoenaed and must testify. Period.

  53. I think he wants to do it live because he’s going to pull out a pardon for himself and read it to the country. I’d imagine he’d do something that fucking tacky

  54. Do it. Put him under oath and turn the camera on. Cut his mic if he gets rambly and doesn't answer the question. He's incapable of not perjuring himself

  55. All that does is pander to his base “See?? The Libs are trying to silence me from the truth! They don’t want ME telling YOU what ACTUALLY HAPPENED!”

  56. I fail to see the problem with all means, televise it, so we can all watch him make an absolute ASS out of himself, refuse to answer questions, straight up LIE to the committee.........which will all be fact checked in 10 seconds flat..........plead the 5th 400 times.......... and probably incriminate himself 10 times over.

  57. I don't think that's going to go quite the way you think it will, Donald Duck. In fact, I hope they agree to it just so they can push him into snapping on live television. The man's ego is so fragile it's the inevitable conclusion to all of this.

  58. As much as I personally would love to see him make an even bigger fool of himself on live TV, that could be very dangerous. He still has enough worshippers/minions to cause a lot of damage, and he (or his puppetteers) knows exactly how to get them to do his bidding. He's going to try to say something that will get them to storm the capital again or riot through the streets or go on a crusade for him, and it might work. He's like a cornered animal right now and he's going to fight to the death.

  59. They should do it and make sure they can cut his mic anytime he starts to ramble about things that have nothing to do with the question they ask. Make him answer tough questions and/or plead the 5th in front of a live audience.

  60. He will totally not stay on topic and deflect everything. Go into how windmills cause cancer and how these vaccines are secretly killing people and not really make any sense as usuall.

  61. This is a trap. Diversions, interruptions and temper tantrums are his game. You can’t have a boxing match with someone who will just stay in their corner and fling their shit at you. He will win the PR battle if they let him spin the proceeding out of control.

  62. Or he’ll do what he did first Biden debate and just yell over everyone and end up trying to put everyone else on trial just to make it a complete circus

  63. Pretty sure all the people rooting for this to happen 'live' didn't watch the first Biden/Trump debate (moderated by Wallace).

  64. On 1 side Id love to see him fail on a livestream. However I also don't want him to be able to direct how this goes down in any way.

  65. You've been subpoenaed to testify before the January 6th Committee, not invited to sing and dance on stage. You don't get to set the terms.

  66. He has no plans to answer any questions. Just like during the debates, he won’t give anyone but himself a chance to speak at which point they will be forced to silence his mic and the maga crowd will cry that he is being silenced

  67. He's telling aides he wants to, but when he chickens out it will be "You all know I said I wanted to testify, but the lawyers are saying I can't because .... witch hunt!" lol

  68. He has no intention of answering any questions. He's picturing a hot mike with a chance to ridicule members and the proceeding on live TV by being his usual rude, crude, lying self. repeating all his same old garbage.

  69. If televised, it would be a complete shit show IMO. He would start talking and not stop till someone either clubs him or they just call it off. He will not answer any of the questions. It would be just a way to have a long televised "look at me and let me tell you how much I have been victimized ".

  70. 45 will never testify under oath for anything. His lawyers will make sure of that. He is a eternal crook. His last days on this earth. He will be a crooked old devil. He will make demands until his last breath. Many of his supporters will suffer the same fate. The few remaining will ditch him but will try to continue the grift. There are millions of dollars to be made and elections to win which will keep them going.

  71. The "I want to testify, but only if it is live" ship has sailed, now that there is a subpeona on the table.

  72. Umm... Fuck off loser. No. You don't get face time with the public. You're nothing. Your rhetoric is dangerous. You don't get to speak to the public anymore. Nothing good comes of that and it shouldn't be a consideration.

  73. He wants it live so he can spread lies and talk over everybody and bring up shit that has nothing to do with Jan 6. I also wouldn't doubt if he tried inviting his cult to come too in hopes they fuck shit up and then he can say, the people love me and obviously this committee is a hoax and I should be crowned king, er reinstated as president.

  74. This is the part in the 80’s movie where Trump says a line on live tv like “I would like extra Parmesan cheese please” and a bunch of Russian assets are activated.

  75. I see no reason why he wouldn't want to testify. I know everyone assumes he'll lie and it'll be this big gotcha moment, but this country has proven time and time again that our purjury laws have no teeth whatsoever. He'll use this opportunity to campaign and promote his own cause. Any attempt to censure him by either calling to order, objecting as non responsive, or cutting his mic will only rile up his base more l and they'll see it as the committee not accepting the truth that they want. He'll completely hijack the proceedings with impunity. And on the very off chance the committee calls him on his bullshit; his supporters, the GOP, nor the DOJ will care enough to do anything.

  76. We need to quit giving Trump the attention he so badly desires. The way to deal with treasonous liars like him is to ignore him, discount him, and stop paying attention. Turn off his mic, turn off the camera and focus on something productive. He needs the attention to stay relevant.

  77. If he testifies which I highly doubt you’re god damn right I’m going to watch it. There’s a 100 % chance he commits perjury and melts the fuck down

  78. Good to know that if I get a subpoena in the future I can stipulate whichever random terms I want before complying. /s

  79. I know he won’t really do this but if I could have this for an early Christmas present, I wouldn’t have to get anything else, I promise. 🙏🏻

  80. On one hand, I'm stoked that he's willing to commit perjury live on TV; on the other, this is the man who misbehaved so bad that they had stop doing presidential debates and still had a close race.

  81. This is the most wonderful, amazing idea I’ve ever heard in the history of politics. Holy hell I hope the committee is smart enough to take this offer. He’d last five seconds up there. This is a gift from our lord and savior the almighty. He would completely destroy himself.

  82. This will surly backfire. This isn't a rally of his with his cult supporters. We saw what became of Alex Jones when he was finally out of his show's comfort zone. DO IT.

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