Discussion Thread: 2022 Maryland Primaries

  1. I know its not the "fun" story but Mosby looking like she will lose her job as state's attorney is my favorite story of the night. She has been an absolute disaster and any chance she had was probably doomed by the squeegee killer last week. Hopefully Bates will actually be competent instead of just an incompetent headline chaser.

  2. I just want to know what the local Fox station will do now. You can't go a day with an Evening News advert that doesn't just name drop Mosby to make Republicans rage at everything no matter what else is going on in the state.

  3. The DGA ploy worked and probably won't backfire--Dan Cox is unelectable in a statewide race. Cox also has a similar problem to Ben Jealous in the 2018 race. He wasn't the establishment favorite and the people who endorsed Kelly Schulz, especially the governor, won't all now endorse him or campaign for him.

  4. I am not certain he needed the help. Republicans are beyond toxic at the moment even in a State like Maryland. I doubt they needed help going full crazy town.

  5. So not only is the GOP poised to nominate Trump's pick for Governor over Larry Hogan's, they're also about to nominate an Attorney General candidate who "believes public education is a communist plot, abortion and gay marriage violate God's law, and the concept of separation of church and state is a “great lie.”"

  6. Not happy that their opponent for AG will be Anthony Brown, whose total lack of ability to campaign or draw voters resulted in Hogan's election in the first place.

  7. Md is a closed primary state with several of its most populous counties having the democratic primary act as the defacto local election, so a lot of independents and very moderate Rs vote as democrats just to have a say also, especially for very county-heavy elections like this one. I think that's also part of it.

  8. Voted for Wes Moore so happy to see him doing well so far. Locally all the people I voted for got waxed though. First time voting in Maryland and let me tell you what a treat voting here is compared to Florida. Don’t take your voting rights for granted people!

  9. Moore won. He took 4 of the 5 largest counties by a wide margin. The one that Perez won (MoCo) won't even make up the difference in PG County. And Perez is running third in Baltimore County and Franchot won most of the smaller counties. Don't see a path for Perez unless MoCo comes in big for early voting.

  10. Voted for Franchot, but have no issues voting for Moore. I was always going to support the Democratic winner, but holy hell it's now so much more about not wanting Cox anywhere in Maryland politics ever.

  11. Cox is such an embarrassment to Maryland and humanity itself...The GOP is such a joke these days...I would laugh if it weren't so sad to see

  12. I think the Dem primary for Governor can be called for Moore, he's got pretty wide margins in 4 of the 5 biggest counties. Perez is only leading in MoCo and Moore is more than making that up in PG as well as carrying Baltimore City and County as well as Anne Arundel.

  13. There's 186,000 Democrat mail ballots still to be counted. Moore has a solid 35,000 vote lead but I haven't heard anyone calling it yet.

  14. There's almost 100k more votes cast for the Dem candidates. That says to me that it should be almost a landslide this time around.

  15. I'm not worried about Dan Cox winning. I'm worried about having to have holiday dinners with idiots who voted for him. The same idiots who won't get vaccinated even for the sake of my newborn.

  16. I hope those idiots do not have the privilege of meeting your precious newborn unless and until they are vaccinated. My niece and her husband went through the same thing when their son was born. A few of his family members whine about not being allowed to meet him but refuse to get vaccinated. They are selfish right wing nuts. It is their loss. They missed out on an entire year of seeing this adorable little baby grow. Congratulations on your newborn.

  17. What’s up with gop conservative voters that they’ve sold their souls to a criminal minded inhuman. Really! How dark can their souls get that they can’t accept plain truths & decency over constant lies and debauchery. That’s the America they want, run by mentally deranged folks at all levels.!

  18. I have an Aunt who lives in PG and is a lifelong Republican. She keeps sending me articles about church attacks in Nigeria and the farm attacks in South Africa. She was definitely always a little racist but I don't remember her being this crazy. Her kids have cut her off so maybe she always was.

  19. Embarrassing lost for Larry Hogan's pick. Trumps pick is managing to outrun Hogan's in his own state, as the incumbent governor.

  20. Makes no sense. Hogan is liked by both parties. I guess the "third" party Trump loyalists can't appreciate an actual successful governor...

  21. This is great...It shows how much the GOP has alienated sensible voters and that they really only have a chance in crappy red States that no one actually wants to live in.

  22. Marylander here, all anecdotal, of course, but I live in a red county and even I am hearing even from Republicans in my circles who hate this guy and won't vote for him. These are people who are generally okay with Hogan and voted for Schulz. Some may vote third party instead of Democrat but it's at least votes being taken away from the GOP. Trump has supporters here but he's not nearly as popular here as he is even in surrounding states. I fully plan to encourage everyone I know to vote in November (especially i am in the district that went from a solid blue district to a swing district) but the general sentiment I'm hearing is many do not believe he's viable in the general election at all.

  23. I ended up voting Tom Perez. I was stuck between Wes Moore and him. I probably would vote differently if we had rank choice voting, but these two have a realistic shot of beating Peter Franchot who I'm not a huge fan of.

  24. Ugh, based on the early results, Cox has a good chance of winning the primary. Mail-in votes might put Schulz over the line but can't imagine many Republicans voted by mail

  25. I keep saying how no one can dismiss Trump. His hold on the Republican party is near absolute. His endorsement means...almost every time...a win. How they will do in the general election is a question.

  26. A lot of his endorsed candidates are winning primaries and then losing general elections because they're fucking nuts.

  27. Yes there won't be many more ballots counted until tomorrow when they can start counting mail ins and early votes

  28. Looks like Cox vs Moore for governor. Aka Moore is going to coast to the win. I thought the Dems were going to win with minimal effort before, but they really don’t have to try now

  29. Schultz might be better than Trump's asskisser, but not by much. If they allowed me to vote, I'd've tossed both of them out on their asses. Only difference is she's quieter about her anti science stance than he is.

  30. Same, I’m hoping she makes it. Hogan is extremely popular in Maryland and I suspect his endorsement will really help her. I don’t live in Maryland anymore but my family that still lives there are fairly left-leaning but they really like Hogan.

  31. Yup, that's me here. GOP is out of control, and democrats are better in every way but still dabble in too many topics pushed by progressives that lend themselves to culture wars and distract from more important economic topics.

  32. Moore is literally the most corporate candidate in the field lol, and rubs elbows with the biggest players on Wall Street. I don't like a lot of things about Perez either but I certainly preferred him over Moore and his NYC ties.

  33. Moore looks like he will take PG and Baltimore City. Perez will take Montgomery County. Will be about turnout but PG is going huge for Moore. Moore is also carrying Baltimore County which will be a big boost. Perez needs a huge margin in MoCo to win.

  34. None of the candidates were any good. The only thing any of them were unambiguous about was a "black agenda". I almost thought about voting for King since he refused to take Hindutva money though but that's not policy

  35. we already have monopoly man trone as rep and now richie rich blair as exec; buying elections is the norm now it seems. the piney meetinghouse crowd won the night and we can look forward to a 270 toll road and even further skyrocketing housing costs. no reason for me to vote in the general it looks like since i don't think any referendums are up this year. ugh

  36. Hoping for a miracle in the last 30-40% cause fuck Blair that closet Republican. Elrich wasn't perfect but Blair is just going to let developers build overpriced garbage and it won't solve anything. If Moore gets elected hopefully he will scuttle Larry's Luxury Lanes, we know Blair won't.

  37. I never realised both parties run primaries during the first term of a new president. I don't think I've ever seen a a party run a non sitting president in my lifetime (I may be wrong). Is this unprecedented?

  38. There's a primary for the sitting President for his second term. Generally a party wants to avoid an actual competition. Carter faced serious competition from Teddy Kennedy. Trump had opposition in 2020 although they didnt get many votes.

  39. Very uncommon, but not unprecedented. Most notable instances are 1968 (before LBJ announced he would not seek reelection - McCarthy and Kennedy) and 1980 (Kennedy challenged Carter).

  40. This is a closed primary; you don't really have a choice of which party to vote for. You can only vote for candidates in your registered party.

  41. Yes! Kids need to learn that "slaves" had fun, that Jesus rode dinosaurs, and that the germ "theory" is an excuse for lie-brals to use vaccines to make people transgenders!

  42. See, I'd vote Republican but Hogan literally sat on his butt his entire term with regards to wear and carry permits until the federal supreme court mandated shall-issue in NYSRPA v. Bruen in June. Since the original law gave the state police a blank check to determine what constituted a "good and substantial reason", nothing stopped him from directing the troopers to accept a simple desire for self defence as good and substantial.

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