Trump donors think they're giving to "save America," but they're paying Trump's legal bills | More than 60% of spending by Trump's Save America PAC is going to his legal battle over stolen classified documents

  1. Well. They pretend they know where it’s going. Sort of the same thing, but a lot more self-defeating and delusional. Very Q.

  2. Heard one woman in an interview say she didn't care of the money went to "stopping the steal" as long as it helped Trump keep attacking Democrats.

  3. Even funnier, I bet that money is going out under the heading “legal bills for Donald Trump” and he’s not actually using it to pay the lawyers. Just like he did with his casino renos: collect the fees, stiff the contractors, get free work…

  4. Eh. I thinks it’s 50/50. Some think it will change their lives if they donate. “Save America” and have no idea where the money goes.

  5. It's Trumps bold new economic strategy. Take money away from people who would spend it on things to support stuff. Give it to himself to buy things from those that already have money, or give it to lawyers who have limited ways to distribute it among the economy, and it just works.

  6. You know, a few months ago we were left with a cliffhanger on the J6 investigation. Namely, they brought up some teasers about the fleecing of people and how the money they said would go towards recounts and lawyers and the like instead was just funnelled into the pockets of Trump's inner circle. I think Cheney will have something to say about this and connecting it all when the sessions resume.

  7. Hilarious - spent practically nothing but beat Liz. Then spent a fortune to watch Donald go to jail??

  8. Speaking of rubles, I really don’t think Russia will be contributing to the GQP as much because they have to spend so much on the war.

  9. When trump dies, trump sightings will be as frequent as Elvis sightings, but every time a republican claims to see trump post-fact we need to charge the idiot $100 for trump’s “apparition bills.”

  10. I think the great State of New York may have added substantially to Trump's need for dollars to fight losing battles.

  11. Well at least they are giving him money that he will pocket and that way never give to help any other GQP candidates.

  12. Sucker born every minute. No way are these Trump "supporters" going to desert him. You can't talk to these people. It's like you're talking over them, over their heads.

  13. Isn't this illegal? Iike the last fund raising reason that didn't actually exist or build the wall fund that bought bannon a boat, like ffs how stupid do u have to be and most of these 50 dollar donors are probably on low wage given the iq level u need to buy into all the bull shit

  14. So long as he's not running for office, he's pretty much free to use SPAC money however he wants. There is some ethical question about if he's misleading his donors, but I doubt it'll ever see any serious consequence for him. I think Cheney may be planning on exposing some of this grift though, but I think Congress will fall short on doing anything about SPAC regulation.

  15. Anyone still donating to anything involving the shit stain deserves to be the fucking they are getting.

  16. The sad thing is for what? I sure hope his current batch of lawyers aren't getting top dollar. I wouldn't pay Bob or Haba to manage an HOA trust let along litigate a federal criminal lawsuit.

  17. Doesn’t matter, they would still happily pay for these fees bc he has sold them that if they take care of him, he will save their country. He could tell them he’s using their donations to buy miller lite to “own the Dems” and his base would trip over their own assholes in joy.

  18. They're donating to a white supremacist anti Semitic fascist. They know exactly what they're doing. They're not being taken advantage of at all.

  19. Good. Steal their money. It's the only good thing trump has ever done, steal money from racists and bigots.

  20. I hope his tweets and rally speeches are finally used against him in court and he either has to admit it was all bullshit or perjure himself.

  21. "Claiming wealth you don't have is not the art of the deal. It's the art of the steal." --- Tish James, Sep21st, 2022. I love that girl. ❤

  22. All the mail from the grifter, his family, and friends is nothing but a bunch of bullshit. I average about 10-15 emails every day. I used to reply to each one basically saying fuck you. I feel sorry for the stupid people who believes that sending money is going towards making America better.

  23. I don’t feel sorry for them. If nothing else it’s at least some consequences for their own shitty decisions. If they’re taking us all down with them anyway, fuk it let them empty their own pensions for it.

  24. I find it hard to believe that trump would start paying his lawyers at this late stage... there must be some other explanation!

  25. :) please send more money! Don’t let Trump be prosecuted. Support Trump even if you need to sell your homes, cars and dignity!

  26. Just wait till trump owes well over a quarter billion to NYS. That case is ironclad. And that’s the minimum in penalties. And it’s his company and whole family nearly. Glorious. And there’s going to be multiple criminal referrals from it at state and federal level.

  27. I’d much rather it go towards this insane lost cause than propping up other fascist jr senators looking to make a quick buck stealing human rights away.

  28. Let's not forget that Trump did tell his donor that 75% of those donations are going into his pocket. So really... we're all barking up something that is really non-sense because the people who will donate and follow him, just don't care.

  29. Every dollar they give this scam artist is one less that will go to actual republicans running for office, so yeah, I’m kinda ok with this.

  30. This is the same people who give money to megachurches. They give because they were asked to and they think it will help them later but don’t know how or why. They don’t ask about how it’s spent, even as the pastor drives up in his Bentley or flies around in his private jet and even when questioned, it takes a comically small amount of effort to satisfy them.

  31. Where’s all the money from his stop the squeal fund raising? What about all that money that was going to the GOP exec?

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