Texas GOP platform calls for secession vote: "224. Texas Independence: We urge the Texas Legislature to pass bill ... requiring a referendum in the 2023 general election for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation."

  1. That's fine (it's really not) just as long as they understand all US Military Bases (15) in Texas will be removed and they no longer qualify for an FEMA relief aid, Social Security benefits etc. Their northern state border will be considered the new southern border of the US.

  2. That's what I don't get. They will lose all the benefits of being an American state. They essentially will have a border crossing that needs a passport to enter the United States. Does anyone who talks secession really think this shit through?

  3. You know what’s NOT fine? That these same people wave American flags from the back of their pick up trucks. If you’re even considering secession, don’t wave my country’s flag. Don’t call yourself a “patriot”. And you don’t get to vote on matters that touch on my life. And if Texas DOES secede, we get to separate your families when you try to move to Missouri for work.

  4. There are two big issues in regards to secession. Military bases and the national debt. Texas would try to seize the 15 military bases and would refuse any responsibility for any portion of the national debt.

  5. And Texas can start paying for water from the Rio Grande, which they currently get for free. Or even better, use that water to irrigate the fields of Colorado and New Mexico.

  6. Not to mention that by doing this they are removing one of the largest sources of Republican electoral college votes. All but assuring their northern neighbors move towards the left politically as a nation.

  7. Not to mention that all companies that have US Government contracts will now be foreign companies without US Government contracts. No products from the remaining US will be able to enter Texas without a Trade Agreement. All travel in and out will require passports and visas.....

  8. There’s this weird assumption that the USA would be cool with it and help. The fact is they’ll financially ruin the country of Texas.

  9. And they will lose the funding for their national guard units (probably 70-80% of the budget) plus access to all of the maintenance (parts, logistics, etc) and ammunition.

  10. It really is just fine. Let them go. Remove all federal facilities and military supplies. Relocate all federal employees. No more federal dollars for ANYTHING. Safety net is gone.

  11. Sounds good. They only declared independence from Mexico because Mexico was about to free slaves. Texas wasn't having that. Worse state in the South in my eyes.

  12. Don’t forget all the military industrial complex companies that would have to leave Texas since they’d have to be in a state that’s apart of the US to continue getting contracts

  13. Texas Democrats should play this up. Ads about how Republicans aren't happy when they aren't in charge, so they want to secede. Again. Bring up how every time a Democrat is president, there's a movement to secede. Tie it to the Republican Party and Abbott.

  14. I looked into this and it is my understanding that everyone who votes in favor will get a brand new car, $50,000 cash and a puppy.

  15. It would be weird, because it would free up California/New York/Florida/Penn to get more proper representation, since those 38 seats would become available to go to other states.

  16. LOL I have been living in Texas for 13 years now. And I know damn well these Republicans who pretend like they have big balls and guns will fucking SHIT THEMSELVES when active duty troops roll in and crush them.

  17. It wouldn’t even come to a shooting war if any one state tried to succeed. They would simply get blockaded into submission (the government buildings) and throw out whatever idiot government tried this bs. It would take many states banding together (at least a 3rd of the country) for there to be a civil war.

  18. Seriously, without FEMA anyone not rich (like Cruz who runs away when it gets scary) would all be dead within a few years. Isn't Texas one of the welfare states (a state that gets more federal money than they provide through taxes) and would eventually collapse without federal money?

  19. Interesting. What better way to sow discord and tear apart a country than to encourage part of it to secede? It seems to be working pretty well.

  20. This one is just performance art. They do it every time they meet, same with the legislature. Not good but grand scheme it’s just peacocking for the base.

  21. I don't understand the secession idea. Like, let's say they did it. Couldn't the US military immediately attack Texas, kill their leaders, and bring the state back into the fold? They would expect to be treated with special status by the US but it could go very, very bad for them.

  22. Texan here. Please don't resign me to the Handmade's Tale. Would super appreciate some support from fellow Americans. Cool thanks.

  23. Like 40% of us are nice, sane people. It would be literally life ruining if the rural crazies drug us into that kind of awful situation. Please don't wish that on us.

  24. How about those who voted yes, cancel their citizenship and create a temp status to them like Separative and give them limited time to apply citizenship for another country. Clearly they don’t want to be American. Oh oh, sent them to Russia. Send Trump too as free gift.

  25. Good catch. As we can see with our current Electoral College, the rural districts would benefit the most. And since rural districts tend to vote GOP they would most likely have the majority of electors. From there these electors would then vote in a majority GOP Congress.

  26. For reasons I can’t comprehend, all my fellow Texans who aren’t insane just don’t get involved with politics at all. My county has horrific turnout rates for anything that isn’t a major federal election. Beto is absolutely right when he says we’re not a red state but a non voting state.

  27. Try to remember that just under 50% of Texans vote against the GOP. There are plenty of intelligent Texans out there. The GOP, unfortunately, has gerrymandered the map and enacted every rule they can to suppress progressive voters in the state.

  28. Well looks like every flood and national disaster after this will have to come From their own pockets Revoke their American Citizenships and all the benefits that come with it. Good luck. Let the Spanish start a war with them and the US will not come to their aid

  29. They now this will never happen. The resolution is just nonsense posturing. "Hold me back, bro!"

  30. I’m in Texas, I cannot believe how stupid some of these people are, where their worldview is so small. Not only would we lose federal support but as other comments have shown we would lose corporate benefits (jobs). There would be nothing protecting your average worker from getting their entire salary shifted lower. I hope the Texas GOP gets fractured into oblivion. Conservatives need some critical thinking leaders, badly.

  31. This is why my family left nearly 20 years ago. They didn’t see it getting better, and while the Midwest isn’t amazing in any respect, it’s not Texas.

  32. The other 49 states would be able to study the effects of republican conservatives when left unchecked. Go ahead and succeed. It will only make the remaining United States stronger.

  33. Fucking do it! Don’t threaten me with a good time. Without Texas, dems would control the electoral college and presidency in perpetuity.

  34. Go for it, do a Brexit (Texit? Lol) and give up all your federal benefits just to wave your tiny peckers around.

  35. Attempting to secede (not just talking about it but actually trying to do it) would be an act of war against the US. Those military bases would become military occupation and they would probably transfer all current soldiers out of state and replace them with soldiers from other bases to ensure that the military wouldn’t share the secession sentiments. It would be over quick and a lot of the politicians that facilitated it would find themselves arrested for sedition. If the law passes and they get a ballot measure they should be very nervous about what happens if the ballot measure passes because they can’t legally follow through on it

  36. Let them secede. Wait a month let them form little militias with all the guns they want. Absolutely crush them with full force of federal government. Prison for every politician that was involved. Loss of voting rights for anyone that fought against the United States . Blue state, senate majority, stop this slow slide to the demise of our country.

  37. This will never happen. Those in the big cities don't want to secede, and those who actually run Ameristan are well aware of the fact that if they are cut off from all those liberal cities they hate so much, they're just Mexico with worse food.

  38. Please secede and become a third world country. Fucking pieces of shit blame states like CA, NY, MA, and NJ even though we prop them up

  39. Russians have been pushing for secession by Texas (and California). Russians were behind the Facebook group called "Heart of Texas" and also behind online Islamic groups. Russians then instigated both the bigots and the islamists to have protests on the exact same day in Houston in the hope of causing maximum mayhem. So you had all these Texans out in the streets, counter-protesting each other, unaware that the whole thing was orchestrated back in Russia.

  40. Lifelong progressive Texan in DFW here. In the last 5 years, I finally got the job I always wanted (corp office in DFW) and paid off my house. Thought it would never get this bad. I’ve never been a loud proud Texan, but now I’m embarrassed and scared. My grandson was born last year and we are doing everything we can to help my son and DIL raise him in a state/country with half a brain. Any conservatives in NorCal, WA, CO or the NE interested in a political refugee home exchange?

  41. A lot of Texcessionists claim that whatever treaty brought the Republic of Texas into the union has some carve out that allows secession. Dunno how accurate that is but even if it is true, that’s also ignoring everything that happened after the Republic joined the US (cough cough the civil war)

  42. Honestly we should kick them out of the union along with Florida. They are like weird third world countries compared to most of the USA.

  43. Good Lord just let them leave. Half the dumbshit conservatives will immigrate there and this will make America great finally 👏 .

  44. Do it and cut them off from absolutely everything. Follow suit with all other red states. If you voted GOP you are cut off from all federal assistance however your neighbors that didn’t vote for secession will get assistance.

  45. Let them leave Remove all military assets from texas Embose 100 percent tarrifs on any goods entering or leaving texas Impose no fly zone over texas Have carrier squadrons in gulf and embargo all ship transports into texas Smoke cigars and laugh

  46. So like do you think we can claim asylum in Colorado? Love to live in a real state. Can't convince the wife and her family to leave, they're too old, but got damn if this state isn't a fucking nightmare piece of shit.

  47. I’m here for it. Go for it Texas. 1 less red state borrowing money from the federal government. Enjoy those blackouts when you don’t get free money to “fix” it

  48. Well as a dc native living in Texas please let me know when the deal is done. So just like my ancestors I can escape the south by car, plane(per trump), or underground railroad. Whatever the situation dictates

  49. Fuckin do it! Let's see texas exist without federal support, can't wait for their fucked up society to just collapse immediately.

  50. The traitor states should have been stripped of representation in national government after the civil war. Or, maybe, the time has come to re-evuluate the great compromise and eliminate the senate in favor of a unicameral legislature where representation depends only on population. The sane people of America have essentially been trapped in an abusive relationship with bastards who don't give a shit about their interests.

  51. Apart from states not legally allowed to succeed from the Union regardless of how Texas feels about it, even Scalia agreed in 2006. But, at this point, let them. I've lived in Texas almost my whole life and I'm finally getting out. They truly don't understand what this would mean for them:

  52. Texas can't even provide basic services (water and electricity) to their own people, and they somehow expect they will be able to be fully independent?

  53. Do it. Texas will self-implode in a matter of years without the federal government’s tit and liberal tax dollars.

  54. Jesus fucking Christ Trump really, really, really fucked us up right when some of us were fooled into thinking we were starting to come together as a country. Thanks Putin!

  55. This is total bullshit no one with any sense wants Texas to be independent of the other 49 . This old Texan wants everyone to know how he feels about this.

  56. I wish they would do it and take all the conservatives in America with then, we’ll welcome the Austin and Dallas refugees.

  57. Omg please let them leave. The GOP would lose so many seats in house/senate. Should really help improve all national elections moving forward

  58. Funny, I've been thinking lately that the coasts should be their own countries. And not so much to get out from under the red states (though there is that to consider) but to get out from under a governmental structure designed for the 18th century by a bunch of slaveholders to protect their property interests.

  59. I’m just going to follow the maxim that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I’ve seen enough in the past 6 years of how willing the Right is to self immolate to just get the W for whatever extremely hair brained belief they have today.

  60. They tried this before... and lost in the supereme court... White vs Texas 1869 says no state can secede from the union.

  61. Whatt a fucking idiotic thing to do. A half wit no brain solution to a non existing problem. GOP are useless morons with a God complex.if you vote republican then you are just a traitor to the country you claim to love. Hopeless useless republicans

  62. I hope they propose and vote on a secession resolution, and each and every person who votes in favor of secession is immediately arrested by federal marshals.

  63. The new Alamo. Lose military bases, millions in government funding, any support for natural disasters, national highway maintenance and so on. I know a few Texans and a couple of them would definitely be on board with this.

  64. I'm fine with this. Because of the Electoral College, Texas delegates would essentially be divided to more populous states (blue leaning) thus making it easier for Democrats to win president every time.

  65. Guys, cmon. If Texans want to go, by all means, I fully support them. It makes sense from their actions that they don’t really care about democracy or freedom, so go ahead and become the Belarus of the west already.

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