Senators announce bipartisan bills to stop candidates from stealing elections

  1. Some big, strong, muscular guys, construction cops, told me that they’re actually being very unfair to mr trump. Tears in their eyes they said to me “they’re changing the rules because mr trump? He’s too popular.”

  2. These two have participated in the absolute WORST decisions that have been made. Fuck bipartisanship if it has Manchin or Collins involved.

  3. At the bottom of the article there’s a list of supporters with many democrats I do respect. If democrats don’t take this opportunity, we absolutely regret it when the possibility of a Jan 6 like coup comes around again. Pass. These. Bills.

  4. Why not just adopt Ranked Choice Voting nationally? Wouldn't that be a neat and tidy way of solving the problem?

  5. That would be a great change for the people and encourage a more diversified election slate. It would break the power of established parties and give more of a voice to third party candidates. Hell, it may even encourage the “why bother” folks to cast a vote that matters.

  6. The constitution is pretty explicit that states get the choice of how they run their own elections. This is why Trump and Rudy interfered in GA and AZ and WI separately because its not federalized.

  7. Neither political party wants to change our election process. That would introduce legitimate competition for their profits.

  8. That’s aiming a bit high when republicans are likely to be trying to enact legislation to use the drowning test for suspected witches any day now, probably with support from SCOTUS.

  9. There honestly isn't really anything the federal government can do about that, so long as the states set out how they're going to choose electors before election day and then follows the prescribed procedure. It's already illegal for them to change their procedure after the election, like Trump's legal team was encouraging. But states get to choose how they select their electors, if they give their legislature the power to arbitrarily appoint whoever they want, the only check on that is the state's voters punishing them for it.

  10. You want a coherent reason? The Electoral College is in the Constitution. You can't just abolish it without a Constitutional Conventional and an amendment. If we get a Constitutional Convention, then any amendments are on the table, and the Federalist Society and red states have a few really bad ones loaded in the chamber.

  11. I am skeptical this is not an attempt to streamline things so coups are easier to accomplish in the way the Republicans had planned for the 2020 election.

  12. It's my understanding that this proposal actually just moves the election theft from the state houses to the Supreme Court.

  13. Anyone notice how the list of "bipartisan legislators" seems to include a bunch of Trump toadies as well as those happily turned a blind eye to him? Looking at you Machen, Synema, Murkowski, Collins, and Graham.

  14. Fast-tracking cases to a corrupt supreme court and allowing governors to submit election results seem to have potential for devistating consequences. These are among the most deceitful people on earth and if they created this legislation in good faith for the public benefit it would be the first time.

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