House Republicans All Vote Against Neo-Nazi Probe of Military, Police

  1. Back in the late 70's the USAF arrested an entire base's security police force for smoking pot in the barracks. They had to send in hundreds of police from other bases to do it, but they did it.

  2. "The "Schneider Amendment" called for the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Secretary of Defense to publish a report that sets out ways to combat white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in the uniformed services and law enforcement agencies "not later than 180 days after enactment and every 6 months thereafter."

  3. Just shows that there's some kind of widespread behind the scenes shittery going on with Republicans. Not a single one thought this would be a good idea? None? That's not normal. That's collusion towards an ulterior goal which we already know and they've already tried: overthrowal of American democracy. They need supporters of authoritarianism in the rank and file of law enforcement for when they try again and who better than nationalists?

  4. Ron Desantis is a literal white supremacist/racist. He was the moderator of a white supremacist web site or Facebook page or something WHILE he was running for governor. When a reporter called him out on it he did what all of them do and denied/played dumb. This is the guy that is the leading candidate for the GOP nomination in 2024. No way the GOP wants to look into anything having to do with white supremacists anywhere.

  5. And at the same time some of these people would argue that we shouldn't have sent financial aid and weapons to Ukraine because they have a few Nazis in their military.

  6. College students and teachers in Florida need to self identify their political beliefs, but we can't investigate white supremacists in the military and police?

  7. Pentagon Leadership: Our investigations show that there is a concerning growth of white supremacy in the military

  8. Yeah I mean why would nazis not what nazis in their military lol ofc they’d reject this bill. Only screams “we support nazis in the military”. Biggs is a fuckin idiot as well, Orwellian is letting them stay in the military.

  9. I cite this all the time... it is a well-documented fact that white supremacist organizations have been infiltrating law enforcement throughout the country and actively recruiting law enforcement officers to their ranks as well. The FBI did this study, and concluded, "oh well, no law against it so nothing we can do."

  10. The 'infiltration' goes back to the foundation of this country. The history of the police in the United States cannot be disentangled from white supremacy, because

  11. This is serious. This is one of those moments that demands civil disobedience. This isn't something the supreme court or congress gets to decide on, if the American people actually demand a probe, they'll get their fucking probe.

  12. at what point do we recognize the republican party for the domestic terrorist group they are

  13. Is it not the job of the federal bureau of investigation to investigate shit like that? Great, they told us, wtf were we supposed to do about it?

  14. If a republican is president, democrats will vote for bills to help the American people and compromise with the republicans. When a Democrat is president, the republicans stonewall anything that will make the democrats look good in the media.

  15. The scariest thing to me, I guess, is that this measure would be very unpopular with their base because it's basically looking to probe their base.

  16. They'll just say it's wasteful government spending and/or it's really an attempt to silence right wing critics, and the American public will eat it up.

  17. They are worried about the First Amendment rights of all the white supremists in the military and civilian police. But I have not heard any criticism from them about their rising star, Ron DeSantis, investigating the political beliefs of university professors.

  18. They don’t wonder why. They’re just frustrated that they can’t have it both ways and that normal people see them for who they are now that the conversations don’t happen behind closed doors or with lowered voices. They want bigotry and racism to continue to be the norm in our corrupted government and society while they continue to call themselves the noble just leaders of the free (whites only) world. But when anyone points that out they get angry that their vision is the opposite of just or free and demand that we eradicate, enslave or kill them.

  19. Trump was elected by telling the same lies about undocumented immigrants that Hitler told about the Jews. You can’t get any closer to being a nazi. They voted for the same bigoted scapegoating propaganda.

  20. Can we all just agree, from now on, that all of their accusations are confessions? That it's always projection?

  21. They can't admit it's an issue. If they say yes to this they piss off their voters and they have to admit that racism exists in their own house and not just "within the very ideals the libs hold dear" The whole point is to convince their base that racism doesn't exist and that their views are reasonable. The more they believe what they're hearing is morally right the easier it is for them to slowly be fed more radical ideas.

  22. Democrats should expand this bill to really put the screws to the GOP. Instead of specifically referencing neo-nazi and white supremacists, expand the probe to "any and all extremist groups, including but not limited to" and then list a few good ones. Neo-nazi, white supremacist, Islamic, etc. Doesn't matter to what extremist group they belong, they shouldn't be part of the military nor civilian police forces.

  23. Better to keep it specific to Neo-nazis. Wait to see a different congress decide that university professors, feminist organizations, and BLM are "extremist groups".

  24. That requires that the US government call neo-nazis and white supremacists actual terrorists. Unfortunately they reserve that word for brown people who commit violence, not white people.

  25. Just toss ANTIFA in there to tickle their balls knowing all well they would never sign up to be a pig.

  26. You can read that every day somewhere on reddit and every day there are examples of how they are opposites. I will never understand.

  27. Didn’t want to investigate Neo-Nazis which they claim are Democrats just like they didn’t want to investigate January 6th despite accusing ANTIFA.

  28. Oh so they consider this to be "Orwellian" but have no problem inspecting every woman's uterus or every child's genitals

  29. Wow…the Republicans have really come out of the closet…these people are indeed fascists. I believe they are protecting these neo nazis and white supremacists etc. because they need them for the future insurrections at the state levels. I believe they are going to use these traitors to subdue us and solidify their authoritarian power. The only problem with their plan is that these fascists in our military and police are of course really cowards…as evidenced in Uvalde. At this point I think we should definitely reconsider the ‘defund the police’ issue. It may be that we are paying for our own demise.

  30. Your average serf or peasant a thousand years ago knew having a standing army at home meant you'd be subject to harassment by soldiers who felt they were above everyone else. They were therefore extremely wary of any official military presence in times of peace. They recognized that their own country's army posed more of a threat to their liberty than an invading force. The 3rd and 4th amendments are directly descended from this wisdom.

  31. Yeah they should be confronted with shit like this at every debate. The moderators should press them on it and never forget.

  32. If they voted yes they would be admitting that they think nazis in the military is bad, and they don’t think that.

  33. I was in the Military, and I can confirm that white dudes have no issue with dropping the N-word at any time. No action has been taken to correct it. I had guys in my unit tell stories about how in west Texas where he was from his younger brother got an invitation to a kkk meeting and he was so pissed that he didn’t get an invite too. The same guy said he had never seen a black man in person until boot camp.

  34. I have seen racists in the military but in my case, there was a lot of disciplinary action toward those individuals.

  35. White Texas Military guy I knew could never go one conversation without using the n-word like other people might use the word "shit".

  36. I was also in the military and dropping a slur like that would result in immediate disciplinary action. It doesn't fly. You must have been in a really bad unit.

  37. I'll be honest, it kind of has started to surprise me that there's not even one who is willing to break from the party line. Like not one? No one? They're all either that terrible or that afraid of their base? Republicans are terrified and terrifying.

  38. When will people realize todays mainstream republicans are part of the Neo-Nazi, white nationalist movement? You can’t tell where the oath keepers and proud boys end and the gop starts.

  39. Forget the social media platform, but one of them has an automated bot that was meant to delete and block white supremacist content.

  40. There’s neo-Nazis in plenty of militaries, American, European, and elsewhere. The Order of 9 Angels is a more publicized group, but it’s one of many. I’m not sure why anyone denies this when it’s pretty well known. Then neo-Nazi groups and American police have had a pretty public relationship in the past.

  41. Arizona GOP congressman Andy Biggs was one of those who spoke out against the amendment, describing it as "Orwellian in nature."

  42. Republicans are likely afraid it will be seen as a witch hunt and used too broadly. It's not an entirely irrational fear.

  43. Historians are gonna have a hayday writing about today's Republicans. I hope all their names live in infamy - "neo-nazi sympathizers of the republican party." Let the naming and shaming begin,

  44. They vote against it because they know what it will turn up. The old saying “be careful for what you look for, you’ll find it” comes to mind and republicans know that.

  45. I don't know the details of the proposed probe, but it's really hard to see a good reason why they wouldn't want to investigate some Neo Nazi's we all know damn well are in the military.

  46. Oof… that’s a bad look. Ever noticed how any attempt at accountability or transparency is immediately slapped down by Republicans? Don’t get me wrong, Democrats don’t exactly jump headlong into that discussion either, but you can always count on Republicans to run in the other direction shouting some kind of distraction to the public.

  47. Something like 20% of the people arrested at Jan. 6 insurrection were veterans. General Michael Flynn played an important part in it. There were over 500 high ranking officers that openly supported Trump in his lies. Cadets flashed white supremist hand signs during the Army Navy game. The GOP voted against this bill because it's an attack on their base.

  48. Vote in the midterms for Democrats and we’ll get this bill passed. We only need to flip 2 seats in the Senate and hold the House. Don’t let any of the apathetic “we’re gonna lose” people get to you. We can absolutely do this.

  49. "All you have to do is comply," is what these same people say to every historically reasonably skeptical Black person.

  50. Look, these folks just want to go home at night, okay? Failing to immediately comply with police instructions is obviously a sign of intent to commit murder. They have to defend themselves at that point.

  51. It’s getting to the point where I think I’m going to buy an assault rifle myself…just to have when the country collapses. I’ve never owned a gun in my life but I’m looking at what is coming down the road here and it would be best to be armed.

  52. This is a good case of "inmates running the asylum". IMO, the "no" vote is a clear indication that they are aware of Neo-Nazi's in these institutions and are complicit with it.

  53. What I love is how the Right loves to associate the Democrats as Nazis (cause of general regulations and socialist stances) … but whenever anyone wants to do a Nazi hunt or target Nazis the Right is always like “, no one needs to know if and where Nazis are in the Gov/Army”

  54. There is absolutely 0 reason to vote against this without making yourself look like a neo-nazi…. It literally is just asking supervisors within the military and police to write up reports regarding instances of employees being discharged for extremists activities…. This is just basics of making sure there’s a paper trail… what the actual hell

  55. So they claim that leftwingers are fascists, and fascists are bad ... but refuse to investigate all the fascists in uniform.

  56. Meanwhile they are loving DeSantis’ screening teacher’s political and religious views. He literally says it is to forcibly change the culture. Remember that, despite Republicans truly often believing they are not racist, everything they do always is, at least, demonstrably racist.

  57. Well they dont get to cry when we label them all as racists and nazis anymore then. Own your shit, be the men you all pretend to be.

  58. It’s almost as if letting all those Nazis into America after WWII wasn’t the best idea for society.

  59. Republicans are parasites. They've been latched on to our political system for years sucking away any semblance of organization, integrity or class. They aren't valid political figures, or even valid citizens anymore.

  60. So there’s a report saying white nationalism and extremist views and activity are happening in the military, police and government across the US and the GOP thinks looking into this is too far? Where is the line for them?

  61. Same reason why republicans vote against DV being a crime that makea it so you cant be a cop. Cause so many cops do it and they know it.

  62. It’s 100% clear that the Republican Party is pro f white nationalism. They think the only thing that can save them is empowering the minority of scared cis white people.

  63. I was/am a Marine, I thought killing nazis was added to the great American pastimes? These assholes aren't patriots, they are stupid, crazy, religious, racist, traitors.....

  64. Why would this take a congressional vote anyway? The president is in charge of the military and should have full authority to do anything needed to root out these fascists.

  65. Because laws carry more weight than executive orders and can't just be ignored by whoever's in charge next. Also the POTUS has no direct authority over police forces.

  66. I’ve been watching abroad aghast for decades. I was born and raised in the United States. I served in the US military during wartime. Americans are brainwashed to think the USA is the best country on the planet. It isn’t. Not even close.

  67. "This amendment attempts to create a problem where none exists by requesting investigations into law enforcement and the armed services for alleged rampant white supremacists or white national sympathies," Biggs said

  68. Of course. They're not hiding that they're Nazis themselves and need the support of Nazis. It's all out in the open now and has been for some time.

  69. Even ignoring all of the cultural wedge issues that Republicans exploit to keep their followers loyal, I just can't believe that the loyal Republican voters can't yet see that their party will do nothing to help them in any way.

  70. I wonder if the same Republicans would call it “Orwellian” if the measure was to identify Antifa or wokeness in the police/military.

  71. Wow, I'm so shocked that the people acting in a manner that is virtually identical to fascism would not want to investigate themselves...

  72. This is not a secret. I remember articles 10+ years ago that said White Supremacists were joining the military in droves as free combat training for their "race war" fantasy. Republicans need to take this seriously. I don't believe that most Republicans are white supremacists or neo-nazis, but I do believe the national organization sees them as a reliable voting block and is willing to "both sides are bad" in order to not have to alienate said block.

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