Independent voters are now leaning toward Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections: WSJ poll

  1. I agree with your sentiment, this is no time for complacency. Vote like your freedom depends on it, because it does.

  2. Yes 100%… and it’s nice to hear good news and see our momentum. Let’s keep it moving for sure though! Vote, donate, volunteer! Do what you can!

  3. It’s not “don’t trust the polls”. It’s that the polls account for public opinion - but if those people Don’t vote obviously what the polls predict won’t hapoen

  4. Anyways, a 3 pt advantage is not even good enough to overcome gerrymandering.. Deb's need to outvote GOP by about 5-7 points to keep the house

  5. And in addition to voting, if you can, volunteer to register others to vote and drive people to polling stations or help them understand how to do a mail in ballot.

  6. It's goofy how the vote isn't even an endorsement of one side. It's that as I sit in what I feel is the middle I see one side drifting away from me and the other one boarding a fucking rocket to leave my atmosphere

  7. Independent seems like a really odd stance right now. Like how could you in good conscience vote for a republican in the last 10 years? Since voting for a Republican means they get control and history is showing that soon as that happens the crazies make the decisions and the moderates that are left fall in line.

  8. Real question: after the last, say, ten years (and really since Gingrich or even Nixon) how can you be independent? How can you not have made up your mind between two extremely different camps?

  9. I hear you. I took my daughter to Disney World last summer, and I felt so dirty. I couldn't wait to get out of Florida!

  10. If people actually voted in Texas, most don't, Republicans are fucked. It has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the States

  11. No polls are factoring the DROVES of women that are coming out to vote- including FIRST TIME voters who have had their freedoms assaulted.

  12. The special elections are counting them. 9% Democrat overperformance across 5 elections so far. 11% if you count Alaska.

  13. This is good news, but don’t let optimistic headlines dissuade you from voting and getting everyone you know to vote.

  14. Independent voter here for last 25 years. I’m not leaning at all anymore, I’m 100% exhausted, disgusted, and repulsed from any consideration whatsoever of any republican candidate at any level. The damage they’ve done to the US in such short order is unforgivable. They continue to peddle lies and conspiracy. They use religion as a weapon like greedy televangelists. They sow intolerance and hate.

  15. Can I ask, what has made you "independent," for the past 25 years? I don't mean that sardonically or rudely. I'm just curious how you'd go back and forth between like Al Gore, Bush, Obama etc.

  16. If 30% of the populations are Republicans, 70% should be voting against them at this moment. Any one of the 70% are still leaning or not voting against Republicans are grade A morons.

  17. I won't vote for one single Republican. A vote for one of a vote for them all. I won't change my mind until they pull back from the abis

  18. Former independent here. Finally registered as a Dem last year. The shit on the right is so insane I don’t see how it’s really a choice anymore.

  19. This isn't the only poll in recent weeks to show an upward movement towards democrats and away from Republicans. There was even a poll among youth that changed dramatically from meh in March to engaged and voting.

  20. The user ahandmadegrin, a brilliant redditor, suggested putting Vote stickers on tampons. How fucking brilliant would it be for period product companies to put “Vote” stickers on their products leading up to the midterms? I just tweeted a bunch of tampon and menstrual cup companies challenging them to take #ThisPeriodChallenge: I challenge you to This Period Challenge: What an interesting Period we’re living through. In the USA us women have lost the right to control our bodies. Do you care? I challenge you to slap a “Vote” sticker on every package you can. No other words needed, just “Vote.”

  21. The thought of Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz chairing House committees like Judiciary, Intelligence and Oversight and Kevin McCarthy with the gavel and the country's purse strings... keeps me up at night. I hope the Democrats are energized enough to vote next month.

  22. Well, yeah, no one with an IQ of more than 10 enjoys fascism. Also, stripping half the country of their reproductive rights was extremely unwise.

  23. Don’t stop organizing and voting until maga is completely obliterated. The fights not over just because the opposition is hurt. You finish the job and then prepare for the next one.

  24. I feel like "independent" is anyone who'd rather not call themselves either a republican or democrat - because it's not a sport and you don't have to 'pick a side.'

  25. I'm an Independent voter. It's a no brainer. Any Independent voter who still unsure are folks I am just dying to meet to see how they go about doing business in the real, can they read road signs? Do they understand the pitfalls of hydrofluoric acid? Do they understand the concept of rational thinking?

  26. In the early 2000s, I was a Republican. I voted for Bush both times. But after the absolute fucking sham of the Iraq war, I had my blinders pulled off. And it just kept getting crazier from there. I will never vote Republican another day in my life. These people are abhorrent, and I am ashamed I used to count myself amongst them.

  27. If the GOP stuck purely to the economy they’d probably win big in the midterms, but they had to go Fascist and people generally don’t like that.

  28. Inflation and gas prices are also up worldwide. It's hard to blame Biden for something also happening in the other side of the planet.

  29. i used to vote independent back when the stakes didnt seem as high and i could vote for the candidate who seemed to most closely align to my personal interests. at this point it's a vote between autocratic/theocratic rule vs democracy.

  30. Could unfortunately also be that it is an event that riles up anti abortionists. "Vote so they don't overturn us"

  31. It's almost like stripping half the population of their bodily autonomy will cost the GOP, vote these mysoginistic, christian nationalist fascists OUT

  32. I’m registered independent because political parties are fucking stupid. I vote blue every time because they’re the sanest option that’s viable in our system.

  33. If you want to make a difference, register as a dem and vote for the type of person you like in the primary... Ideally one that supports voting reforms like ranked choice, approval, score, or STAR.

  34. Yep, that's why I'm independent. What's more, being Dem or Republican is basically like joining a gang and for some dumb reason gives people this idiotic gang mentality where they now refuse to listen to the opposing side. It's why I never sided with either and instead listen to what both parties have to say. Add in that in some aspects, I can agree with both sides when it comes to arguments about things to where I have a more mixed ideology about a lot of things, so there's no reason for me to choose a side. Thankfully I live in a state where being independent still let's you vote before the elections.

  35. Wow, correctly identifying society’s problems and addressing them with sensible policy is an effective campaigning tactic.. who knew?!

  36. I remember thinking 9/11 was a conspiracy of the government and listened to Alex Jones (briefly) in 2002. We all have capacity to change.

  37. I changed my voter registration from Independent to Democratic just so I can vote AGAINST Republicans. They are a danger to this planet.

  38. Just out of curiosity, do you have to be registered to a party to vote in general elections? I thought being registered allows you to vote in primaries, or party leaderships. In that case, people should register for those and vote against the crazies to keep them out of general elections in the first place.

  39. Good news, sure, but don't get complacent American friends. The world is looking at you guys right now and you need to do some serious house cleaning. Starting with those stubborn cheeto stains.

  40. If a person claims to be independent, but would still vote for Republicans after all of this, they aren't independent. They're Republicans pretending to be independents online to help shape a narrative.

  41. Vote Democrats because GOP Trump faction wants an America dark and bleak under Authoritarianism modeled after Putin's Russia and Orban's Hungary

  42. I feel like we need a third and fourth party, but right now we have what we have: two parties. One has a plan to help Americans and the other has a cult of personality hellbent on fascism and zero plan other than hate and rage.

  43. I’m hard opposed to another major party. You have to win a majority of the electoral college to win. Another major party could prevent a candidate from hitting that mark and we would see Presidents being selected by the house.

  44. My mom before 2016 was an independent, even more right leaning than left for sure: voted for Bush Jr, then Obama, then Romney. She hated both Trump and Clinton but held her nose and voted for Hillary. She told me today she will always vote blue going forward, until the fascist republicans change there’s no other option.

  45. I was a registered republican. I just renewed my license and I am officially unaffiliated. I'll vote Democrat until the jerks and mean people leave.

  46. That happens where you strip half the population of a basic human right. Vote blue and vote out fascists and Christian Nationalists in all levels of power!

  47. I don’t really understand how it’s a toss up tbh. I mean, it honestly astounds me after Jan. 6, Roe’s reversal, Trump illegally taking top secret/classified information… what is it about trying to 1) overthrow the gov’t; 2) attacking the reproductive health of women and families, and; 3) quite literally Trump stealing national security docs for himself?

  48. I'm registered as "unaffiliated" but how is there a fucking choice at this point? The Republican Party literally has no platform and all they want to do is chase ghosts.

  49. Life long registered independent here. Being an independent doesn’t necessarily mean you flip flop on the party you vote for. I’m registered that way as a bit of an expression of my disdain for political parties in general, but especially the big two were stuck with.

  50. Articles like this seem purposeful to me. To encourage complacency and make people think it’s in the bag. Especially given the man who owns this newspaper is the same who owns fox. Don’t trust this bs.

  51. There was never a red wave. The risk democrats had was low engagement and enthusiasm. If turnout is good, democrats should hold.

  52. Honestly, compared to the chaos times of the trump years (when every day you never know what tweet or off the wall behavior he’d do) …these two years have been kind of… boring….

  53. Who would have thought that “owning the libs” would piss off the 40% of the country that self identifies as independent? Oh right anyone who took the time read poll numbers.

  54. Who knew roe v wade would create such a sea change in national opinion of GOP? All for what? A bunch of evangelical voters who would have voted for you anyway? GOP deserves everything that’s happening to them

  55. Welcome to common sense you middle of the road assholes. Seriously takes removing abortion rights and an ex president selling TS documents with support from a cabal of psychos threatening violence for these people to make a decision.

  56. Republicans made my daughter less equal under Federal Law. The young woman I raised to be fiercely independent, to stand her ground, and to speak her truths loudly and proudly, has been made a second class citizen by the GOP. This is an unforgivable act of true tyranny, not the fake tyranny of mask mandates, but the very real tyranny of big government forcing its citizens to undergo difficult and dangerous medical procedures based on a narrow interpretation of a two thousand year old book, written at a time when humans thought that thunder was the rumbling of angry gods. I would stand in a five hour line to vote against this christo-fascism.

  57. Democrats have been the fiscally conservative party for the last 40 years. Trump threw out capitalism, Christian values, and constitution. I guess the GOP still has fear and hate.

  58. Don't listen to polls, even when they're positive like this one. Just vote. And to you Republicans, we'll see you at the voting booth Wednesday, November 9th.

  59. I’m an independent and I’ve only voted once for a republican. It was McCain, who at the time I really liked because he was real. Now, I’ll never vote for any of them.

  60. The maga republicans will say it’s because of the fbi raid. That may be partially true but…. Roe V Wade upset a lot of people. They’ve gone too far for far too long and it bit them in the butt

  61. Between the giant Republican fuck up that was roe, the instant back of Ukraine, and the loan forgiveness (not as much as I would like but still appreciated). There is no reason for the dems to lose

  62. Yes, yes I am... again. I will even be voting against a friend, via our children, running for a House Rep spot for just being a Republican.

  63. They’re not leaning towards democrats, they’re leaning away from facism, letting the financial elite rob society blind, and ostriching towards the end of the world by 2100

  64. i mean i've always been registered as independent because i'm the edgy anti-label guy but...yeah, fucking definitely voting D.

  65. My cousin is a rabid Trump supporter still. His favorite expression is “ woke socialist libs”. I never debate him , it’s useless.

  66. well the republicans are trying to start a civil war over the smallest of things so it's not like we have much of a choice...

  67. It's almost like voting republican isn't in their best interests. Honestly, the conservative platform is so incredibly unpopular I'm amazed they're winning at all.

  68. Please don't take this to mean you can stay home. GO VOTE! Like your life depends on it. For women it literally does!

  69. It is still too low. His speech this week showed a STRONG President who tells it like it is. I applaud him for finding his cajones which is not the norm for Democrats. THANKS JOE! We MUST defeat the MAGA crazies in November and especially in 2024. DeSantis will probably b e the GOP nominee. He is DANGEROUS and must be stopped not only in his bid for re-election as governor of florida this year but absolutely must be banished when he runs for POTUS. It is imperative that we return America to the people and not the hateful racist mysoginist republicans. VOTE BLUE ALL THE WAY!!!!

  70. I'm an Indy and I've been leaning more Dem since about 2011, but since 2016 I have only voted for one Republican, and that was in a local primary, and the Republican was very vocal against Trump. For the time being, with almost no exceptions, I will vote for anyone who is not a Republican.

  71. In all seriousness I don’t know if we’ve ever seen a bigger blunder by a party than the 2022 GOP. You literally had to do NOTHING and you would have cruised to both chambers as mid terms will be mid terms. But instead you went after women’s rights, voted against very popular bills which let dems claim those as dem only wins instead of being able to say you helped. Made a huge fuss about student debt relief and how you want to block it. You’re running a wife beating running back in GA, Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania of all places, an absolutely creepy man who children see in nightmares in Arizona, I mean seriously if I’m a GOP mega donor I would be so beyond irate at this point

  72. Update. Everyone with a functioning brain leaning towards democrats in upcoming election. After seeing what the gop has done with abortion and almost every other important issue, who is surprised? Turns out most Americans don't want to live in the Saudi Arabia of the west. Shocking.

  73. If you’ve been paying attention and still call yourself an independent you’re part of the problem. What more does the right wing have to do for you to reconsider your positions? Are they like “well they got rid of row, hate minorities, gays and women, do nothing about mass shootings and are trying to erase history in schools… while democrats are trying to help student loan holders, level out inflation, drop prescription pill prices, make sure woman and the lgbt folk have continued rights…yeah tough decision.”

  74. The reality is - this midterm outcome will probably be heavily influenced by women. Maybe even particularity middle class suburban women - of which I am a member lol. Women tend to vote more anyway, and after Roe, they will likely be coming out to vote more than ever. My 2 cents.

  75. Americans need a 3rd option. This is a friggen joke. Congrats on having literally no choice between corporate shitheads and corporate shitheads.

  76. If they are still willing to vote GOP, after all the shit of the past five years, they are not really independent. They are Republicans who claim to be independent so people take their opinions more seriously.

  77. 🙋🏻‍♂️Former Independent now Democrat. Republicans are a bunch of desperate empty suits with no integrity who will kiss whomever‘s ass just to get a vote. Disgraceful.

  78. Don’t get complacent. Republicans will strip away our rights like the fascists they are. VOTE BLUE!!

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