Coachella's Parent Company Is Donating Major Cash to a Political Organization Pushing Anti-Abortion Agenda

  1. Yeah wtf, they run Electric Forest. I've never been in a more inclusive, loving environment than there. Just goes to show nothing is sacred to our corporate overlords

  2. And they do far more than music festivals. Any ticket you buy through AXS? AEG. The LA Kings? AEG. SoFi Stadium? AEG. Tons of venues across the country. Gotta love having minimal competition in this country.

  3. Didn’t think they would do any festivals I actually go to, but I just saw they do ‘Cruel World’. I know for a fact that lots of people on that bill wouldn’t be playing it if they were aware of this. I know a few musicians playing that fest through my friends touring with them, and I’m definitely going to bring it up next time I see them. It’s a killer lineup and maybe whoever put it together can find new funding, cause it sure as shit ain’t any right wing folks putting this together.

  4. I mean just name a festival and you'll find support for crap. These are just upper class party events for a generation of upper class people celebrating that they don't really have to work as much as they tell others that they do.

  5. They need more wage slaves or literal slave labor (prisoners) so unwanted poor kids are needed. If there's a decline in birth rate there's less labor to exploit.

  6. A lot of them, like Elon Musk, are likely doing it out of spite. After all, that flight attendant should have kept quiet after he tried to buy her dignity.

  7. Coachella's future: Christian rock (an oxymoron) presented by a bunch of nobody loons (many deeply closeted) and attended by Christofascists filled with hate. Come for the psalm singing; stay for the racism.

  8. Don't be ridiculous. It'll continue to be the biggest names that'll generate the highest ticket sales. The owner is an asshole, he's not stupid.

  9. I mean this isn’t new support, I remember hearing about this years ago, so I doubt anything is going to change with coachella.

  10. I’m surprised to see that AEG is also behind the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Here’s a link with other festivals that are put on by AEG:

  11. just saw the new Victoria Secret doc on Hulu documenting the rise of essentially American fast fashion, and also Jeffery Epstein. Yeah parts of US capitalism and lobbying are mind-blowing. The founder of American fast fashion and basically the 90s, 00s, and 10s mall-scene? A very Republican conservative from Ohio.

  12. Which makes it funny because those same liberals love to incessantly virtue signal to each other all over Instagram about how everyone needs to be mindful like them and get out and vote and boycott Nestle, and a bunch of other platitudes, meanwhile they personally see to it that conservative causes get their dollars so they can cosplay as forest nymphs for a weekend while listening to crappy violin EDM. Progressives and self sabotage, name a more iconic duo.

  13. Phil Anschutz is a homophobic born again weirdo. And Coachella is one of the worst music festivals in the world, populated by "big names" who have stale, stupid live "performances".

  14. He also owns the O2 in London and the Staples Center in LA, multiple MLS teams and stadiums and is a part owner of a few NBA teams.

  15. It’s one of the best tbh… easily the best organized with the most diverse lineups I’ve been to (and I’ve been to about a dozen different fests). It’s super commercial but things rarely go wrong or are unsafe, which already puts it above most. It’s reputation isn’t too reflective of what it’s actually like to attend.

  16. I had a blast before they started doing the two weekend bullshit. Once they started that everything went downhill.

  17. No one will remember this article nor care. If the artists boycott then maybe some awareness will be created. Let’s hope that happens.

  18. This isn’t new news. People have already forgotten multiple times. I remember reading about this years ago.

  19. It’s kind of hard to do when live shows and touring make up a large portion of an artists paycheck, and AEG runs basically everywhere they perform at. Artists won’t cut them out. Maybe a few artists might who have the luxury of doing so. But nothing big enough to make a substantial difference

  20. AEG is one of those companies that own everything. Maybe you read this headline and, like me, thought “I’d expect this behavior from Stagecoach but not Coachella”…well AEG owns that too. And the Staples Center/ arena, and the LA Kings, Ontario Reign, Cincinnati Cyclones, multiple MLS teams and many many large venues and arenas around the world among other things. In fact, AEG, by eliminating a lot of its competitors, is why prices for music and sports entertainment has gone up so much. So consider when you buy a ticket to one of their teams or venues that your “venue service fee” or whatever it is, is going toward paying for political policies you don’t like.

  21. Well yeah, fewer abortions means more unwanted children. More unwanted children means more people at Coachella. They’re really playing a long game.

  22. Oh I have plenty of women friends who are pro choice but also go to Coachella. Let's see if they put their money where their mouth is.

  23. Every large company donated money to politicians. It's called a bribe. Since the people can't change this through voting, we gotta make a huge public stink when it does and shame the companies. That's literally all we have left. All other avenues to do it through law have been shut down by the judges/politicians who get these bribes.

  24. You ever watch The Sopranos? I recently did a rewatch & something that stood out to me was Hestch talking about how he made his money in the music industry by taking advantage of all the black artists. Really made me realize that he's was just as terrible as the rest of the characters.

  25. I think this is a part of a bigger issue on how the money we spend is actually used. Every dollar is a vote for the world we want. The limiting factor is our awareness.

  26. Endorsing this is where they get money to do so. Ya send a bunch of people there and they view the content and they get paid somehow...we're are better off without this nonsense. It's only done to eradicate and if you're making it known you're doing the dirty work for them.

  27. What are we going to call the right wing equivalent of go woke go broke? This needs to be publicized much wider. I’m not ok with citizens United and these companies taking away healthcare from my daughter.

  28. Then it’s time for all artists to unite and say fuck Coachella. I’ve heard jack from musicians since this bs passed

  29. How many influencers are going to say they are pro choice and still show up to the stupid excuse for a photo shoot?

  30. Wow a major corp owned by billionaires views don’t lineup with the general population sounds about right in this day in age

  31. Having seen and heard the shady parts of how business is conducted with larger companies, I wouldn’t be surprised if these donations weren’t for the causes they organization support but because it’s used to entice the receiving organization to grant some kind of permit or permission.

  32. This is interesting. Because I know they also offer monetary help for employees that need an abortion and would have to go out of state to get one. At least I know they do for some of their employees. Not sure about all. Seems contrary to their donation.

  33. Coachella probably doesn't care about cultural wars, but they know they can count on someone who runs on this abominable platform to deliver corporate tax cuts and reduced regulations.

  34. Hopefully the artists boycott to raise awareness because I doubt this information will impact the demographic when buying tickets next time around.

  35. Oh what this festival used to be... before completely changing the scope and demographic of the artists they pick to cater to the lowest common denominator and EDM crowds.

  36. As if I need another reason to avoid that shitstorm in the desert. Perhaps the most “plastic” festival I’ve ever seen. People go there to be seen, not to see or experience music.

  37. I knew all of those except Regel Cinema. I rarely go to the movies but when I do it is usually at a Regel because that's the only game in town. Good thing I haven't been to a theater since before COVID.

  38. When will us silly women learn we’re just objects and not human?? Objects aren’t supposed to make decisions based on their bodies! It’s only men who are allowed to not fear having sex! Yes, this is all meant in sarcasm.

  39. Coachella is one of many, many festivals and concerts they own, run, or control. It would be hard to go to a live music event that isn't in some way under the same umbrella. That said, challenge accepted.

  40. “And politically-minded acts like Halsey, Green Day, Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Yungblud, and Willow are playing AEG’s Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware in September.”

  41. Most of the companies we consume give money to Republicans or groups who push for stuff on the right. It's pointless trying to boycott all of them

  42. Doesn't really surprise me. If there were a category of people who you could say are the dumbest human beings to ever live. It's business people. No matter what business it is. They are always rushing full steam ahead to challenge people's ability to give them the finger.

  43. fuck man, I wanted to go next year purely to see Frank Ocean but I don't want to support that shit. maybe if the dude performed more than once every 5 years I could pick a different festival

  44. These assholes won’t stop equating being pro choice with being pro abortion, it drives me nuts. You can personally disagree with abortion while respecting the choice of the woman to do what she wants reproductively. It’s really not that hard.

  45. Anschutz is a billionaire- he only cares about low no taxes BUT he has to pretend like he cares about other conservative stuff - eg anti abortion - so as to camouflage himself as political when he’s simply an alpha capitalist…. I’d rather have them all be transparent and simply come out and say - we want giant corporate welfare and no taxes and we don’t give a f$ck about anything else… because they don’t. The ten wealthiest capitalists in America have received over a trillion dollars in tax credits, government infrastructure support and government contracts in the last 10 years. Americans are dumb if they think otherwise.

  46. Diversity of thought was once an accepted goal. Sad that everything is tribal now and must be eradicated or shamed into a single mindset labeled “extreme” when it’s usually a near 50-50 split on ideas.

  47. Or maybe capitalism is about spending money on people who share your values about female bodily autonomy (something that shouldn't even be controversial in the 21st century)?

  48. "Diversity of thought" stops being acceptable when one side wants to strip reproductive autonomy from millions of women.

  49. You're overthinking this. The owner is probably just an asshole that wants women to suffer. You're giving him and other conservatives too much credit by making it seem like a business decision.

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