Republican nominee for Maryland attorney general hosted 9/11 conspiracy radio shows

  1. Can’t wait for them to start telling us it’s raining out when there’s not a cloud in the sky.

  2. The Republican Party is an outdated relic and probably will be entirely replaced by a Centrist party in the next 30 years.

  3. There was a major co-opting of a lot of the conspiracy websites, like whatreallyhappened and the like. It was odd, they were so anti-russian and pro liberation until 2016 or so. I just had to stop reading any of that shit. I still think what happened is much beyond what we were told, lots of lies and disinformation.

  4. That’s an interesting point. Watching Loose Change was the perfect storm for 14 year old me having seen 911 first hand. My views have always been pretty consistent so it never transferred over to my politics, but I had bitten pretty hard. My circle of friends weren’t about that stuff so it was easy to avoid building my whole identity around it, like some.

  5. I'm still liberal. I think that Bush knew about the attacks and allowed them to happen to boost his chances of re-election after losing the first election but being inaugurated anyway. I think that they likely used the attacks to their advantage and didn't have to demolish Building 7, but did so to destroy FBI evidence in dozens of high-profile investigations, while also destroying what would have been the locus of investigation into the incident. It's no different than Trump allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to die needlessly from Covid because he thought he could make a cheap election issue out of it. They successfully created the modern conservative immigration platform off of post-9/11 immigration laws, and the "just follow the laws" arguments that came in their wake.

  6. Whacky conspiracies and being against conventional medicine were a pillar of American left ideology for most of my life. It's only in recent years that the American right has started to dabble in it as well.

  7. The gubernatorial candidate ran buses to DC on 1/6 and sued Hogan over pandemic restrictions. Then filed articles of impeachment that a House of Delegates committee quickly threw in the trash.

  8. That's not even the worst view he holds...Peroutka is also a secessionist who believes in the "lost cause" of the confederacy. Luckily he's running in a very blue state. Still it goes to show that the Maryland Republican party has been taken over by extremist elements.

  9. The US government's story about 9/11 is a conspiracy theory, it was never proven in court and the truth about Saudi involvement and financing remains hidden.

  10. Well, building 7 did fall at free fall for the first 180 feet of decent per the NIST report. If all the force of gravity is being used to accelerate the material, what's destroying the structure?

  11. Here's a conspiracy theory for you, Trump and the Saudi's conspired to plot 9/11. And all the current, corrupt Repubs know it.

  12. Trump has been making 9/11 conspiracy comments lately too as if there's still a question of what happened and who was responsible. Is 9/11 Truther-ism coming back this election?

  13. Well, time to whip out my bingo sheet. Did he talk about something related to thermite and Denmark?

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