Trump Should Face Charges on Capitol Riot, 41% of Americans Say

  1. It’s also a poll of 806 people. Nowhere near what the true numbers are. These polls aren’t nearly far reaching enough in people questioned. I would hope the percentage is much, much higher

  2. Just wait until the committee wraps up- they already almost doubled the number, and they’re not finished yet

  3. Well, my guess is that 35% of them are actual for the government toppling, because they are under the mistaken impression that with the rise of the new authoritarian states of machine gun jesus, they will get to be the violent and abusive feudal lords and not the violently abused serfs.

  4. Damage has already been done. Undermining of the election mechanisms and certification process has done untold damage. There is still more to come as well, lest we forget:

  5. Read the polling data, the article title is misleading as all get up....hmmmm. more are for him getting prosecuted fully than the petty number of Republicans still defending the would be dictator. Sadly over 20% undecided but honestly if they aren't zombies in trumps current camp once all the facts come out most of these undecideds will swing the way of justice. I see this as good signs for our democracy.

  6. Or maybe you don’t know that even if someone was killed, government would keep happening… do you really think they were storming the capitol unarmed trying to murder the whole government or something? Stupid thing to do obviously, but it was 1, entirely avoidable with better barriers and more police, and 2 had no actual impact on anything. If you think somehow Trump was going to be installed as president on Jan 6, you’re as silly as QAnon

  7. Did he commit a crime, then he should be prosecuted for said crime… i dont care how it looks for us. The rest of the world is looking to America to see if the “greatest country in the world“ is willing to commit to that ideal and hold even the highest office to account should it be found they committed crimes.

  8. France, Italy and South Korea have all charged former leaders for a lot less. Trump may have compromised these same countries national security secrets, and face no repurcussions.

  9. Worth keeping in mind that 41% can often be the leading response, like it is in this case, due to a chunk of unsures. Charge him is +7 over don't charge him according to the article, which is still too low but is still the most popular option.

  10. Right, 57% of US senators voted to convict him of inciting an insurrection, including every democrat and 7 Republicans.

  11. I would be a part of that 59%. I think it is such a hard thing to pin on him, in legal technicalities. I don't think you'd ever find a 12 person Jury to convict. I think it is important to hold him accountable for the lack of response and I think it is important to lay down the law hard on everyone who entered the capitol, but not sure how he ever gets convicted, I just don't have faith that it ever happens.

  12. 30% believe the god emperor should receive a medal for his actions that day. it was the greatest day ever and also it was antifa

  13. This article title needs to include the the 34% that are against charging him and the 25% that are unsure. The title makes it seem like 59% are against charging Trump. A plurality of people in American want to see Trump charged.

  14. I DON'T CARE! If he is guilty he should be prosecuted and jailed. Criminal justice is not a popularity contest, and should not be reported on/treated as such.

  15. I don’t care what percentage want to prosecute. If the evidence is compelling enough to convince a jury of his guilt, prosecute. We have lots of unpopular laws that people get prosecuted for every day. If he broke those laws, bring charges. Period. No poll is relevant.

  16. WTF! Only 41%? Who the hell did they ask? Oh, I know...fucking boomers. They've never believed that rich people should be punished.

  17. We need to stop calling it a riot. It was an executed plan to overthrow the us government and kill members of Congress. It wasn’t a riot, it was a coup

  18. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but, as both a Trump hater and a lawyer, it doesn't seem to me to be a slam dunk that he committed a crime in relation to Jan 6th like a lot of people seem to think. Is there enough to prosecute, I think so. But it is not crazy that someone might not think so.

  19. Step right up, step right up, Trump and Sons Miracle Tonic, a proprietary blend of invermectin, cocaine, and mystery ingredient Q. Garunteed to put lead in your pencil and make your embarrassments presidential. One spoonful and you'll agree Trump and Sons Miracle Tonic makes you forget there's about 40 Nobel Prize winners we could have elected.

  20. I don’t want him to face charges for the capitols riot, I want him to face charges for treason and selling out government documents

  21. It's all January 6th riot,, but nothing is said about the Thousands RIOTS supported by the democrats leading up to the Elections?? They caused Billions in damages and not a single word on those damages they caused. 🤬🤬🤬

  22. Trump should face charges for every crime he has committed, but that isn't realistic. What I hope is that he is charged for crimes that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, found guilty in a fair trial, and sentenced with whatever punishments are deemed appropriate by law and by the jury of his peers.

  23. 41% of who? All Americans? Or was it a small sample of like N=300 of random New Yorkers or more likely the Bloomberg front office? Don’t trust media’s statistics, they manipulate to tell a story. Same goes for Fox News, not just liberal outlets.

  24. Find the crime and prosecute him. Do it! Please do it. For the love of God just fucking do it already. Or shut up and realize that your feelings being hurt isn't a damn crime.

  25. The survey is of 806 people… my graduating class was larger than that. There is no way these results are indicative of overall American feelings regardless of political affiliation.

  26. That is a very sad number given what has come out. Apparently there is only 41% who actual care about democracy and the rule of law being applied equally.

  27. No wonder fascists feel strong enough to try to take over. Our previous president tried to overturn the government and half of the country is like "meh"

  28. Yeah its pretty bad at this point. The GOP has a real chance of crushing the dems in 2024 with inflation being what it is and caused by GOP policies.

  29. Trump will not face any legal charges for the riot. The FBI investigated and determined the riot was spontaneous. Trumps response to the riot was morally repugnant, but sadly not illegal.

  30. I don’t believe statistics like this, usually because I don’t recall being asked. That number is probably higher.

  31. It’s crazy how subtle, yet, powerful of a trick it can be for media outlets to form headlines in such a way to invoke different emotions or responses.

  32. Not an American, but I have to wonder why Americans are so morally corrupt that they support this criminal, and other Republicans

  33. Didn’t 60% want him charged a few months ago? This is what happens when you hold hearings and then do nothing for months.

  34. It also helps him that the media is very interested in playing this as a "both sides" or partisan thing. They're pushing a narrative that Dems want Trump charged because he's a Republican, not because he's guilty as shit of committing crimes against the United States.

  35. Why didn’t Pelosi allow national guard? Trump is innocent - nothing he said incited violence. Democrats during 2020 summer riots were inciting violence. Thank god every redditor is delusional and forgets and doesn’t want to hold the democrats accountable

  36. I always wondered how the 3rd reich came to power and now i know, because people dont do shit when crimes are committed right in front of them.

  37. Yep, being unwilling to imprison people for constitutionally protected political speech was one of the hallmarks of the Nazi regime.

  38. I think Trump should be up on charges for many different things, but I haven't seen the evidence that he specifically had a direct hand, maybe he did, but if you asked me this question I'd have answer "i dont know"...Clarence Thomas's wife definitely did and should be bought to account.

  39. It’s sad that 59% of the population doesn’t think this man did anything wrong with the capitol riot. It’s absolute craziness to witness on tv this guy firing up his base and telling people to go there and that it’s there job to stop the stolen election. No he had nothing to do with this. I’d like to say I’m shocked but people don’t even believe what they see anymore.

  40. I’ve linked a video of the full speech below. At white timestamp does he tell people that it’s there job to go and stop the stolen election? That never happened from what I saw. So when you say people don’t believe what they see, I think the problem is people think they see things that never happened.

  41. Fuck this article and it's misleading numbers. Only 38% are opposed. The article leads you to believe that 59% are opposed.

  42. Republicans planned a coup to overthrow a U.S. Federal election. Why are we all so afraid to acknowledge that fact. They do not honor or respect the Constitution; and do not deserve to be on a ballot let alone represent America in any capacity. IMO

  43. 59% of Americans apparently would like to go back to a sole monarchy where their leaders are above the law. Absolutely disgraceful.

  44. My question is: ”What the hell is the matter with the 5️⃣9️⃣% of Americans who don’t think that Trump should face charges on the Capitol Riots?”

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