GOP lawmaker attended gay son's wedding 3 days after voting against same-sex marriage

  1. Lol! The way some people can articulate the must subtle of thoughts is remarkable. I love this one cause it's right on the money!

  2. There’s quite a few well connected gay men (Dave Rubin, Christian walker, log cabin republicans) who unwaveringly advocate for GOP policies because they think it somehow won’t effect them Edit: I get it’s affect not effect, I’m SORRY I NEVER REMEMBER

  3. Because the son knows his father doesn’t actually have any values except “get rich, fuck the middle class and poor”.

  4. I have a client who was married to their same-sex spouse for 17 years. Their spouse died a year and a half ago, now they are vehemently against same sex marriage but not shy at all about having been married before! I find it unbelievably confusing…

  5. “Look, my constituents really wanted to send you to jail so needed to vote foe this bill to make being gay illegal right? You know I love you and will visit you in prison?”

  6. My response to that is: "Love the believer, hate the belief". I've seen head figuratively explode from that one.

  7. I do wonder though like... if you're in a position like this it does suck. If I ran for office I'd have a hard time voting for things I'm personally against but what my constituents want.

  8. I'd imagine it's something like "well, it's not that I think my son shouldn't be able to get married, I just think states should have the right to make their own laws."

  9. I know a few people whose parents believe that homosexuality is a sin or some such thing, and that gay marriage is morally wrong and thus bad public policy — BUT they love their kid and choose to accept them despite disagreeing with their "lifestyle choice."

  10. It's probably more like one of those cases of "pulling the ladder up behind me" he knows his son was getting married anyway and perhaps they'll be living in a state that won't ban it.. but they don't see past their own nose so of course he still has to please his religious fundamentalist base, and knowing this may not directly impact his son (millions of other gay people don't count to him)

  11. It's very simple. They are playing characters for their job. They tow a certain line and they keep their job and get more and more money. They have a lot in common with WWE stars.

  12. To me, the real issue here isn't so much the hypocrisy - that's nothing new for Republicans. The issue is showing just how far they'll go to implement their vision for America.

  13. I am honestly a little disgusted that his son let him actually attend the wedding. Especially since he knew who his father was before and after the vote.

  14. I swear they "won't stop at xyz" because they WANT this Nation to burn. They are TRYING to start Civil War 2.0.

  15. In fairness, you also have to consider how fucked in the head you would be if he would be your father. Not easy to break free from years of indoctrination.

  16. I dunno, I find it kind of refreshing that he's so committed to his awfulness that he doesn't even gain understanding when he is personally affected.

  17. Its a giant fucking grift and they don't know what they would do for a career without pumping rightwing bullshit.

  18. What's worse are the idiots who try pulling the, "what if your mother had aborted you" arguement. My mother wasnt supposed to be able to get pregnant anymore when she got pregnant with me. Not only did they keep me, they also adopted a cousin who was being taken by the state. My entire life I was told that I wasnt wanted and was blamed for everything. If I got home and didnt immediately act as if my life had no meaning without my "mommy" she'd have my father beat the ever living crap out of me. My mothers father was a convicted pedophile, I remember as a little kid him refusing to recognize my adopted sister as family. Yep, he molested her for years while my grandmother abused and tortured me. I learned when I was much older that my mother knew and encouraged those abuses. My life growing up was an absolute hell because my mother felt forced to have me. I have issues even now as an adult because of the shit they all pulled. Had I been aborted I wouldn't have to try and cope with the misery I've endured my entire life.

  19. Oh like someone else posted the story of how a mom was absolutely against abortion . Of course daughter gets pregnant and wants one , mom tell hers absolutely not . A couple weeks later guess who’s in the clinic for an abortion ? Mom , that’s right she was pregnant and didn’t want the child (for whatever reason ) .

  20. Always the deflection to inflation... as if anybody could do anything about it at this point. They're trying to bait Biden into throwing more money at the problem which we all know would only make matters worse. If they really cared about inflation, they would offer solutions.

  21. This is the entire problem with Conservatives, they are always trying to impose rules that they want special exceptions for themselves.

  22. Fuck these people man. If he’s cool with gay marriage he should a fucking voted to protect it. Republicans will say ANYTHING to keep their ignorant voters satisfied

  23. You think Dad told anyone? He showed up, got a free dinner, shook done hands, maybe said some nice words for the applause, then went back to work and affirmed that he thought it was all abomination.

  24. At least Liz Cheney has the decency to come out in favor of this legislation. Sure, she changed her position on gay marriage only when it turned into an issue that affected her family, but how do you not even do that? The current Republican ideology is a cancer that is destroying them from the inside out

  25. The hypocrisy of the Republican party. Tomorrow he's taking his daughter across state lines for an abortion because she was raped by his pedophile priest!

  26. This is the Bible Belt’s fault. It’s a party line thing. If you are ok with gay marriage they clutch their pearls and don’t support you.

  27. Kind of like the abortion foes who get them for their girlfriends, mistresses and wives. Then go to vote for abortion restrictions. Fucking asswipes.

  28. Also probably insisted his mistress get an abortion while voting against abortion rights for women.

  29. But why?! What's the point?? Why vote against same sex marriage and attend your gay kid's wedding. I don't understand republicans.

  30. Frankly disgusting. As a non-American, the direction the American right is heading to is deeply worrying. It is displaying more and more utterly illiberal tendencies, which, considering the US’ hard and soft power on the global scale, is slowly bashing against the liberal world order that was instituted after WWII.

  31. That’s the ticket for the far right/right. What you do is not okay but if I do it or my family - well that’s fine. Just another example of the hypocrites they are. I wonder what his son thought??

  32. More than likely he was forced to attend his son’s wedding to show that he doesn’t hate the lgbt. “Hey i May have voted against gay marriage, but at least I attended my own son’s gay wedding, see I’m not a complete hater.” Plus, he is US house representative from Pennsylvania, which is generally a swing State, so more than likely he may have done this to appear moderate to voters to win re-election and to make the GOP look less bad. Would be nice if the son were to release a statement against his father

  33. I get that fundamentally there are selfish, shameless people out there but it doesnt feel real until you really meet them. Then youre just kinda like "wow, i cant believe youre actually like this.". Like, these people are actually willing to trade their entire existence for some money and power.

  34. So you mean he loves his son, and his sexual orientation doesn’t affect his dad’s love for him, yet the motherfucker votes against the very same same sex marriage for nothing but political points?

  35. “I don’t think gays should be married, by Brandon and Kye are so cute together that I’ll allow it this one time”.

  36. Disgusting. I wonder what his son thinks. Better yet if he loves his son and backs his marriage. Why do we have lawmakers in office voting against things they don't believe in? It defeats the whole purpose of his the American Democratic system works!

  37. All these people saying "he was a good representative who voted how his constituents wanted", this bill does not affect his constituents lives in the slightest. All it does is give people rights to marry who they want and for those marriages to be recognized. His county could make same sex and interracial marriages illegal if they really wanted.

  38. I say it all the time but it bears repeating: The GOP have lost control of their base and are too afraid to vote against the hive mind they have created that has spiraled out of control.

  39. They don’t give a shit what their fucking stupid games are going to do to their own society. He probably told his son he should get married now before the law changes and he’s not allowed to anymore - Anyway, here’s your wedding present, a big fat cheque that I earned by selling you out. Love you son

  40. HIS son can have a same sex marriage and HIS daughter should be able to get abortions. He just doesn’t want anyone else’s children to have those same rights….duhhhh, cmon guys

  41. This solidifies my long-time assertion that Republicans at-large lack morals and ethics. Why did he attend? Oh yeah, party before family! Oh wait! isn't the GOP the family party? I would not invite him and send a message that the LGBTQ will NOT roll over for those bigots in the closet on the low-down.

  42. Article says he was "Thrilled" about his son's marriage. Huh, just not thrilled enough to want it legal. POS.

  43. "Whoever you hate will end up in your family. You don't like gays? You're gonna have a gay son. You don't like Puerto Ricans? Your daughter's gonna come home with Livin' La Vida Loca!" - Chris Rock

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