Texas could secede from U.S. in 2023 as GOP pushes for referendum

  1. There’s a lot in the official document. Stuff on how The Alamo should be presented, gutting the Texas Bar, Ending equal rights protections, ignoring the popular vote, etc.

  2. The high priests of Gilead on the SCOTUS have already de facto gutted voting rights. It's not worth the paper it's written on now anyway.

  3. And (number 34 on their list), remove direct elections for every statewide office, and replace it instead with an electoral college system based on state senate seats, where voters aren't even making a choice for the electoral college votes, but are instead simply electing the person who will be part of that college and make a choice based on their own personal opinions.

  4. Which explains why they throw around seceding in the same breath. They have no plans on seceding, but they want to hold the federal government hostage, “we will leave if you don’t let us oppress and subjugate our people!”.

  5. Not american here: would that mean that Texas would be able to outlaw voting from black or any other category of people ?? What da hell ?

  6. You nailed the “real reason.” I’m an Aggie who lived in the altered state of Texas for five years. The “secession” word is continually used as a temper tantrum threat. But under the present leadership and legislators who have replied to questions concerning Uvalde as, “we don’t know God’s plan” — who knows what they may do.

  7. They've literally been doing this constantly since the south lost the civil war. They can't stop with this histrionic shitfit they throw all the time.

  8. Yeap! I remember when Obama was in office and they scrambled the states reserves one time because they suddenly got scared that Obama was going to “take over the state of Texas” and so they were on stand by incase of an attack….. these people are brain dead fascists. They are are deranged mentally ill terrorists and should be treated as such.

  9. “We believe in the original wording of the constitution” but also that were a Christian nation and we’re going to insert our religion into everyone’s life.

  10. Wow, they completely forgot about the reason Texas was annexed as a US State: They were freaking broke and risked being reintegrated with Mexico if they didn't agree to be annexed by the US.

  11. The Texas 'electoral college' state system is a bigger danger since the Secession thing will never happen... but you could actually see an attempt at making Governor, Attorney General, Senators, etc... be based on a Texas 'state electoral college' type system. Which would just ignore popular vote and instead each district would be allotted electors who would meet on their behalf.

  12. It’s not lost on me that most Free Market Republicans are the same people complaining they can’t afford to eat when eggs are $1 more a dozen and can’t afford to drive to work now. Welcome to Capitalism. It’s fun until you’re the one priced out.

  13. I wish Texas could just be isolated as a use-case and let them proceed with 100% implementing every single part of this policy.

  14. Sure they can certainly vote to secede, but isn’t the Union permanent? Seems line the “party of Lincoln” and “we know what the founders wanted” folks would know that. But I guess that only matters when it’s convenient for them….

  15. The whole point of the Civil War was that secession itself is illegal. They can vote on it all they want, but there is no legal framework to do it.

  16. So the patriots, those that claim to love America more than anyone else, want out? They literally want to break apart the USA. And I'm guessing they will still claim to be patriots in the same breath.

  17. There’s a “satirical” sci-fi setting called Starstruck, in which the denizens of the planet “New Texas” are described as “loving Amercadia so much, they actually hate Amercadians, who they perceive as not loving Amercadia enough”.

  18. “Texas is the only state that came into the Union by treaty. It retains the right to secede at will. We have heard them threaten to secede so often that I formed an enthusiastic organization—The American Friends for Texas Secession. This stops the subject cold. They want to be able to secede but they don't want anyone to want them to.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley

  19. Lol … bunch of drama queens. Totally true though. I live in Texas. and this subject comes up on a regular basis. And yes, they all never fail to say, “we should just secede. We’re the only only state that entered by treaty, ours is the only flag that is higher than the US Capitol, etc)”

  20. To put into context how long Texas has been using this “threat,” Steinbeck has been dead since 1968. They do it all the time and expect us to care.

  21. If Texas seceded from the U.S., either the GQP could never win the White House again, or it would have to moderate itself so much to become viable again that the 3%ers, Proud Boys, and all their ilk would be kicked out of the party.

  22. I mean the Mexican border would change pretty quick after the cartels overrun the state. The mass relocation of federal assets and private equity would be a plus for all the other states.

  23. I’m here for it. Let it be the perfect case study for how absolutely insane things would be if Republicans were completely in control. When they suddenly can’t blame liberals for everything, we can just sit and watch with popcorn.

  24. I’m a Texan. I recall in 2019-2020 receiving feeds about Texas succession and how it would be good. But I noticed some non-native English structure in the sentences that looked familiar. (I also speak Russian.). I dismissed it as just someone’s s*** post. Later it turns out this was the product of a Russian disinformation effort. So, as we move jnto the 2022 and 2024 election cycles, be conscious of ANY articles or hype that promotes emotional reaction and division amongst Americans, be it from a liberal or conservative perspective. Russia doesn’t care which side they antagonize with their disinformation campaigns, as long as someone’s swallowing it and it flames division.

  25. That’s really interesting I’m glad you shared that. I recall a long time ago some Russian prof prophesied the breakup of the US into different states around this time. Reading it back then seemed crazy, but now I’m thinking maybe that indicates Russian wishful thinking more than anything else. They would certainly benefit from it and it’s their style to try to agitate in this way.

  26. Cool-2 fewer GOP Senators, 36 seats in the house-24 of those GOP reps (2 new undecided seats added this election). No more federal funds to them for anything, and they have to manage the majority of the southern border themselves with no federal assistance-no money, no agents, nothing. I’m good with it and happy to help Texan refugees.

  27. Idk, from what a lot of the conservatives say, those foreign countries are sending their rapists and murders. Best to not let those job stealing Texas aliens in.

  28. We already pay so much on property taxes. We’re about to be half owned by the state. My Gf and I plan on moving back to California, where I’m originally from. She’s a Texan but her beliefs don’t line up with the Texan political hypocrisy.

  29. Oh absolutely, that coupled with the pandemic hitting the Republican party base harder, which is already aging and dying. And being steadily replaced by a less conservative younger generation.

  30. Texas has mass shootings they can't prevent, failed electric grid they can't keep operational, political corruption at the highest level that's never held accountable, and a messed up healthcare system among other things.. maybe their solution is to commit sedition, exit the union and make it a one party state so that there's no one left to hold them accountable and prevent from enforcing their Sharia law

  31. I don’t think these so called patriots ever even read the constitution. They just repeat and believe the podcasters and grifters they are hooked on.

  32. Yeah, they act like suddenly the framers of the constitution which they regard as practically divine prophets weren't aware of the concept of "expressio unius exclusio alterius", what it means in interpretation of laws and that the constitution only provides for expansion of the union.

  33. See we are thinking about this all wrong... them leaving is.liike almost 40 EC votes the GOP can't ever get back plus we don't have to worry about their power grid issues and the new Oklahoma border wall.will.be cheaper to build.

  34. Many if not most Texans believe there is a provision in their statehood that allows them to unilaterally secede at any time.

  35. The problem with claiming a war settles anything is that the proponents of the other point of view just say, “okay, let’s make it the best 2 out of 3”.

  36. Please, Texas, a little less talk and a lot more action. You've been bitching for years, just secede already. BTW, how's that independent power grid working out?

  37. Its not Texas.. its the GOP. Many of us actively vote against them... but they are so entrenched you cant even make a dent.... They gerrymandered my district and split it up, merging portions into 3 other districts because we were voting too democrat... and this issue goes all the way up to the Texas Supreme Court and our Attorney General... to be given a green light to proceed...

  38. Texan here. Trust me average everyday Texans are fed up with this bullshit. Not all obviously, but a majority of Texans don’t like how Texas is being handled right now

  39. Let them secede and when they all start burning alive cause of global warming, we’ll build a big wall all around em to keep ‘em out. And they will pay for it

  40. I just read the Texas GOP's 2022 platform and resolutions. In their platform principles they are making all kinds of friends:

  41. Speaking as a native, this is taught in every 7th grade class: Texas has the resources and means to secede from the Union, it’s been it’s own country before.

  42. California has the resources to be its own country too, but if they suggested the same idea, Texans would call Californians to be executed for treason.

  43. Quebec’s referendums are a whole different beast. Mostly based on identity and language. It’s years away from this religious insanity.

  44. Texan here. This is the dumbest thing the mouth breathers continuously fall back to. If they actually referendum such a attempt the fed should immediately pull all US military from Texas. F35? Sorry Fort Worth, you’re a foreign country now. ExxonMobile, record profits? Your in a foreign country now. ATT? Foreign. The list goes on and on. November is coming and I’m sticking around to try to help make a change but if we don’t get a bit bluer I may not hang around much longer. As another Reddit poster on this thread said, for the normal sane folks this place is exhausting.

  45. I love my big, beautiful state, but boy howdy, am I embarrassed for it. What a lot of people looking in from the outside may not understand is that this really isn't the prevailing thought amongst native Texans. In fact,

  46. OK, setting aside my snark for a second, I bet it's exhausting and I appreciate your efforts to stick it out and correct the course. I wish you luck and I know the gerrymandering isn't making it easy.

  47. I would put my house on the market the next day and try to move back to the US if this was allowed in Texas... the GOP redefines stupidity every year.

  48. Im no fan of borders but if your telling me BPD gets to stroll around Okalahoma looking for Texans to detain and send back to Texas I may have to reconsider because that sounds hilarious.

  49. "Texit" wouldn't be so bad. We can adopt Puerto Rico as #50 to keep the same 50 stars on the flag. We lose a large Republican led state in the process. We also lose Ted Cruz forever. I see this as an absolute win!

  50. Texas voted 46% popular vote for the democratic party in 2020 please dont lump every texan in with those who say dumb shit like this. Theres a lot of smart, great people here

  51. A lot of commentary over the headline of the article, naturally. But let's not forget this is yet another prime example that Republican officials don't want to lead or govern. If things are "so bad", where are the policies to improve the situation? Where are the bills to better the state of Texas and its citizens?

  52. Finally, the 2A crowd can have the opportunity to see precisely how effective their small arms are in open conflict with a nation state.

  53. Are you trying to say that fat guys with AR-15’s can’t take on a professional army with tanks, fighter jets, and drones?

  54. The Republican Caliphate of Texas would be fascinating to watch from outside. I hope it happens, and I hope it draws all of these “patriot” dipshits to Texas. Then we need to “Build That Wall!” around that cesspool of intellectual delinquency and let them eat themselves.

  55. We'd just need a policy of subsidizing people who need to move out of Texas; and give people the OK to reorganize. Sure don't want people trapped in Texas; and who am I to tell someone they're stuck in America?

  56. These chickenshit rednecks are like 8 yr olds running away from home with their Nintendo Switch and fruit snacks in their backpacks.

  57. Not really. As of right now, they rely on so much import of electricity from other states that they would crash and burn without it.

  58. I mean, yes, but people said that about banning abortion. Oh they're never going to actually do it, they need it as an incentive to bring people out to the polls. And yet here we are, talking about the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

  59. Isn’t that exactly why they have been stockpiling weapons for decades? Not that it would do shit, but it makes them feel better at night.

  60. Yup. Remember that before they rebelled against the United States because they wanted to keep slaves and the United States wasn't going to let them, they rebelled against Mexico because they wanted to keep slaves and Mexico wasn't going to let them.

  61. People would move out of Texas in a massive wave. Texas would lose all federal protections and funding (35% of the Texas budget is federal money). Along with the FDIC, federal research grants (a huge blow to major texas universities) and once the grants are gone and tenure is repealed the professors will go too, people will no longer send their kids to Texas schools, and without FASFA and federal loans no one could afford it anyway. Healthcare assistance like Medicaid and Medicare gone. Social security gone. Veterans affairs offices gone. Military contracts canceled. Any kind of strategic reserve, the military and it's equipment, border patrol, TSA (not much of a loss), epa, fbi, pick an acronym and it's gone. Business would pack up overnight. Border patrol check points at every major interstate leaving the state. US trade would be re-routed away from Texas. There would be mass unemployment for anyone that remained and Texas would be a destitute 3rd world nation in a short order.

  62. El Paso would vote to stay in the US, Big Bend could potentially be cut out from Texas and given to NM, or forms the new small state of New Texas

  63. These people are such suckers for Russian manipulation. Texas seceding would hurt Texas, and the rest of America, but it would help Putin fulfil his dream of having Russia be the number one superpower.

  64. This would be catastrophic both for the GOP and Texas, and the only people who really want it are progressives who would find it hilarious to watch them "pull themselves up by their bootstraps".

  65. The positives of Texas leaving the US are too innumerable to type out. Please do and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Same for every other state who doesn’t like it here.

  66. I hope they do. Democrats would then have a majority in the Senate. Pull out the Johnson Space Center and military bases and watch the Texas economy tank. And when a hurricane hits, sorry no aid for you. Red states receive more in Federal assistance then they pay in taxes.

  67. The most dangerous part of what I just read was the education platform about teaching kids about “Texas and American exceptionalism”

  68. Lol good. Let them go. They'll find pretty quickly that they need the US far more than the US needs Texas.

  69. They can't even handle surviving in a union and getting tax dollars, how do they plan on surviving without? Especially pinned in between two countries Texans loathe apparently?

  70. This is a red herring. They're talking loudly about seceding to hide something else they don't want anybody talking about.

  71. At what point does the FBI/Federal Gov't recognize the GOP as a dangerous right-wing group of religious zealots? They are already carrying out acts of violence in the name of their twisted ideology. These nut jobs are damn near taliban levels of insanity by now.

  72. This isn’t about seceding. It’s about making this a fascist white Christian nation. They WILL take away everyone’s civil rights, except the white male’s rights.

  73. Must be a weird conundrum for the US senators and house members from Texas since they would lose their powerful federal positions if Texas secedes. A whole swath of conservative politicians would suddenly find themselves outside of the power base and they would likely be immediately subservient to the state legislature power who would likely frame things to ensure that they kept power.

  74. I’m no political strategy expert but what is the end goal here? It seems like whenever the GOP sees that they’re losing support, and the general population is moving even slightly further to the left, the GOP swings violently in the opposite direction. It seems to me like the logical choice in that situation would be to drop the far-right ideals so that you have a better chance to win elections. Instead the swing hard right and then resort to gerrymandering to keep in power because they can’t win a fair election.

  75. Oh boy, I can’t wait for this to happen. The US can military close all their bases their and take all US government property with them, including weapons. We can save federal funding of all their institutions, including their Universities. We can move the Johnson space center out, end all farm subsidies, make them pay for national park lands, stop sending them disaster relief, and on and on. The US will be way better off morally, culturally, and financially if they secede and slide into a libertarian hellscape of their own choosing.

  76. They have learned nothing from Brexit. Even if it happened, and there was no war, they lose all military installations and jobs, companies leave, they have passports that are not recognized by many countries, their kids can't freely travel in the US, can't go to college anywhere outside of Texas, and they get sued for their portion of the national debt.

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