Discussion Thread: Biden to Deliver Prime-Time Address from Outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia at 8 p.m. Eastern

  1. Dame is he on a fucking tear rn. I'll be honest that I was upset with him a few months ago, but this new "fuck the traitors tone" along with all he has gotten passed in a 50-50 senate. Especially playing McConnel to get the IRA passed, glad to FINALLY see the left play dirty against the turtle

  2. And what exactly are they protesting? I can’t seem to pin down any agenda with these chucklefucks other that “I’m throwing a tantrum because daddy Trump isn’t president”.

  3. I will say: I really don't think this is about the midterms. The general indication from his staff is that he's been working on this for six+ months.

  4. It also potentially set the tone for justifying criminal charges against the leader of these extremists.

  5. “History tells us that blind loyalty to a single leader and the willingness to engage in political violence is fatal to democracy,” President Joe Biden

  6. In a hundred years from now, if you'd country still exists, Biden is going to have some quotes in history books just like all the other great presidents

  7. dear journalists: "Mr. President? You've now identified a certain group of Republicans, by calling them "MAGA Republicans," now that you've identified them, can you speak to the urgency that one of these "MAGA Republicans" is married to a sitting Supreme Court Justice?"

  8. The MAGA republicans vs. mainstream republicans dichotomy is a smart move. Split the party down the middle and make them choose sides.

  9. It’s genius really, republicans can not admit when a democrat is right. He is forcing them to go on FOX tomorrow and declare they are against democracy.

  10. Imagine being someone who supports donald trump and being basically told "bless your heart" by Joe Biden when you personally protest him at a prime time speech lol

  11. I don't think that the guy with the megaphone realized he was kinda proving Biden's point the whole time.

  12. Biden is basically asking Republicans a bare minimum to not be a fascist. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for.

  13. I think it’s time to publicly educate the public about the actual definition of what “politic” means.

  14. Do you think all of the MAGA peeps throw ketchup at walls now? Cause I do. It's hysterical to think about

  15. Biden telling the truth. Trump doesn't believe in the Constitution and neither do any Republicans that continue to stand with Trump after Jan. 6th.

  16. The 'F Joe Biden' dude in the back will be voting. Will you? He wants a different type of America than you want. He has a megaphone and a siren and not much else. Whose voice will be heard in November?

  17. He respected the Republicans in Congress when he served there. Graham's veiled threat about riots seem to have crossed a line in Biden's mind.

  18. So glad the protesters were audible. It really hammered his point home. And the way he was able to draw attention to it with class, and say that's their right, even if it's misguided, was awesome.

  19. I don't think anyone who claims he has dementia is arguing in good faith anyway. It's not like we can't see for ourselves that he can deliver speech after speech just fine, and god knows minor slips are just human moments.

  20. Goddamn, he acknowledged the heckler and said that he has the right (Freedom of Speech) to voice his opinion. Respect.

  21. ""Good manners is something they have never suffered from" (In response to protesters in the distance that he had acknowledged had a right to speak) -Dark Brandon Sep 1, 2022

  22. I don’t know if the White House has had a communications shakeup but their media strategy has been much improved lately IMO.

  23. You maga dweebs don't get to say shit about unity after the years of "fuck your feelings", "fuck joe biden", helping rip rights away from people, etc.

  24. Yeah as if Trump didn’t get elected specifically for his ability to “roast” the libz lol. MAGA folks are pathetic.

  25. Kaitlan Collins says it’s probably the most ‘forceful speech’ Biden has given since in the WH, next to January 6 anniversary speech. Can’t disagree.

  26. Biden: No matter what the white supremacists and the extremists say, I made a bet on you, the American people, and that bet is paying off, proving that from darkness, the darkness of Charlottesville, of Covid, of gun violence, of insurrection, we can see the light.

  27. As a UVA grad from Clinton’s time, I got sad tonight that Charlottesville is now associated with White Supremacy violence. But I accept it is part of our country’s legacy and appreciate Biden’s willingness for our country to own it.

  28. I'm glad to see folks abroad still look upon us kindly I know its a mess I hope to see us fix it in my life time.

  29. The yelling dude with the horn is inadvertently proving Biden’s point. Along with the red background and the background din, it is evident that this is a five alarm fire to our democracy.

  30. holy shit it is! Finally using social media right AND going gloves off. This is way better than what they did last week with calling out the loan forgiveness hypocrites

  31. HELL OF A SPEECH....I became a citizen 10 years ago and I'm proud of this Country and this President!

  32. I don't care about your politics, political views...red vs blue, whatever. This speech is one our kids will study.

  33. I just want to say that I have live captions turned on and it keeps correcting MAGA to "maggot" and seeing "maggot Republicans" over and over again makes me laugh

  34. It's funny because he doesn't even need to illustrate what petuchulant children the cult are with these buffoons throwing a hissy hit into a bullhorn in the background.

  35. Fox News claiming that Biden has divided the country after promising during the campaign to be a uniter. Pretty fucking sure the trump insurrection happened well after the campaign.

  36. “By choosing to accept his victory, Joe Biden became the most divisive person in the na…”

  37. This is just what we needed. Dems/dem policies have had a lot of wins lately, Biden has done great lately, it finally seems like Trump will be held accountable for something, and this speech is exactly what needs to be said. We aren't powerless to stop this. When we show up, we win.

  38. Thank you President Biden for drawing the line clearly. I am proud to have someone who’s not afraid to take a stand to protect the very fiber of our society in a pivotal time

  39. Fox is calling Biden a dictator now lol they’re saying that trump worked for 4 years to unite the country and help every American and then the radical democrats came and divided us. Damn near word for word. I kid you not. I’m stuck in the same house as a Qanon idiot and that’s what they’re saying.

  40. Sad MAGA posters and Russian bots, reply here to collect your down votes in a convenient location before mods ban your fake accounts for trolling

  41. Trump could never deliver such a unifying speech. “Normal” republicans: That speech wasn’t about you. It was about those in your party that you should be holding accountable for their actions over the past 6-7 years.

  42. Dark Brandon's firing the lasers extra hard at the MAGA crowd tonight. It's nice to see that energy along with trumpeting the legislative achievements of the past couple of years.

  43. Some of you got it bad. Criticizing our presidents passion for ending cancer when it is common knowledge that Biden’s son died of brain cancer.

  44. Repubs are shaking in their boots about the red background and 2 soldiers. Perpetual victims. Yeah cowards bidens building a maga-melting super lazer in the white house too

  45. Biden is giving every republican a face-saving opportunity by offering them a choice: be mainstream and included, or be MAGA and marginalized.

  46. Honestly, I was inspired. His message has always been unity. Glad the maga idiots are being called out in the open. I think everyone was just too embarrassed for and at them to openly call out the absolute nuttiness.

  47. People have said it, and I fully agree. This was to prepare. The right has been winding up their base in preparation for Trump's inevitable indictment. Biden wanted to make it very clear to everyone, especially Trump supporters. We are a Democracy and Trump's extremism has no place here. Either get on board or get the hell out of the way, those are the two options.

  48. I love how every single major television affiliate in Columbus, Ohio (a major American Metropolitan area) is airing regularly schedule program and not covering this address… I feel that a prime time address by the President is something that is worthy of interrupting a Law & Order rerun and Young Sheldon…

  49. As the walls slowly close around 45, the sitting President needs to make it clear that this man is a serious threat, and deserves to be criminally prosecuted. It wasn’t explicit yet, but this speech certainly moved the tone in that direction.

  50. MAGA people: Call everyone a shuffle to the left of Goldwater a communist, wants Christianity as the only religion and taught in schools, wants abortion illegal under any circumstance, wants to ban the existence of LGBTQ people, wants to take over the government by force.

  51. Biden: "Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election -- either they win, or they were cheated. And that's where MAGA Republicans are today."

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