Supreme Court rejects former President Donald Trump's request to intervene in Mar-a-Lago documents fight

  1. None of the 9 supreme court justices even offered a dissent. The evidence is damning and it's pretty clear DOJ will indict Trump.

  2. Don't get all excited about the lack of dissent. Thomas did refer the issue to the entire court. He could have - and should have dismissed it on his own.

  3. It’s the fact that so much of the upper levels of government depend on good faith participation. Even checks and balances are impacted, clearly, as we saw with the impeachments and the Russia memo.

  4. I’m not surprised. The current Supreme Court is ultra conservative but it isn’t MAGA, despite Clarence’s wife.

  5. I had hope, the same SCOTUS laughed their asses off when Trump tried to get them to overturn the 2020 election and tossed any legal challenges he presented.

  6. Yeah, totally. I wasn’t actually super concerned about the eventual outcome. (This court majority has major problems, but I think the idea that they are completely corrupt and in Trumps pocket is a bit overblown.) But I was worried about the Roberts special (delay delay delay).

  7. There wasn't any doubt in my mind. They refused to hear any of his bullshit election appeals. If they had been willing to cross lines for Trump, he might still be in office.

  8. It sucks that something as blatantly clear as a rejection like this has us excited and surprised. This just shows how stupid this timeline is. They never should have killed Harambe. It fucked everything up

  9. Not so fast, I bet he’s going to call them a ‘Liberal Court’ next. Clarence, Brett and Amy are going to cry in the car

  10. Now Trump will come out against the Justices he appointed since they didn’t dissent. He’ll call them corrupt hacks who are secretly in Biden and Obama’s pocket. He’ll say they are unqualified and have been influenced by Hillary and the fake news media. He’ll blather on and on about some ridiculous conspiracy theory about why they unanimously ruled against him. Bank on it.

  11. It’s crazy that it was actually in doubt what they’d do. I’m terrified every time the SCOTUS decides on anything. I hate this timeline.

  12. It doesn't even matter because if the Democrats lose the midterms all of this will probably fade away after much outcry. That's the Republicans only hope and historically they'll get their way.

  13. How do you know you are fucked you orange stuffed potato? The court you hand picked to protect you in this very situation as told you to take a long walk off a short pier.

  14. Republicans will own the SC for a generation. Trump was a useful idiot, they got everything they need from him. He's more of a liability for the party than anything else going forward.

  15. Hey, get it right.. He “won” that one case that allowed his election monitors deniers to stand 5 feet closer.

  16. Not expecting this! I mean they got what they wanted from him, so kick him to the curb like he would them. Guessing the Roe fallback def has them trying to keep out of the news.

  17. The Supreme Court's rejection couldn't possibly be any shorter. This is the entire court filing, all 33 words: "The application to vacate the stay entered by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit on September 21, 2022, presented to Justice Thomas and by him referred to the Court is denied."

  18. Oh, they didn’t even bother with reasons. It is just a flat out HOW ABOUT NO. Here’s the Supreme Court’s response, in full:

  19. While I would prefer seeing him sent to prison for all the harm he has done, his having to live out his years in exile in any of those countries wouldn’t be the worst outcome.

  20. Clarence Thomas will be getting an earful at dinner. I’m looking forward to Trump’s announcement that Thomas is a woke rino communist groomer.

  21. this is the sign i was waiting for, if Niel, Thomas, Brett, Amy, and fucking Asshole Alito arent protecting him with the same fucked up kind of 'logic' they used to strike down Roe then it could be a sign that behind closed doors, the republican establishment has finally abandoned him.

  22. Not surprising but nice to hear. They know Trump isn't a true conservative and this issue is entirely about Trump, not conservatism. They'll protect Republicans and conservatism, but not Trump or his personal crimes, he's just a strong arm grifter and the SC would rather a Democratic administration take care of cleaning up the Trump mess.

  23. The Benedict Arnold was probably going to sell our special documents that he had no right to possess ,he should be locked up‼️

  24. They could try to make up for their stripping women of their bodies for a 1,000 years and still not make up for it.

  25. They got what they wanted from him, he can’t do anything else for them. The useful idiot is no longer useful.

  26. Biden is involved in a quid pro quo with Saudi Arabia. Asked them to not cut gas production for one month (benefits dems in mid terms if gas prices stay downish) and is threatening to with hold military aid if they don’t comply. Now trump was impeached for this very thing with Ukraine. Holding aid for political gain.

  27. I think donny goofed and the gop turned on him without openly "turning" on him. Hence the sudden shift in oh wait maybe we can do something about all the illegal shit he does.

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