Quietly, the Biden presidency has been hugely consequential

  1. A most welcome change. I missed not being updated on what was on the president’s mind every day. “Quiet” used to be normal.

  2. It’s a lovely change, no doubt, but I genuinely feel that they should make more noise about it. Not like the last guy, obviously, but what he’s done is a net positive for everyday folk and clearly pointing that out could make a big difference.

  3. Yeah. In the political environment of just 12 or 15 years ago, all of the accomplishments of the Biden administration would have made a lot more news. But in this environment, there is so much chaos going on 24 hours a day in all directions that all of these major policy achievements just kind of get buried in the daily news cycles.

  4. I remember when trump was still in charge, the media would report each minute thing he did. Literally anything, and often times mainstream media would, out loud, ask if trump might‘ve changed this time. Only for him to prove yet again what an inconceivable piece of shit he is.

  5. Ultimately the courts are deciding there's no legitimate legal recourse for challenging election fraud so he's up against republicans that will simply appoint partisan electors and permanently hold their position while continuing to gut minority voting access.

  6. I feel like everyone just kinda forgot about the massive climate bill they passed. That bill would have defined a Presidency in the pre Trump era but now a days we're just on to the next thing...

  7. I think it partly has to do with the ambitious plans they put forward. The American public was so excited for them, until 2 Senators blocked or removed all the parts that excited us. Those 2 Senators really screw up his favorability.

  8. My bro took over a completely fucked pandemic response system and had it running in no time at all. That alone gets my vote, and should get a lot more, but half our country thinks vaccines are evil now and Covid is fake.

  9. In 2009, Democrats led by Barack Obama, passed the Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the wake of the Great Recession which was at the time a staggering stimulus fund. It simultaneously went 'too far' and not far enough in that money went everywhere and projects and initiatives were able to be funded that directly contributed to getting the country out of recession and helped kick start one of the wildest bull runs the economy has ever seen.

  10. Project REDMAP caught the Dems flat footed. Also, the government gave out plenty of get out of jail free cards to the bankers for not wrecking the economy worse than they already did.

  11. Unemployment was 10% in 2010 at the time of the midterms; right now it is 3.5%, which is basically around the record low. Crude Oil was at $120 a barrel this summer, it's now around $85.

  12. Never over promise because the media will never let that go and just hammer you. Even if you accomplish other great things, they will constantly just bring up that single failure of the BBB being sunk by Sinema.

  13. I agree completely. I voted for him begrudgingly and to cut off Trump from gaining a second term, but he’s doing a lot better then Obama did during his first term.

  14. It’s so sad that a good presidency and working Congress can’t be rewarded in these hyper polarized times. We should be rewarding this good work. The IRA was in negotiation for over a YEAR and no one gives a shit. A once-in-a-generation infrastructure deal that no one cares about. Successfully ending a global pandemic. Working to create more freedom for women’s health and reproductive rights. Saving the Paris climate accord. SAVING UKRAINE. Giving borrowers a significant break on their student loans. Controlling gas prices. A thriving job market. Rising wages. Reducing the deficit to its lowest numbers since the 90s.

  15. I'm not even going to read the rest of the points because your first is so absurdly propagandistic. COVID is not "under control" and we've completely given up on funding the next round of boosters that will tackle the inevitable next variant.

  16. I think if we pull through the midterms ok, Biden may prove more consequential than even Obama. The navigation around obstruction he displayed this year displays the value of his many years of service in the government. Let’s hope for the best. The polls are currently leaning against us Democrats, but the opposing Party does less than nothing for America; their brand is graft, corruption, hate, and oppressing the masses.

  17. Only reason it's quiet is because the media pays outsized attention to the nonsense noise makers like Trump, MTG, Boebert, etc.

  18. You don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to make the biggest impact. You don’t need to tell everyone your plans to make them work.

  19. That's my favorite part about him and why I'd vote for him again. He doesn't give a fuck about polls and invites Republicans to the table on everything. If anything it's helped show how chaotic Conservative politics have become in America...

  20. As usual, the biggest flaw with the democratic party is marketing their accomplishments. That's unfortunately the nature of public servants, they don't think they're doing anything special, just grinding out the work to make things a little better.

  21. Four major bills passed without a filibuster-proof majority is quite an accomplishment. Last I heard, he was also outpacing even Trump in judicial nominations. With all of this, student debt cancelation, and his speech condemning the MAGA cult, I'm surprised he isn't more popular.

  22. Most people thought of him as someone who doesn’t have to do much to look better than Trump, but the real kicker is how anyone competent is leagues better than a Trump administration. It would be nice to be just a little grateful.

  23. Trump wasn’t just incompetent. He was actively working to wreck the civil service and disenfranchise anybody voting against the GOP. A second Trump term with GOP majorities would have been a hellscape.

  24. Well, he inherited a complete shit show. COVID was raging, there was no plan for vaccine distribution, Trump had done nothing for months except golf, spread election lies and listen to idiots like the MyPillow guy, the Capitol was attacked. I mean shit. He probably would have not been my first pick, but he’s done pretty well, and he doesn’t behave like a spoiled baby like the guy he replaced.

  25. Thank fucking god we have a president who cares more about the country than ratings, like Donnie Jon, or whether he's "trending"

  26. I was really hoping he would ban gas exports. They are literally predicting natural gas warmed homes to see up to a 60% increase in cost this winter. How are we supposed to survive? Biden and the Dems need to do something. Get out and vote blue in November people. Give the Dems the power they need. If they fail to get it done with a super-majority, then we can splinter back into multiple factions. It's going to get real bad here. At some point we do have to put our own people first. We have been lacking bad. I know Biden has done a few things, but it's not enough; especially when the Fed. reserve is spouting the nonsense they are about 'unemployment needs to go up to combat inflation.' The housing market is going to crash, inflation is going to get worse, etc. We are LITERALLY heading for a depression. If you can, start saving now. If you can't... I am so sorry for you. The working and middle classes are weaker now than ever before. They just can't afford to keep picking up the burden anymore. It has to be the rich or people are just going to die. It really is that grim.

  27. And it’s been wonderful not hearing about all of his “tremendous” achievements on his Twitter account

  28. President Joe Biden is getting some awesome stuff done. It's sort of remarkable actually - I hope he gets to keep things going after the mid-terms.

  29. Perhaps the best president since FDR? It's a real possibility at this point. There's no denying he's been incredibly impactful and effective.

  30. If the infrastructure and climate bills can get into motion without half the money and services disappearing I would be very impressed. If he can manage to codify abortion rights it would definitely seal the deal on one of the most influential ever. Right now I already think well above average.

  31. Biden's done various speaking tours and speeches to try and toot that horn. It's just that a lot of people don't seem to care or tune in to listen in the first place

  32. Biden isn't as sharp as he was 30 years ago and he's never been a particularly good public speaker or very media friendly. I don't think there's anyone who'd disagree with that. What he IS, for better or worse, is an extremely experienced and well connected washington insider who knows how the system works, knows how to get things done, and realizes that sometimes you have to kick a field goal instead of going for a touchdown on every drive.

  33. I've long felt that while I'm not terribly fond of Biden overall, and he has at least as many faults as virtues, he is, by and large, competent.

  34. It isn’t “quietly,” the news media has just chosen to present a “Well, the people who tried to overthrow the government and insist JFK is still alive say that Biden hiked gas prices and is both a doddering old fool and an evil Bond villain and they deserve equal or greater time on our platforms” picture of what’s going on.

  35. Deadass. I slept on him. I still think he should do more but I’m content with waiting for the mid terms to see what’s the next 2 years hold.

  36. It has but all he had to do to be massively better than Trump was to say very little and not go around actively fucking everything up through not knowing anything about anything.

  37. Good governance should be boring- not the correct word. I want it to work. Not quite there yet and have a long way to go. The less I hear about it in a sensationalized manner, the better.

  38. He has been one of the best legislative presidents we have even seen with the narrowest of majorities in the house and the senate.

  39. Other than the occasional gaffe from him or Harris they have been largely effective and have managed to get quite a bit done.

  40. Stuff like the climate bill haven't fully averted disaster but have at least turned us in a better direction. That's not just changing the deck furniture.

  41. Quietly? To those not paying attention and those in the right-wing disinformation media, perhaps. Sadly, that’s a significant portion of American voters. The number likely would be much lower if the non-right-wing media told the truth and stopped the disingenuous bothsidesism and pretending the Republicans have anything other than cementing permanent power as their goal.

  42. Politics is becoming irrelevant due to the corruption and its inability to actually accomplish something rather than fleece the American people and enrich the wealthy.

  43. Well, that makes it more relevant; it’s a constant struggle against losing ground against traitors and criminals.

  44. Democrats are not bragging about their accomplishments. Republicans are taking credit for accomplishments by Democrats. Democrats are being dumb, as usual, and not selling themselves like they should be. Democrats are just so bad at this game.

  45. yea he's boring sorry he doesn't play golf every week or rant on Twitter every 30s yea he may need a nap every once in a while but at least he's not stupid

  46. We had four years of boisterous braggarts declaring the greatest of all time for checks notes "pulling Dixie cups out of the dispenser and getting 2 for 1."

  47. The Presidency should flow seamlessly. It’s not about who the president is. It’s about what America is. Trump has colic.

  48. you need spending during a recession. Countries can’t just tighten the belt to fix a recession, the USA is not some family looking to focus on credit card debt. The USA stops spending and it’s people will stop getting money.

  49. New technology means no need for crude oil. No need for PTSD homeless war veterans ether. Student bail outs is proper because Bush became president after Clinton. Bush destroyed lives and Clinton destroyed education.

  50. I would argue the opposite, that the system was specifically designed so that the party with the majority could not simply run rampant with their power and do as they like to. No, I believe the correct sentence is not " We should be able to do whatever we want" but rather " We should have an easy time winning over just a few republicans with any piece of legislation" in the spirit of bipartisanship

  51. That's because our system of government allows for bribery and other corrupt practices. Make that illegal and things have a shot at improving.

  52. Every single one of those is a global issue affecting almost every country in the world. Not one has anything to do with Biden or his actions while President.

  53. So what exactly do you think Biden could have done to avoid these problems? Lift sanctions on Russia and let Putin pillage Ukraine? Do fuck all on COVID including supply issues so prices wouldn’t have increased? Or remove CDC funding and offices so COVID couldn’t be detected? Hmm, nah that was the last guy.

  54. Oh yeah? So name me the specific actions that caused inflation and gas prices exclusive of the prior admin. Im sure Trump pumping 3 trillion into the economy and Wall Street really helped with inflation.

  55. Not so quietly. He has been responsible for the highest price hike in 40 years. Normal Americans are having a hard time paying for record high fueling and affording record high food and record high housing. All the while this douche sends billions of dollars to Ukraine knowing the consequences are a war, possibly a world war . The military can’t even meet its recruitment targets.

  56. You don't understand the presidency, the government, or economics if you think Biden is solely or even primarily responsible for the global inflation we're seeing. And why does the military's recruitment targets matter re: sending aid to Ukraine?

  57. Can you imagine if the last guy was still in office? Trump would be sending that same military aid to Russia. So glad somebody with ethics is in charge.

  58. Escalates war with Russia, gave a strings attached pittance of student debt relief, what else had it done?

  59. The bottom line most Americans just care if they personally are doing better or not, and sadly with the current global situation the answer for most people is that they are doing financially worse and their retirement fund isn't growing. It doesn't matter what the President accomplishes, this is how the public will measure him.

  60. Spare for the bandaid student loan deal, i can’t think of a single positive thing this guy has done. Anyone have suggestions?

  61. I’m only going to pick one point because that’s really all I care to give any energy at 2am to.

  62. yes because the US is the only place in the fucking world. Give me a break. Everyone everywhere is getting hit with inflation and higher gas prices. But I guess when you live in a bubble, you don't see these things

  63. I glad he’s accomplished so much as president, especially with such a razor thin majority but he is way too old to be president still. I hope he’s only a single term.

  64. As someone who had to be raised by their grandparents bc her Boomer parents were too lazy and selfish to be bothered--I couldn't think of anybody I would be more proud of to have a second term as President of the United States!

  65. Personally, his experience has helped him accomplish so much. So I don't think he's too old at all and frankly don't want younger politicians either, this makes me more supportive of old experienced folks vs new blood

  66. Such an ignorant comment. Inflation is a world wide issue cause by world wide decisions and has nothing to do with Biden now or Trump when it started…. Good grief, pick up a book…

  67. Actually worse in Europe now which tells you two things: 1) world event, Biden didn't cause it, and 2) he's doing better here than Europe is.

  68. Not worth it. You all like executive actions that are unconstitional. Only if a dem does it of course. Hate the Supreme Court when it doesn't go your way..think Roosevelt. The double speak of the inflation reduction act, the open borders. Hate Afghanistan war but like the mil industrial complex for Ukraine (I do too). Will you like it when China has their own police in the us? TOO LATE.

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