Narcissistic presidents get us into longer wars, according to a new study

  1. I wouldn't seek to absolve Johnson of responsibility for Vietnam, but it certainly didn't help that Nixon was actively interfering with and sabotaging peace talks so he could improve his chances in 1968.

  2. Don’t forget that LBJ had a Republican senate. To get approval for his “War on Poverty” he gave them the Vietnam war they had been salivating over.

  3. And Nixon torpedoed the peace talks by getting South Vietnam to not show up to the table because ending the war was one of his campaign platforms.

  4. I don’t think Bush was a narcissist though. He wasn’t super bright and I think he was easily manipulated by Dick Cheney who I would say is a straight up sociopath.

  5. Yeah the premise of this article and study seems seriously flawed. One could easily argue being a president in wartime requires a public projection of strength and leadership that causes their "narcissist score" to increase and skews their measurement. Basically they might be being labeled narcissists because they were at war, rather than they were at war partially due to narcissism.

  6. Lee added, "I believe that this points to the great importance of basic mental health considerations with regard to our senior national leaders, most importantly the U.S. president. Indeed, mental capacity is commonly assessed and universally required for senior positions in the military and business leadership. The same should apply to the commander-in-chief."

  7. Yeah, I don’t understand how the CIC can be a person who wouldn’t be allowed to work in a missile silo. Can it be a rule you need to be capable of guarding national security before you’re allowed access to national secrets? Because I feel that would eliminate a good number of assholes from the running. I realize that kind of testing can be misused, but if it’s something that’s pragmatic, something that is uniformly enforced on all of our service members—I don’t really think it would create an unfair burden on either major party.

  8. Because Trump displays a large number of narcissistic traits, they foresaw that he would react to a loss as if it were "psychic death

  9. Why is Trump in the thumbnail? He didn't get us into any wars and actually began the process of exiting Afghanistan. Nixon also began the process of Vietnamization to train the South Vietnamese to fight on their own against the North and reduce the number of US troops in Vietnam, eventually ending the US involvement.

  10. You would think there would be a thousand people pointing out what you just said, but nope, going to try to justify it anyway because they love to hate Trump. Meanwhile, they’re just going to ignore the fact that our current president is dragging us closer and closer to war with Russia and China. The Whitehouse statements disagreeing with what he said on 60 minutes about both of those countries this past week was quite interesting. Trump is a huge narcissist, but he didn’t get us into any wars, he actually got us out.

  11. Because Donny T lives in their minds rent free. And by mentioning his name, when it isn’t even relevant to the discussion, it gets people worked up, leading to more interactions. The Reddit “Trump bad” circle jerk hard at work

  12. I mean, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, you have to be some degree of a narcissist to believe that you are the one person who should be President and can fix everything.

  13. That's my thinking. Any president probably has a relatively high level of narcissism compared to the general population

  14. The Pew Research center did a study on narcissism among US Presidents and about half the presidents had negative scores on the scale. (Note that this was in 2013 so predates Obama and Trump.)

  15. NEVER, under ANY fucking circumstance, take a narcissist to a leadership position! Learn the fucking lesson! You have to screen EVERY fucking candidate for narcissism and weed them out AT ONCE! Now we see what happens in the world thanks to the likes of Putin, Trump, Kim Jae-Un and other assholes. Don’t forget about hitler who was extremely narcissistic. God I hate narcissists…

  16. The Pew Research center did a study on narcissism among US presidents as well by doing an extensive questionairenfor every president evaluated by a large panel of experts. Obviously there’s always going to be subjectivity in this sort of thing but it’s more scientific than you’re making it sound.

  17. We love war - makes us feel so big and tough. We got the biggest guns. We got the planes with the biggest guns. We got the ships with the biggest guns...

  18. Trump didn’t get us into any long wars, or any wars? He was set to end the longest war in American history, and Biden picked up the reigns on that.

  19. How can you say that? Putin waited over a year to invade after Trump left office. Maybe it was the Afghanistan withdrawal that gave him the idea it would be ok. I don’t have any reason for saying that either, but it’s a more valid theory than it’s Trump’s fault. BTW I’m not a Trump supporter.

  20. It baffles me why Russia didnt invade during Trump's presidency. I understand planning a war takes time, but if they started in 2016 that was 3 years to prepare.

  21. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

  22. He ran on nuke build up, which could be construed as warmongering. Thankfully he made the right call once in power. Unfortunately it's also probably why he was shot.

  23. Remember when Trump tried to overthrow the US government? Trump is at war with American democracy, because he’s a sore loser manbaby who can’t accept reality.

  24. Men get us into war. Men. Maybe we stop letting them be in charge since they only use the one side of their brain and are clearly biologically lesser than the female with only 1X chromosomes…. I don’t understand why they are in charge of literally anything at all….

  25. A sample size of a few handfuls out of the billions of men that ever lived and this is your conclusion? Dude what?

  26. I don't think of Bush Jr as a narcissist at all. He was mostly just gullible and had to hellspawn demons driving his foreign policy.

  27. EVERY dictator in history has been a narcissist. Every single one. Public service is no place for people who genuinely don’t care about the people they serve.

  28. Yes I needed a study to tell me narcissists can never back down from anything. It's double down or die. Always

  29. The only good thing I can say about trump was he didn’t start any new wars. He just did exactly what Obama did:promise to end the war, not end the war and ramp up use of drone attacks.

  30. LBJ was primarily responsible for Vietnam. He’s the one that ramped it up. Before he did that, we could have withdrawn without having lost much face.

  31. It really is so disgusting that Trump was really a president. Wild. Ass. Shit. “Why did you do that to us,” screamed Marc Maron

  32. They have pictures of everyone but the actual Narcissistic President: Barack Obama. The Liberal media is a disgrace. This might be a roundabout way for them to come to terms with it though, that they put a Narcissist in charge of the country

  33. That’s quite a selective listing of narcissistic presidents. Could it be that wartime presidents have more frequent contact with the public and thus the data is skewed? It sounds like a lot of bs.

  34. To be a president you have to be a narcissist (except for maybe Jimmy Carter?) hence the endless wars regardless of party I suppose

  35. Right? Nixon wasn’t a narcissist. I dare say that was his problem! Had he been more self confident he’d have been able to shrug off the attacks he endured and his feelings of inadequacy instead of allowing them to consume him.

  36. LBJ gets a pass in my book, he knew very well, he had the votes now, (along with him twisting some arms) and that might not happen for many years, if not used right now, to create the civil rights laws we have today. An over looked but significant set of Civil Rights laws for our country we still have today.

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