Dr Oz’s insult for John Fetterman’s clothing backfires spectacularly

  1. "He looks like a guy whose father wasn't disappointed by his every achievement and instead used his clout to burn down the very institution that raised him up!"

  2. He is the only politician in years, possibly my entire adult life, that seems like a guy who cares about his people.republicans have come to think that masked white supremacists parading is tough. You can now see that they are actually scared by a guy who looks tough, most likely is Really tough, and shows decency. Dude seems like a sweet potato, who you should definitely not poke.

  3. Dr Oz should say something like "I prefer QuickChek over Sheets and Wawa." That is definitely what Pennsylvanian's want to hear from a candidate. Though, he probably should call it Quick-Eleven, just to make sure everyone knows he's a normal dude.

  4. This gem form further down in the article: The comments earned Mr Gingrich widespread mockery, as well as one vicious clapback from ex-GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus: “He's just quoting what you said to your first wife when she was in the hospital for her 3rd cancer surgery and you were leaving her to be with your sidepiece (who you married and then left to be with another side piece).”

  5. He's more like an anal wart that someone picked at and it got septic, come to life. Truly one of the worst human beings ever born.

  6. Nope and that plays into Fetterman's hands. In fact, Oz's campaign clearly hasn't figured out that Fetterman's style is what endears him to the blue collar voters of PA. Oz's "too much common man" as an attack angle for Fetterman is ridiculous in todays political climate where all professional politicians are loathed.

  7. "It’s another thing to just call attention to a problem because the problem is actually more useful to you than the solution, and that helps you call attention to yourself."

  8. He’s floundering. Like most of the GOP celebrity candidates he stands for nothing and has no convictions except what will get him more votes.

  9. That he kept his medical license over that is abhorrent. If a lawyer, who can go by Doctor due to their degree, did the same thing they would be disbarred.

  10. He’s a doctor, he doesn’t care about all these social conservative shit, he only cares about money, he’s like trump in that his values are whatever he thinks they need to be to get votes.

  11. I had a trip where for whatever reason I just wanted to see as many filmed shows in NYC as possible; Dr. Oz tickets were super easy to get, so…yeah.

  12. Straight from the Trump playbook. Find an insult or insulting thing and hit repeat. Run, don’t walk, from any meaningful adult behaviour. Sort of like the Texas AG running from the process serving trying to hand him a subpoena.

  13. Yes because he’s telling you who he is. He evaluates people based on their clothing and tattoos (superficial and classist) and their health - which is also an issue of class even though people like Oz believe they are healthy because of hard work and good decisions while unhealthy people are lazy and stupid.

  14. He's a pretty big idiot for not understanding that wearing an everyman's outfit makes the PA voters like him more.

  15. Wish this was true, walk in in jeans and the mayor faints on the spot. The sheriff runs in to see what happened, sees a t shirt, clutches his chest and slides down the door frame, never letting go of his grip on the wall.

  16. TBH I wish John would speak up more about big and tall clothing and how the choice is basically sweat pants or suits unless it's custom. Maybe after he's elected. I'd love it if he had his own big and tall clothing line

  17. When he pedaled snake oil, he was kicking the medical profession in the balls, but he still gets to call himself a doctor. How he has any support at all is beyond me.

  18. Fetterman's fashion choices are representative of the people of PA. Shit the only way he could go more yinzer is if he wore a dirty Bettis jersey.

  19. My favorite Fetterman story is the governor having to buy him actual formal attire because he has to wear it when he does official Lt. Governor shit.

  20. Reading the twitter comments from Newt's post is like turning over an old piece of wood in your garden.

  21. Republicans have no idea how to attack Fetterman the Everyman. He goes and talks to and listens to everyone, even Republicans, He levels with constituents and has ideas to help them. Republicans can't run on policies because the few the have they keep quiet due to how unpopular they are.So Oz and Newt try to make this about whether a tattoo is supposed to relate to a NIN "heroin song" or the crips.

  22. In a way, its much like how Trump and the GOP couldn't make any of their slander stick to Biden in 2020. Not that Biden and Fetterman are exactly the same or anything, but basically everyone knew what each was and was not.

  23. The dude has been wearing outfits like that for years. He doesn't dress the part maybe, but he sure as crap ACTS the part. Dude's been out there busting ass for his constituents every day. You've been futzing around with your snake oil daytime TV shows telling housewife about essential oils, Oz.

  24. Hey Oz, your suit and tie seems more like a "costume" than jeans and a hoody, that just seems like practical clothing to most people.

  25. Someone should tell this dude he can’t bully the big kid, he’s out of his depth. Oz would be better off just ignoring Fetterman at this point, but it’s kind of hard when you don’t have much of a platform or original material

  26. I think if Oz were ahead in the polls, ignoring might work. Being behind, he's desperately trying to strike a nerve with the voters to pick up ground. But what he's discovering is that when you're up to your neck in quicksand, the more you try to swim out, the deeper you get.

  27. Oz is simply telling us that if we aren’t like him, we’re of a lower, desperate class. One that has shitty values and can’t think for ourselves … that we want to remake America into our “radical” leftist ways. Cuz. You know, if you wear a hoodie, you must be antifa.

  28. It's supposed to mean "he's disrespectful to authority", and is that he isn't fit for high public office because he's not "respectful" enough.

  29. Fetterman often wears Carhartt that is an all American brand.. starting in Detroit and is known and identified as American brand around the world- and Oz is critical of that.. in his Italian or whatever suits?

  30. Instead of being a fucking asshole, Oz could choose to engage Fetterman on policy disagreements but since Oz has no policies to begin with, he's basically a troll. Great look.

  31. Dr Oz wants people to dress like they are taking their own daughter to the prom and then sit disappointedly in the car because when she asked to be taken to the prom she meant as a ride and not as their date. It must be that fatherly smell.

  32. Oh dear, this savage bohemian beast of a man does not even wear a properly laundered cravat. What a faux pas of the most grievous variety. How will he ever show his face in polite society. Oh my!

  33. “Can’t fight on the issues, we’ll fuck’em over fashion”. ~ Some R Strategist Somewhere

  34. A man who is relatable to his cause. No frills, no thrills. Not trying to sell you on gimmicks, vague truths, get well cures and anti aging. Practices what he preaches and stays true to his course. Everything and more a politician can and should be. Suits don't make the man. It's his words and actions that speak loudest for the message he's trying to convey.

  35. John Fetterman's political history is legendary!! Mayor of a town in Pennsylvania that literally ceased to be. Just gone. Everyone left. A ghost town. People hard hit, dying, the ones who were left. He single handedly flipped that script. There's a documentary on his time as mayor. And it shows conclusively how hard this guy fought for his small town. Guys Solid!!!

  36. I am starting to wonder if Fetterman has a mole working in the Oz campaign because that would make a lot more sense than thinking that a campaign can be as incompetent as Oz's has been.

  37. Oz thought that being a TV" personality" worked for Trump so it should also work for him, he didn't realize that he is too brown to successfully push the same buttons that Trump used to get to the WH

  38. Dr. Oz may be running the most hilariously pathetic campaign I've ever seen from someone with major party and financial support. My only concern is that it won't be a blowout because nearly half of PA voters still think he's the man.

  39. I grew up not far from Braddock PA. Someone who can be a successful mayor for any small city along the Monongahela River is an immediate FIRST choice for Governor of PA.

  40. Oprah has done good but she’s also unleashed some stanky piles of crap on us. I’m looking at you too Dr Phil.

  41. Here's a life lesson. People can see when someone is faking and when someone is actually genuine. On rare occasions they might miss or there might be a delay, but eventually it becomes obvious. This includes the MAGA folk. They might be stupid, but "stupid is as stupid does"

  42. Damn Mehmet, good job. I already really liked Fetterman and you letting me know he’s got a NIN tattoo makes me like him even more.

  43. I didnt realize the tatoo was a NIN lyric (American band) and tattooed bc Cash covered it too. So they are critiquing a american for having a tatoo SOO American on his arm it's from a cover song by American icon Johnny cash. Guys a fucking communist basically.

  44. These superficial types of attacks are what I'd expect from a 4th grader running for class president. Trump really showed the GOP how easy it was to pass school yard insults as a legitimate platform.

  45. They tried to say it was a crips slag code. Omg I so wish republicans said it had been a lyric from a Wu tang song or OutKast that would have really really made this entire thing extra special

  46. Ah, Newt Gingrich - so 90’s. I wonder if he still gets those AOL CD-ROMs in the mail every a week?

  47. Meanwhile other GOP lawmakers and pundits try and hide their affluence and Ivy League backgrounds by purposefully dressing down.

  48. They don't like Fetterman's "I Will Make You Hurt" tattoo. To appeal to right wing voters, maybe he should balance it out with a "You Get Me Closer to God" on the other arm.

  49. This article refers to the race as a mud slinging competition, referencing Oz’s insults regarding Fetterman’s stroke recovery. The article then identifies Fetterman’s “mud-slinging” as a light mockery of his New Jersey residence. More both sides bullshit, even in articles like this.

  50. Fuck that asshole Oz. Purveyor of quack, bullshit cures and all around greedy asshole. His own peer group of doctors (real doctors) want him kicked out of the AMA. I hope he gets creamed in the election and disappears forever in shame.

  51. “He looks like the kind of guy who would buy a car, and not even ride in the back seat while somebody else drives him around in it.”

  52. John Fetterman dresses like shit and wears shorts in the winter. You know who else does that? Most of rural Pennsylvania.

  53. Damn. After hearing OZ’s comments about Fetterman I’m like, hell yeah I’d vote for Fetterman. He sounds like the man this country needs.

  54. At what point does Oz wonder if his advisors are on Fetterman's payroll, because it's hard to believe one guy can have so many things backfire without someone saying "dude, bad idea"

  55. His clothes….. well…. Attacking women’s clothing always seems to work. So he have it a shot? Please Pennsylvanians, elect Fetterman.

  56. The man is 6’8.” Of course he’s gonna look goofy in clothes because it’s hard to find clothes when you’re tall. I’m only 6’4 and I already have a hard enough time finding clothes that fit me

  57. I'm not in PA, but I like Fetterman. I'd vote for him. Mommy and Daddy's money isn't a great look, but I think he's gone beyond that. Especially when compared to Dr. Quack.

  58. Imagine being Dr. Oz, getting you ass kicked in a senate race you have no business even running in and your only attack on your opponent is his choice of clothing.....

  59. The naive part of me wants to believe Oz is actually a liberal sabotuer there to bomb a potential republican seat. He is well educated after all. Can he really be this out of touch with normal people?

  60. Is Pennsylvania Democrat Fetterman’s tattoo “I will make you hurt” based on his ties to the crips gang as reported by the Free Beacon or a reference to the nine inch nails heroin song “Hurt”. Fetterman won’t answer questions.

  61. The fact that they’re trying to make a decent man out to be a bad guy is crazy. This man looks like many people I know in my day to day life. He looks like he’s lived a good life, has tattoos and scars to prove his story and existence. He looks like an uncle, a brother, or a friend. He deserves to be who he is and look the way he does and still serve his community. Not in my state or district, but I would definitely vote for him if he was.

  62. Fetterman is terrifying to republicans. He’s a democrat that doesn’t look or act like the stereotype librul california democrat. He has working class appeal and can clearly, understandably, and intelligently speak on topics like policy. He’s basically everything republicans need to pull their party out of the toilet accept he’s a democrat…

  63. What I love most about this is that John Fetterman is part of the GenX secret code that the political establishment hasn't cracked yet.

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