Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell a no-show for election probe grand jury

  1. Being a no show as a witness doesn't get you an automatic arrest. In this case it could lead to that eventually because it looks pretty willful, but it would take a couple weeks to play out.

  2. Well they can be hard to handle. I hate it when I release my kraken and it escapes into the neighbor's yards and eats all their pets. Oof! And always right when I need to head out for work. And the messes! Man, I really should have got a chihuahua, instead.

  3. She misspoke, she was trying to say "Release the Crackpots, release the Karens" but mixed them together to get kraken.

  4. How in the hell can it be a "may" situation ??? If any of us common plebes miss a traffic court date, we get hit with a bench warrant.....this system has gone way past rediculous when it comes to the blatant differences on how the law treats people. That blindfold and scales outfit needs to be switched to Ray-Bans and bag of cash on 'ole Lady Justice.

  5. I think Lindsey also got excused recently from the probe until after November elections are over. Something like that. I'm with you, the difference in treatment when it comes to the commoners.

  6. I knew a guy who was arrested for missing a traffic court date 40 years later. He was Canadian and went to California back in the 80's and got in an accident. He decided to just go home instead of the reckless driving court date and stayed in Canada. Then he crossed the border for a vacation and was stopped on the way back and held in jail for a few weeks while they decided whether to extradite or not (eventually it was dropped).

  7. Was it real early in the morning? She seems like the type that may indulge in a bottle of wine or 3 to unwind in the evening, morning may not be ideal.

  8. i’m looking everywhere for serious answers and only see things about a kraken / walrus and would like to know also

  9. In addition, you can commit literal blasphemy and the evangelicals will still support you because they "really" (wink, wink) believe in Jesus.

  10. Don’t forget that you can calculate your assets however you like when paying taxes. That’s a good one.

  11. You can also commit any crime you want as long as you intend to run for president sometime in the future. Because, you know: it’s not right to try someone who is considering running for president. It could hurt their image.

  12. That last one, banging chicks on the side, is perfectly ethical and long as it’s consensual or paying them (instead of raping them in dressing rooms)

  13. Don't forget commit decades of financial fraud of pretty much every kind and only get brought up on civil charges.

  14. The hardest thing trump has to do is keep all his lies straight. It worked for years, but they’re all coming unraveled now.

  15. You just have to make sure you benefit directly from the crimes and are not an enabler. Chicks underage not a problem if you pay via third party. Chick story threatens to interfere with election not a problem as long as your lawyer pays it.

  16. I'm hoping this ends in a low speed car chase like OJ Simpson but in Florida and Trump can be the driver and Guliani can be riding shotgun and it's in a Mara Lago golf cart instead of a Ford Bronco.

  17. It’s going to be her and my pillow guy in a low speed chase through a Carl’s Jr. drive through While they’re on the phone with Ginni Thomas.

  18. The kraken was so powerful she didn’t have to go. And then God Himself was like “I support you personally, just skip it”. And now it’s all good, and there are no consequences for her decisions and actions. /s

  19. a lot of these conspirators want some sort of consequence to cave too, they fear what other conspirators will do if they look like they just obeyed the law. not even outing them for crimes, they have no other friends and their carriers will be over if they don't stay on the trump train and hope for divine intervention.

  20. That doesn't really make sense though. Even assuming the GOP was able to win both the Senate and the House, Biden is still the President(They're not going to get enough seats to remove him). The DOJ is still going to keep pursuing them. They have to wait till 2024 and get a Republican in the White House in order to complete escape consequences. That is definitely more likely to happen if they take over congress this year but thats still a lot of time in between for the investigation and arrests to continue.

  21. Really? If memory serves correctly, the simple task of writing one out that seemed to be prepared by a 5yr old child was well beyond her and her offices’ ability.

  22. She is a target and most likely will be indicted as a co conspirator. She’ll just plead the 5th to everything. So prosecutors don’t lose much by her not showing up. Still hope they send her to jail.

  23. A grand jury is not there for a trial, it's there for an indictment. Because of that, the rules of "pleading the 5th" are different. To plead the 5th, a witness must demonstrate that they have a 5th amendment privilege for each of various scopes of questioning.

  24. I do believe the correct legal term for her situation is "she is screwed" I'm expecting her back in court shortly wearing handcuffs

  25. I once paid a court fee on time, the clerk fucked up documenting it, and a warrant was nearly issued for my arrest but for the fact that my lawyer was in court that day for an unrelated case. I texted him proof and it was corrected. (Fuck You Massachusetts, you're a trash state.)

  26. she's petrified and also has this mindset that she is above the law....her felow groupthink members feel the same and reinforce this cowardice

  27. For fuck sake if I did not show up for a traffic ticket the cops would come pick me up at work and put me in jail. But not these people.

  28. I know what would happen to me if I made that exact choice, I see no reason she should be treated different.

  29. My initial thought is that she's joining the parade of entitled asshats who think they can get away with ignoring Congressional subpoenas but she's trying it with a grand jury subpoena. But then I think about how stupid she clearly is and I wonder if she's actually stupid enough to genuinely misunderstand a subpoena.

  30. Remember when she had “too much integrity” to lie about what she had regarding the election being stolen? Where are the people who claimed that now?

  31. I can’t believe all these people get to walk free. Right wingers cry fascism and persecution , but I don’t see anyone here falling out of windows.

  32. What fun! I can’t wait till I get arrested! I’m going to play all kinds of fun games. And then claim the Republican defense

  33. Honestly I don't know why every one of these people haven't had their passports confiscated. Cause honestly all they need to do is head to the right place and they are gone forever . . . . .

  34. Given that there is video evidence of here WITH the fake electors involved in Georgia's voter fraud investigation INSIDE the polling office... Yeah, she dipped because she's been HAD.

  35. Ms. Powell does not have to show up because she can't be held accountable. She is part of the special crowd of people that can't be held accountable.

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