Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 8 - 07/21/2022 at 8 pm ET

  1. The jump cut from a woman already convicted, describing her son saying he 'wants to go in,' to that mall ninja in full fucking military cosplay... I have no words.

  2. They're all lurking in this discussion thread and impotently fuming and seething. Occasionally one of them leaves a comment and immediately deletes it.

  3. They’re too busy congratulating themselves for not openly saying they want Biden to die of Covid. The thing they would call virtue signaling.

  4. I can't decide if this is just what getting old is like or if everything is just so fucking crazy now that I'm anxiously waiting for C-Span coverage to start at primetime while complaining about the weather. I fist pumped alone in my office when Clint Watts testified on C-Span a few years ago. I think i need to be 60 years old before that's even legal.

  5. This is arguably the biggest political story in modern US history. I'm shocked that people aren't more interested. I used to wonder what it was like to have lived through something as scandalous as Watergate, and this makes Watergate look like a Boy Scout meeting.

  6. It still blows my mind that all of this happened due to the ego of a failed businessman/reality TV host. Life is a true parody.

  7. The MTG one is a bit surprising. I guess there is at least one circumstance where she's not a batshit wingnut.

  8. We've been yelling at them to not touch the lump of concentrated evil in the toaster oven for years. At this point they don't care, they'll explodes themselves to own the libs.

  9. the downvoted comments are the best reads. it must suck to be woken up in the middle of the night in Russia and told it's an "all hands on deck situation" and to start shitposting.

  10. I don’t know if it’s true, but I read they’re going to show Republican reactions (and Dems) from within the chambers when it was going down. I remember a Republican member was caught screaming like a child but changed his tune a week later. Then folks started sending the clip of him with the caption something like, “This you?”

  11. I can't get past hearing how scared Pence's USSS team was. They were on their own, honestly believing the VP was about to be killed. That really needs to be the headline from this.

  12. McConell making that speech and simultaneously voting to acquit Trump in the impeachment trial should make a normal human's head explode

  13. None of this is funny, but my husband and I laughed and laughed at the shade of not only showing Hawley run, but slowing it down in repeat and highlighting him.

  14. Kinzinger definitely has the best stage presence. Most of the others sound somewhat wooden but he has actual emotion.

  15. The fact that Donald has managed to turn the fucking Cheney clan into a beacon of common sense easily cements him as one of the worst human beings in history.

  16. For anyone wondering: Instead of the hearing, Fox is airing Tucker Carlson, who's using Biden's positive test to cast doubt on the efficacy of vaccines

  17. So prior to the "pence didn't have courage" tweet Pence's USSS detail was passing along messages to their families because they didn't expect to get out alive.

  18. Did anyone else notice the part where Donald Trump and the republican party are massive traitors to the United States?

  19. Although it's absolutely priority #1 that they go after Trump, I really hope they eventually turn their attention to the Republican members of Congress and Secret Service agents who were involved with the plan. Jordan, Boebert, Greene, Brooks, and anyone else that Trump contacted that day need to be brought to justice.

  20. If you are one of the lucky people who have boomer parents who have NOT been brought under the Trump spell, but in fact recognize him and everyone attached to him for the trash they are, appreciate the rare gift you have. Give them a call and thank them.

  21. My mom and stepdad are the best boomers ever, in that they are anti boomers. They hate trump more than I do. I feel lucky every day.

  22. The Secret Service believed they needed to sacrifice themselves to save Mike Pence. Calling family members to “say goodbye” means they believed the VP’s life was in danger and they would need to shield him.

  23. Regarding Representative Luria shutting it down, I always appreciate a veteran showing up to demonstrate the REAL definition of a patriot, not what these Talibanjo motherfuckers want to claim.

  24. I love that they showed video of Hawley running like a schoolboy on a playground after acting tough in front of the crowd (in his "safe space," though). I laughed at that.

  25. The fact that this traitor is still willing and able to run for President AGAIN is sickening. This is all Mitch McConnell's fault for not holding him accountable.

  26. What was everyone's pit and peak? My pit was everytime Pottinger went on and on about how much Trump did to "restore peace in the middle east". My peak, albeit petty, was the committee showing the world what a pussy Josh Hawley is. I have a strong feeling that the committee leaders went on break and high fived one another while laughing their asses off.

  27. Part of their justification for this is the false claim that no one was ever arrested or charged for BLM rioting and not… ya know… the thousands of people that were. Or those folks that got whisked off into unmarked vans by what looked like some kind of federal secret police

  28. Got in an argument with my dad because they started complaining and saying this hearing was pointless after 5 minutes. He was echoing all the Fox News talking points directly to the television. I lost my cool when he started telling the TV there was a 3 hour gap in phone records because he didn’t call anybody, then he ignores the next sentence where they describe some of the people he called during that time.

  29. If you aren't politically active by now, I very much hope you watch each and every hearing and make a decision to become so. This is exactly why we must be diligent in who we elect and why.

  30. One critical detail revealed tonight tells us that Trump got his hands dirty. John Eastman had a crackpot theory that ‘the Constitution doesn’t cover January 7th.’ The Constitution doesn’t explain what we do if it hasn’t been certified by then. They believed if they could hold out long enough, presumably past midnight, it would be thrown to the courts. The act of delaying was part of the multi-layered coup: fake electors, fraudulent claims and litigation. violent mobs, and tactical delay. If violence didn’t stop it, delaying might get him in on a technicality. It’s legally flawed, Congress would certify the next day. But Trump believed it to be true and was calling Senators seeking delay. The fact that he was making calls during the coup, actively seeking to delay certification, puts him at the scene of the crime with the smoking gun and dead Capitol police at his feet.

  31. Lest we forget, I want to remind everyone of someone else who deserves our scorn and ridicule: Mitch McConnell

  32. Liz Cheney did a remarkable job, and there is a possibility she may have sacrificed her career? What country is this?

  33. We really need this Hawley footage to be turned into a meme so that the people who didn't watch it see his sorry ass

  34. There is no excuse or legal defense for these public testimonies of ineptitude, negligence, and absolute disregard for our country that Donald J. Trump committed. He disregarded his duty as president right after hosting a speech for people to march to the capitol.

  35. Liz hates this man with a heat I have to respect. She wouldn't piss on him to put a fire out. If you put her in a room with him and no other witnesses, he'd get his throat chewed out. I love it. I have no great love for Cheney, but I respect a good hating.

  36. I can’t believe there’s audio of Bannon actually saying the strategy so plain and simple.

  37. I don't even understand why Trump supporters willingly live in this country since they loudly disagree with the very core principles it was founded on.

  38. Oath Keepers parsing Trump's words on Jan 6 in middle of the riot- [He said don't hurt the cops,] he didn't say don't hurt the Congress."

  39. Trump is clearly treasonous, and the mob clearly traitors. How Trump is not in prison is just beyond me. Watching all those terrorists storm into the capitol just made me furious.

  40. Act I of today's episode started with the Chief getting Covid, leading to right wingers having an uber melt down over the thought of a black AND female President. Polio made a surprise cameo, and our silly government is debating if we should be allowed to buy condoms or not.

  41. I understand the sentiments about this hearing not concluding with actual charges, and frustration that we don't know what the DoJ is doing, but the fact is all this needs to be public before midterms, but the DoJ cannot share any of their case in public.

  42. All of these people acting like THIS is the breaking point as though Trump’s presidency didn’t start with a slow trip down a Golden escalator to call Mexicans rapists and wasn’t one big fucking race to the non-existent bottom. Fuck this lady.

  43. It’s sad that in private, all these Republicans were appalled by what was going on, but publicly they are cowards and say nothing.

  44. Kinzinger is an old school Republican: supports terrible policies but doesn’t sound like a raving lunatic. Hates to see Democrats win but won’t support a coup to overthrow it happening.

  45. Tonight on Fox News: wall to wall coverage of Hunter Biden funding illegal caravans of fentanyl toting Muslim Jihadists!!! Commercial free courtesy of My Pillow, My Slippers, My Bedsheets.

  46. Pence is a fucking idiot. The guy has continued to support someone who put him and by virtue of him his family in danger. Talk about a coward

  47. “This is Rudy Giuliani, President’s lawyer” is way more incriminating than it gets credit for.

  48. CBS calling out Republicans for the hearsay tweet. Saying they are still doing the same distracting tactics.

  49. This needs to light a fire under everyone’s ass to act. Merrick Garland needs to indict Trump or else this type of shit will just happen again, and next time will be more successful. We also need to tell everyone we know to vote as if this could be the last fair election we may ever have.

  50. Heard a committee member on NPR today and it sounded like he thinks the outtake video of Trump is going to be exceptionally damning and also actual evidence of his intent and mind state during the insurrection. I think they saved the best for last and the "finale" might be the drop of the hammer we have all been waiting for

  51. These witnesses gushing over pre-Jan 6 Trump is actually super important. They’re demonstrating that they aren’t biased against him.

  52. Reminder: This would still be under wraps if we hadn’t voted Trump and the GOP out. Voting works when we show up together. Let’s do this more often to get what we want. I’m an optimist and I think we are a few more progressive dems from getting more of what we want. It won’t be perfect, but government isn’t perfect.

  53. Main takeaway for me so far: VP Pence’s Secret Service officers thought that they were going to die.

  54. Every time they show footage inside the capitol i just think of how close we got to some truly horrifying possibilities.

  55. I bet those 3 hours where he did nothing were the greatest 3 hours of his life. He was watching the country burn as revenge for their disloyalty to him and for wronging him so deeply. He got to watch people fight and die for him. For a narcissist I can't imagine a feeling any better and more self affirming than that.

  56. The level of vindictivness and gleeful joy Adam is having at tearing into Trump and his cult is the level of energy I need Democratic leaders to have.

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