Jan. 6 committee notifies DOJ that Trump tried tampering with one of its witnesses, Cheney says

  1. Yeah I'm wondering if that's how Liz can claim with certainty that he was "tampering." Otherwise he will just claim he was calling to ask for their risotto recipe or something.

  2. Is it really dumb anymore? Clearly he has demonstrated that he is miles above the law and has a throng of useful idiots ready to dive under a bus for him without even a thank you. Just like Giuliani who will have “Lied for Trump” on his epitaph.

  3. Seriously, he's been playing felony bingo forever. He's gotten every number in the machine. If I was tasked to go out into the world and commit as many felonies as humanly possible and in the end, I'll get a blanket pardon for all of them, I still wouldn't come close to how many he's committed only if you count everything he's done since the night of the White House correspondents dinner in 2011, the one where Obama made a crack at his reality show and you can see him fake-laughing and ready to jump on the stage and murder him.

  4. I hope trump announces his intent to run in 2024 soon. I'd love to see the GQP eat itself by nominating an indicted trump as its candidate.

  5. No. He could rape a baby and murder a black man with a machete in the street and nothing would happen. If it hasn’t happened by now with all the other stuff, it isn’t going to.

  6. I could literally see this man with the 2024 Election from a prison cell with how this country is acting at this point.

  7. What’s the point if he’s still tweeting on Truth Social about it? Don’t get me wrong…I am thoroughly enjoying the Trump/Musk fight, but I’m so demoralized that people like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthey, Bannon, Barr, MGT, Boebert and Trump are still walking around threatening democracy.

  8. A message to those who have been deposed: If Trump calls you, activate a recording device, and pick up the call. Do the right thing.

  9. I'm sitting here wondering if that's exactly what just happened. Trump calls witness, witness calls lawyer, lawyer tape records call of witness calling Trump back. Hands over to Jan-6 Committee

  10. Don’t give the recording to the J6 committee, don’t give it to the police, don’t give it to the DOJ, send it to every news outlet and then post it to all of your social medias.

  11. I was going to be working a GOP event where he would be speaking. The only reason why I agreed to do it was I was going to record him, but then he got covid a couple days before the event.

  12. The Liz Cheney final words at these hearings are usually my favorite parts. Basically, "so we showed you all this stuff, pretty bad... but here's just another little shit nugget for y'all"

  13. its a good way to remind everyone what has happened so far. it's kinda hard to keep track of all the information even though the comittee is doing a generally good job of focusing each day on a specific topic

  14. Liz Cheney's final words are like those Marvel credit scenes that actually hint at what's coming. Very worth sticking around for.

  15. Hopefully she runs in 2024. She would split the GOP ticket. Psychopaths for DeSantis and moderates for Cheney. The only probables is if she keeps up this “rational and sensible “ business she might pull in a lot of left leaning independents.

  16. Her first words were incredible too. Paraphrasing a little, “Trump is a 76yo man. He knows what he was doing so let’s not pretend he was just going along with bad actors”

  17. Agree - the Raffensberger conversation by itself should've led to impeachment and indictment. Straight-up anti-democratic corruption, recorded and witnessed! Not to mention the "perfect" conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine, also recorded.

  18. Isn't that wild? The Mueller report specifically mentioned 10 occasions Trump had obstructed the investigation of justice, each on itself a crime, and a complicit AG in Barr sat on the report and said it was nothing. Claimed it exonerated Trump entirely. And when it finally came to light just how much Trump had broken the law, Trump's fans didn't read it so they accepted Barr's assertion it was nothing. And so Trump remained free, because his own appointed AG, appointed solely to quash the Mueller investigation, did his job.

  19. Yeah, well, Bill Barr is no longer leading the DOJ and people are being subpoenaed left and right in Georgia. Liz Cheney means business. I wouldn't just gloss over this development.

  20. The call with the Georgia Secretary of State is the most egregious example and should have been a death sentence but it wasnt. The dude comes in and says "I don't care what your data says, you need to look at our data your numbers are wrong, I just need you to find me 11,780 more votes"

  21. And we keep letting him get away with it. Garland doesn't look like he is going to any more effective than Mueller.

  22. The only acceptable conclusion to this is Trump spending the rest of his life in prison. Nothing else will be enough for the damage he did to our country.

  23. The American empire has been in decline since Watergate. The Trump presidency took that decline on a speedrun. Everything that is happening today can be traced back to Nixon. Fox News, the war on drugs, Citizens United and the corrupting of the Supreme Court are a 50 year plan by the Republican party to subvert democracy.

  24. This is - I think history will not be kind to W. Bush and write a story that seeds the collapse of the American empire with 2001 (two-war response to 9/11) through 2009 (Great Recession). Obama will be written as an attempt to stay that collapse but that the power of the Republican discourse was already too strong...as evidenced by Trump's win in 2016 that just set everything in motion to kill off the empire, institution by institution.

  25. What I find absolutely baffling as a non-American that works with a lot of Americans.....they're just kinda pretending it's not that big a deal. Like....where's the urgency to keep your democracy? There should be general strikes going on but everyone just keeps coming in to work.

  26. After piles on piles of crimes and treasonous acts, him finally getting indicted for something as blatantly stupid as witness tampering would be a fitting feather for his dunce cap.

  27. I find it fascinating how many people don't know that it is a crime to contact a witness - even if you don't reach them. That's why this is news. Trump is an idiot to call someone who is testifying- what possible reason was he calling for - to say Happy Birthday? To ask about the kids?

  28. Nah, he’s cheating on the 8th hole at Bedminster, When it finally dawns on that thick brain, then hamberders may be on the wall.

  29. And at the state level, maybe "unlawful attempts to disrupt the administration of the 2020 elections here in Georgia." The Fulton County DA is literally on the case.

  30. ...and Lindsay Graham will be extradited. Nothing will come of this. It never does. One system for them, one for us. It's fucking repulsive.

  31. Unfortunately I worry since the article mentions that this witness didn’t answer and directed the call to his lawyer that they’ll try and justify it as a legitimate call (somehow) since there isn’t specific evidence that they tried to intimidate then apart from the actual call. I would say on its face it should be considering the circumstances, but since nothing else has stuck as far as a charge towards citizen Trump, my concern is this too will be just another day at the office for him and his cohorts.

  32. I know many are justifiably cynical about Trump ever facing charges, but this J6 committee is putting this all together so well that I think it forces the DOJ’s hand.

  33. The rule of law has already failed. Donald Trump literally tried to overthrow the United States Constitution by force of violence.

  34. I've seen some speculation that it's the filmmaker who was in the White House on Jan. 6th. It was pretty heavily implied that they were going to be one of the witnesses for the primetime hearing that was supposed to be this week (as it was supposed to be about Trump's actions on Jan. 6th). The primetime hearing got cancelled over the weekend and then they scheduled this hearing instead which obviously had different content. It sounds like the material that was supposed to be for this hearing is what's coming up in the next one now.

  35. Attempts to tamper with witnesses are a prosecutor’s wet dream. The jury gets an instruction that they can consider it as evidence that the defendant knows that they are guilty and are trying to cover it up.

  36. Tbh it’s been working out pretty well for him. He’s gotten away with things so far. Would be nice to see some justice before the cholesterol gets to him.

  37. He must have left some kind of voicemail if they're able to conclude he was trying to tamper with the witness if the witness refused to pick up the call.

  38. Can you imagine nothing coming of all this and him being president again? It was bad enough the first time, but now he'll be vengeful as hell, even more unhinged and senile, will have 4 years previous experience to use in getting away with MORE shit, and will basically be untouchable from any kind of punishment because what's the point, apparently. It will be Trump turned up to 11. Help.

  39. I really can't think of a worse example of somebody that represents what we want America to be. The fact that the republicans can't see that is mind boggling. There's plenty of "decent" people to advance their shitty ideas, but they chose this guy.

  40. It might also make a few more Trump groupies believe that he's toast and not someone to risk their own legal well being over. See if they decide to spill as well.

  41. Genuine question for an actual lawyer: in a court of law, would trump’s phone call to a witness constitute tampering or would there have to be more there to justify charges?

  42. 18 USC 1512 includes “attempts”. So it’s not dispositive that the witness did not pick up. But yes we would need more evidence to prove intent.

  43. I think also who the person is, if it’s a pattern (aka he suddenly is trying to reach people he’s had zero other contact with until they became witnesses) - could play in. Maybe someone about which he’s said “I barely know that person” - okay then why are you calling? But yes a VM or email or whatever is best. A missed call could be argued as something else by the defense unless they can prove it’s a pattern or that trump had no legitimate reason to call this person.

  44. Just convict him of one felony and take his political aspirations off the table. He has committed many, all we need is one.

  45. I can't believe that sub is still active. I sometimes engaged with it back in 2018-2019 I think, but stopped because it was obvious it wasn't really about fostering a constructive back and forth. People with the Trump supper label could stomp all over your arguments by constantly double speaking in obvious bad faith, claimed that you were "twisting their words" when even directly quoting them, and were even allowed to circle circle-jerk each other and insult non-supporters while even when I was adding onto a non-suppoers comment as one got my comment removed.

  46. Trump's lifelong history of failing at everything has completely inured his followers and they no longer recognize that failing to succeed at your crimes - i.e. trying - is still a crime. They'll pull the old Ukraine defense: b-b-b-but Ukraine still got their money in the end!

  47. Every day that this criminal is not sitting in a jail cell with a pasty white face due to the unavailability of orange makeup in most federal jails is a fucking abomination.

  48. Merrick Garland is a useless clown. Imagine if Hillary had pulled a January 6th and Trump was in office. Barr would have indicted everyone who had anything to do with it.

  49. Here is my realistic dream … Trump gets convicted, takes a massive plea deal, he goes free, but in return he is barred from any public office, and also testified against a dozen or so GOP senators and representatives who get full jail time. This give Dems super majority in both houses so they can impeach all Trump justices and pretty much erase everything he poisoned in his 4 yrs.

  50. Am i crazy to think the fake electors scheme is more than inarguably actionable and one of the bigger smoking guns? I know it wouldnt take down trump but how the fuck is that not immediately arrestable.

  51. The opposition doesn’t care about any of this. This won’t sway one true trump voter. And better or worse, that’s the Republican Party. They’re fine with hypocrisy. They’re fine with insurrection. Just watch interviews with them. They are fanatics.

  52. Do you think he gives a shit about witness tampering? He was impeached twice and got off. He tried to commit treason openly and millions of people cheered him on. He’s been bankrupt several times and allowed to continue to operate businesses. He’s cheated on every wife he ever had. He’s made a life out of zero accountability for everything he’s ever done in life.

  53. Look fam, I'm not saying DOJ is going to indict, but if they do, it will not be until after the hearings are concluded and in all likelihood not until after the midterms. No way Garland chances those optics and honestly I can't say I blame him.

  54. Garland will indict when he feels his case is solid enough for conviction. When that is, only those working the case at the DOJ know... we can speculate all we want but it won't make a difference in what happens.

  55. Raskin’s Constant usage of “American Carnage” was a rhetorical call for the DOJ to do anything or this will happen again, but worse. This afternoons committee wasn’t meant for us

  56. American Carnage was a reference to Trump’s inauguration speech in 2017 where he spoke of how our country was some ravaged shithole that he alone was going to save. During the speech, he said “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now. We are one nation and their pain is our pain.”

  57. I'm not optimistic that we survive the next 150 years as a unified political entity. The GOPs constant obstruction, wealth funneling, and repealing of decisions is going to make peaceful resolution impossible, especially if they muck with popular vote and electoral college.

  58. I mean, at this point are we even surprised by the buffoon and his doing this? Although I am loving the panic I’m sure just caused with his lawyers and the new mess they have to try and clean up. Hopefully they will see he is a worthless cause and dump his ass like so many other firms have done.

  59. Trump is yet to rule out a run for the 2024 presidential election. A country of law and orders should rule him out and it shouldn't be a question at this point.

  60. Not sure who needs to read this, but in case you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s a ton of Republican power players secretly assisting the committee. You think Dick Cheney, one of the most well connected Republicans in the country, isn’t supporting his daughter? Even Mitch McConnell is discreetly supporting it given his total lack of condemnation. I’ve noticed even Mr. (let me see which way the wind blows today) Kevin McCarthy has started getting quite on the matter. Every major player in Washington is beginning to align against Trump. He will not survive this. Perhaps not with a conviction, or even an indictment, but most certainly politically. Enjoy every second of his demise.

  61. If Nixon had been recorded on the phone asking Georgia for a specific number of votes we all would’ve looked back now and then been like yeah that guy is a crook for trying to commit election fraud. Nowadays people think because it’s in real time right now, that’s not what happened because Republican propaganda FoxNews theatre puppet Tucker Carlson said it didn’t.

  62. The best outcome for the United States would be the Jan 6 commission continuing to uncover as much as they can. That of course is assuming the DOJ actually prosecutes these scum.

  63. Oh, all of a sudden it's a problem for someone to give a call to an old friend to reminisce about almost overthrowing American democracy? If Trump can't speak with fellow insurrectionists, it's going to be a very lonely final act.

  64. Politicians have difficulty with the law because they learn very early on that when you have power, the law is secondary to your agenda. #45's Administration (we do not speak his name) was one of the most corrupt and weird of any president in history.

  65. IF Cheney is telling the truth AND has legally acceptable Documented evidence of that phone call and VERIFY that it was *THE ORANGE TURNIP* that it was DT calling. Liz has him dead to rights. DTs own voice in his own words has him convicted of witness tampering. It would make no difference the reason he called to encourage non co-operation or total support its still witness tampering. Just identifying himself as Donald Trump on the recording is evidence. Somebody pass DT the knife and we can watch him commit suicide.

  66. It's not Pence. He is not going to cooperate with the committee, no way in hell. The guy still thinks he has a shot at the 2024 nomination.

  67. I’m work at a public defenders office and it’s so fucking infuriating seeing this shit. If one of my clients did this, he’d be in jail yesterday.

  68. It is times like these that we need Trump to have his Twitter account activated. Think about how much he would have admitted to if he still had access to Twitter

  69. Did you sleep the past five years? Once Trump describes a crime he did, is doing, or will do, on Twitter, it immediately becomes not a big deal. Him not being on Twitter, and this coming out thru the committee instead, is a huge change that might lead to a different outcome.

  70. Pro tip: if you ever commit a crime, make sure to commit it so thoroughly and blatantly that it takes the remainder of your life to present all the evidence at trial.

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