AOC says her office struggles to keep up with the 'astronomical' level of daily threats that she receives: NYT

  1. That’s gotta be such a mind fuck to go from unknown, regular person living a normal life to right-wing boogeyman getting mentioned 76 times per day on a national “news” channel to millions of people frothing at the mouth with how much they despise you in less than 5 years.

  2. I remember my friend's husband asking me if I saw that video of AOC dancing, and he just kept going on about it, making disparaging remarks about her. And his wife interrupted to say, "he really doesn't like AOC, in case you can't tell. Hahaha!" And I told her that I really didn't think so. I can only imagine how many times he watched that video. Sack of shit that he is.

  3. 76 times a day? Considering you sleep for 8 hours a day, that's almost 5 times a fucking hour... if you stretch it out over the 24 hour day, that's like 3 times an hour, everyday, for 6 weeks straight...

  4. It's facts like this I refer to whenever people claim daytime fox or fox business are "reasonable" unlike the opinion segments. They're not they just seem so compared to the dangerous lunacy on those late-night segments.

  5. Yeah, I feel this when a conservative friend living in a state thousands of miles from AOC's district has her name falling out of his mouth, frequently, randomly, and without provocation.

  6. She’s become more known by Republicans than Democrats. She is the face of everything they hate. Republicans will bring her up nonstop, and as a Democrat I have always been confused by that.

  7. It's interesting how the Americans who can't stop talking about freedom of speech can't stop themselves from trying to get a moderate center-left woman killed for her political ideas.

  8. It always makes me happy to see a fellow service industry survivor land on their feet and still be mentally and physically in one piece , but she’s obviously intelligent to know that being morally incorruptible in Washington will always put a target on your back . Especially when you use such large amounts of logic and common sense in an attempt to help the citizens of your country ( and happen to be well spoken AND easy on the eyes ;) hang in there AOC , there’s a lot more of us than there are of them!

  9. My mother in law hates her, when I asked why she couldn’t say anything just awkward silence. When I asked if she ever heard her even speak and she said no. She just don’t like her.

  10. Try this one… “who told you not to like her?” That one freaks them out because they value themselves as independent thinkers, which they definitely are not.

  11. I really wish that the left would steal Ben Shapiro's "facts don't care about your feelings", because it's way more applicable to the right. They don't care about facts, and all their dumb arguments are feels based.

  12. They (Republicans and their evil overlord$) are doing the same to her they did to Hillary. There was a 2 decade long attack on Hillary to make her the devil, an evil monster hell bent on destroying America that by the time she decided to run, she had little to no chance at winning, even against the Orange Fascist. Why do people hate Hillary? Most of the people on the right couldn't tell you, or their answers are incoherent warbble-garble.

  13. I used to be like that. I’m not a Republican or anything either. Just hated her because that’s what I saw on the news and forums.

  14. Got a similar response about Stacey Abrams. Dude said he didn't like her for something she said. So I asked him exactly what she said and his response was "I don't remember".

  15. I had someone tell me how stupid she is the other day. I asked, have you ever listened to her talk? No, he hadn't. Then what makes her stupid? He was speechless. He's actually a pretty nice guy so he conceded a little and said, well I guess I don't know. These people just spout shit. And this guy is 100% working class. I told him he should actually look her up because she's fighting for him. He won't. So stupid.

  16. Tell your mother in law that's it reasons like this why we can't have peace. Unjustified hatred. Ignorant-based hate. And if she refuses to listen. Tell her she's dumb as rocks.

  17. Dude, it’s so true. back in the day when I used to be an avid Fox News watcher, I hated Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid so much. And just probably about a year ago, I was reflecting on that time and I couldn’t name one reason why.

  18. When you accuse the other side first it puts them on the back foot and they have to spend their time defending and denying their claims instead of going on the offensive. And when you accuse the other side of things like pedophilia it's really hard to prove you aren't one

  19. He ALWAYS talks trash about how rich liberals he hates are... even when they aren't very rich when he is. It's weird.

  20. Tucker Carlson's parents were a megarich conservative father, and a hippie liberal mother. Carlson's mother abandoned the family and her sons in the 60s/70s to live an artist/bohemian/hippie lifestyle.

  21. Remember how (R)Paul Gosar edited himself in an anime where he kills AOC and posted it on his Twitter? Yeah

  22. There’s some dipshit MAGA Republican in NW IL that sends out mailers every election cycle, depicting herself beating up AOC and others of the “squad” it’s so cringe worthy.

  23. 100% of the blame for this is Fox News. Utterly disgusting what those hateful assholes do, especially Hannity & Carlson.

  24. You really can’t say “100%” is Fox News when half their followers have pivoted to Newsmax and OAN because Fox “betrayed” them or weren’t extremist enough for their liking. For-profit conservative media can take the cake though.

  25. Bill O’Reilly’s show directly led to the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a doctor who provided late terminations of pregnancy, by branding him “Tiller the Baby Killer”. The biggest kicker? The assassin was a Christian extremist who murdered Dr. Tiller at a church!

  26. I'm encouraged that she keeps fighting through it. I hate that this is happening, but I get frustrated every time a progressive resigns because of threats. Keep outing these people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

  27. If your response to this is "Well maybe she should just quit" you have something deeply wrong with you.

  28. My response isn't to victim blame. I'm wondering why her office is dealing with this when we have some alphabet agencies that are supposedly responsible for the safety of American citizens and government officials.

  29. Man from Texas, been giving to AOC for years, this doesn't surprise me from what I hear here in Texas. What surprises me is the complete lack of law enforcement follow-up.

  30. Conservative media along with Fox News are to blame here. Labeling her as a threat to democracy should be reason enough to shut them down. I'm all for free speech, but when it's used explicitly to harm people and fill them with lies, it's not speech, it's a weapon

  31. I'm not going to get announce who I am, but I'm in a very public position and I too get death threats. I can always tell when a threat is race based because the title of the letter or email usually contains many spelling errors. I even had someone tell me that my "...wive wood be killed if I don't leave town". LOL, people who make threats are dumb/

  32. Doesn't take smarts to pull a trigger. Hope you and your family are safe...and I sincerely mean that for any person regardless of politics.

  33. Remember when Twitter made a public post saying "Wishing Trump harm from COVID violates Twitter's policy" but when AOC brought up "Where is this when I get death and rape threats every day on Twitter?" they had no answer?

  34. I think Republicans have realized that plain, boring politics doesn't get anyone motivated to vote. They need to generate outrage, and cause a spectacle, and make it sound like every mild inconvenience is doomsday. They are creating a Frankenstein monster and they will lose control of it.

  35. Conservatives, by definition, are scared. They think they're losing something or something is being taken from them. You only need to pay attention to any conservative "news" or opinion show a few minutes to realize it's all 'this is who to hate and/or fear.'

  36. I can't even imagine what kind of an impact it has on the life of even a staffer, once they've been seen with AOC. Some people go absolutely mental and will hunt down your adres etc

  37. AOC embodies exactly what right-wing males can't handle: a young, attractive woman of color who is more accomplished than them, who is articulate and highly intelligent, and above all a person who will not take their shit. Drives them insane.

  38. We rolled that bit into Manifest Destiny 2.0. We just need to expand our Hegemony and then genocide people we don't like.

  39. proof that the most dangerous thing to right wing fascist policy is a strong woman of colour. Keep up the good work AOC, you're pissing off the right people ( The bigots )

  40. They’re so fucking scared of a woman of color that it’s fucking hilarious. They are TERRIFIED of her.

  41. Since the beginning of her career it’s appeared as if the right views her as a very credible long term threat for the presidency. She’s brutally articulate, funny, intelligent and relatable. She is very good on camera despite the brevity of her career. She has a biography that reads like an everywoman. Her PR ability gaps any Republican by miles on a very low budget. If she wasn’t a potential candidate they’d just ignore her. AOC is what voters (especially young voters) want from Bernie but in a infinitely more palatable package. If they don’t poison the well now it’ll be too late.

  42. I used to be a reactionary who was a Big Ben Shapiro fan. I remember having a hatred for her, but don’t really know why. Looking back I can’t even remember why.

  43. Death threats against politicians spiked from 2017 to 2021. Who could be responsible? The guy who told his audience to beat the hell out of protesters and he would pay their legal fees?

  44. I wonder if the GOPers get nearly the same amount of threats....being that democrats and libs are evil child eating fascist / socialist / communist American hating spawns from hell.

  45. There was 9625 total threats(across all congress people) in 2021(up from 3939 in 2017). I was curious about the same thing and am attempting to find a reliable breakdown

  46. I recall reading articles about how republicans refused to vote for Trump's impeachment because they didn't want to get death threats like the democrats do.

  47. Very few. Remember Greene was likely to have been calling the cops on herself to try and get herself "swatted" by "liberals." Nearly every time they've said they've been targeted in the last few years has been a clear false flag.

  48. The GOP only get death threats from their Russian handlers. Play nice. Money reward. Not do as told? Fall from Window.

  49. Ironically they are all Christians who’s overarching tenet should be Love yet they hate everyone not like them and choose to judge them rather than letting god as commanded. None are really Christians.

  50. Seriously, there's no way these people are smart enough to use VPNs or anything, why aren't they immediately arrested and charged?

  51. Me too. I was worried sick for her as it was happening. Those guys would have raped and killed her, of that I had no doubt.

  52. i’m a woman of color who has no fucking interest in getting into politics because of how difficult, overwhelming, and dangerous it is. i’m so grateful for her going through the bullshit for us and dealing with this dogshit system so women other than her can have the same representation she wants.

  53. Republicans hate AOC because she is literally the representation of everything they despise. She is a beautiful young intelligent minority Democratic female.

  54. Ah yes, the party of Christians acting the complete opposite of what Christ said makes a good Christian in the gospels yet again.

  55. More likely it just means she's part of a minority that conservatives really hate (well two, really) and the news covers her a lot so it stays in these terrorists' minds.

  56. But unfortunately this is one reason why dems struggle with getting more and better reps, dealing with the insane vitriol conservative outlets drum up for their base to constantly threaten you day in, day out is not something most people can mentally handle.

  57. Intimidation and political violence have been quietly endorsed (not so quietly anymore though) by the GOP for literal decades now. It's been a huuuuge failing on the part of democrats for all but ignoring the problem and merely wagging a finger when they even bother to acknowledge it.

  58. I keep wondering what has happened to our country in the last few years to bring out such negativism and death threats to duly elected officials. It's obvious: Donald Trump.

  59. Not a single person that hates her can get through a single intelligent, coherent sentence as to why. I welcome anyone who hates her to please tell me why

  60. Well, that's just all the proof I need to keep supporting a Latina activist in office speaking for the people she promised to speak for. Protect. Her. At. All. Costs.

  61. The reason Fox & MAGAs vilify & harass AOC is quite obvious. This woman is the genuine real deal & they know it. They have no “dirt” on her that isn’t total fabrication. She obviously tries to help the people in her district. She even helped Texas when their own Senator flew off to Cancun when his people were freezing & depending on him (side note to Texans - vote this jerk out). I don’t even agree with all her policies, but I respect the hell out of her & would vote for her if I could.

  62. Basically every Republican doesn’t actually know a single one of her views, has never actually listened to her talk outside of short out of context clips, and would actually agree with a lot of what she says. Many don’t even actually know what her job is.

  63. Its always the same too. Conservatives/regressives/the right, call them what you want, always resort to violence and death threats.

  64. She is the She-Hulk of politics right now. Being herself and having everyone come after her like she is far stronger and threatening.

  65. Ah. Sorry, this isn't politics it's part of this place rocketing backwards. We still have NOT taken domestic abuse seriously. At all. So sure, unleash more violence towards a young woman and I'm guessing Pelosi- who by any definition is an elderly woman has around the same number of violent threats.

  66. Gotta hand it to the Cons. They got millions of people to hate an intelligent and powerful woman dedicating her life to try and improve their quality of life. Magic!

  67. I believe that. I can tell when my father mentions her on the phone with me. As if I care what she says, just because I’m slightly more liberal than my father. It’s disgusting how he believes everything fox tells him.

  68. AOC is a mark because she looks and sounds very young. Republicans don’t respect her so they say stupid shit to get under her skin to break her. AOC is very smart so it must be hard not to react negatively.

  69. It's so ridiculous. AOC has her heart in the right place. It drives them insane she keeps making them look stupid. I hate how the try to lessen her as a person.

  70. Well when you allow a “news” organization like Fox News to spew hate towards anyone who doesn’t agree with their crackpot ideas, this is what you get. Fox News and the “Christian” right are destroying America.

  71. They threaten because they are dumb and afraid. But it’s not right. I hope she can stay strong. I hope others rally to protect her. If she leaves, I wouldn’t blame her but WE will lose out on a competent young leader and there are so few of them.

  72. People like my dad have such a boner for hating on women in power, especially ones with views they don’t agree with.

  73. She's got to be up there with one of the most demonized, vilified and hated politicians in the US. Not because of the number of people who hate her, but because of just how much hate there is for her in those people.

  74. I can’t figure out why right wing crazies are so threatened and fixated with her, she’s smart, good looking, she’d make a very good president.

  75. Bet I won't have to scroll far on this very thread to find someone calling her a liar or stupid or worse. The hate for her is real and very scary.

  76. Do any of the people who threaten her ever see legal action against them? Or is it the proverbial handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500?

  77. And she has more courage than all of them combined. It takes a strong human being to not just reach for violence the moment someone hurts their feelings. It’s a sacrifice but I hope she sticks around and sticks to her convictions. I wish I was that strong.

  78. I may not agree with her all the time, but if every seat on Capitol Hill had her passion and intent I’d feel better about the future.

  79. If you want to hate her policies or overly-leftist views on some things (I’m left leaning and think she’s too extreme on some issues), that’s ok.

  80. That's what you get when you make the crazy illegitimate house GOP look bad. AOC has a lot of courage facing these threats. The GOP are cowards for enabling their supporters to their dirty work for them, for example Jan 6th. We can't let this country get ran by cowards. Remember to vote for pro democracy candidates(cough cough democrats cough) by November 8th.

  81. She doesn’t deserve any of it. FOX News should face dissolution over the completely inappropriate and unacceptable demonizing they’ve done of her.

  82. I really can’t remember where I read this, but I seem to remember there was a conservative online community (maybe FB group?) that was disseminating r*pe fetish stuff about her. I have been worried for her safety ever since I read that article. Her comments about fearing for her life on Jan 6 make a lot of sense when you think about the vitriol she gets daily.

  83. Trump and his minions won't be satisfied untill they start a civil war! And Trump's master Putin is just waiting and wishing. Some people are so blinded by their hate :/

  84. That would be the greatest voter suppression measure the Dems could launch: just give her the presidential nomination when she's old enough, which would qualify her for secret service protection, let these nutjob conservative bozos continue to threaten her, then arrest and prosecute their asses. It will be hard for them to vote from a federal prison cell.

  85. She has become the “perfect” scapegoat for Fox News and Fox News adjacent people. She’s 1. not white 2. not a man 3. comes from the working class 4. is a progressive and 5. is young. Not to mention that they find her attractive so there’s that weird piece of it too. She’s a physical embodiment of what Fox News is trying to radicalize their viewer against.

  86. Sadly, I’m not surprised. The hate some people have for her is insane. It’s like they hate seeing an outspoken Latina in a position to create change. I hope she knows she has a lot of supporters and that even though everyone can have an opinion, it doesn’t mean those hateful opinions are educated or even genuine.

  87. She's vilified as some maoist radical, whereas her policies are generally not much farther to the left than those of Angela Merkel. The right-wing fever deployed against her is astounding.

  88. It's so weird. I'm Canadian and I follow her personal and business Instagrams. She seems like a levelheaded individual who loves her country and she puts in so many hours at work. I don't know how she makes time for herself or her family. She's busting ass for everybody, not just her party.

  89. If AOC gets assassinated, the blood will be on the hands of every damn elected Republican official that made it happen.

  90. The great old white supremacy tools! Even McConnell was recently threatened. All on the side of Democracy and decency versus Trumpy, Terrorists, quacked out pedophile supporters.

  91. I deal with these kind morons everyday. Just now at the dinner table Hunter Biden's laptop was mentioned, as well as Joe Rogan. They talk about not believing everything you read on the internet. That's the one true thing they say. But they'll turn around and believe Alex Jones on infowars, and spread misinformation like the Plague, not realizing how gullible they are. They talk about "The Deep State", not realizing they're promoting right wing misinformation and propaganda.

  92. I remember parking on the street near a job site and seeing what I was pretty certain was an undercover surveillance vehicle masquerading as a workvan. Upon leaving at the end of the day I realized that I was parked in front of Ilhan Omar's office.

  93. I can see that, this year in particular. Seems that the hate for women of color and women in general really ramped up this year. You can see it in all the trolls losing their minds about all the female centric tv shows this year

  94. I disagree with you politically so now I want to kill you. Way to go America. As much as I despise gaetz, MTG, trump, boebert etc… I still don’t want them dead. Just out of office so they can’t influence the dummies to commit violence.

  95. The interesting thing is - of all the Democrats in Congress, she is the best known for being blunt and outspoken, and that combined with being an attractive woman has unfortunately made her a target for violent threats from the right - but if she were a Republican and spoke in similar terms, we likely wouldn’t even know her name. Her rhetoric is so tame compared the the talk coming from the right, it wouldn’t be noticed.

  96. One of the tactics of the right is to try to scare democrats out of office or not run for office. We are now seeing this strategy used on republicans who have fallen out of favor with Trump republicans who’s mission is to takeover and control the government l

  97. Has anyone seen a comparison of death threats received by democratic politicians vs those received by conservative ones? My hunch is the democrats receive a lot more. Of course, some fine people will say they deserve more 🙄.

  98. The only thing the conservative AOC narrative does is highlight her platform. Their hate boner gives her more power than it takes away. She’d be a no name junior congresswoman if they’d just left her alone.

  99. AOC is unfortunately just a boogeyman for republicans. She's a scary socialist. People don't bother looking into her policies or character. She's just been tagged as a socialist, and that's enough for republicans to hate her.

  100. That the Democratic Party just throws up its hands and says “we can’t do anything about it” is the usual response the Democratic Party gives to issues it dose not care about.

  101. Well as many people dislike her, there is an equal number that love her spunk and attitude. She’s an intelligent, outspoken and erudite woman. That’s why she’s feared. Compared to her, most male politicians look like goombas.

  102. I don't care for her politics but I admire that she constantly grills people in congress. It's great to watch when she questions people. No other congressman is doing that.

  103. Uhhh wtf. Charge the people who threaten her with violence. Every single one. Oh wait she’s not a Republican so it’s cool to threaten her? Party of law and order my fucking ass

  104. This woman is a goddamned national treasure. Regardless of her politics she has integrity, life experience that matches the average American more than just about anyone in politics, and is willing to call out hypocrisy in the Democratic or Republican Party.

  105. AOC is a target and gets these threats because she scares the hell out of the extreme right wing people and its followers. She's a staunch progressive, extremely bright and articulate, female, and hispanic. She's the quadfecta of horrific for these types. It's just predominantely based on ignorance and disinformation. And quite the pathetic statement about a portion of our society.

  106. In case there's people questioning the validity of this claim, just scroll down.

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