Texas GOP declares Biden illegitimate, demands end to abortion

  1. It's in motion and can't be stopped. They're basically saying that if they lose, it's due to cheating. They're saying that there is no legitimate government other than their own.

  2. Looks like the country is headed for a total breakdown. It’s been in decline for a while now, but it seems the breaking point is close now. I hope it doesn’t end in armed conflict, but all the signs are pointing that way. Without a serious turn back to sanity, America is heading the way of so many other failed states that were captured by con artists and religious fundamentalists, working together.

  3. The fact that they are not even going to great lengths to disguise fascism as libertarianism anymore is really fucking scary. Buncha slimy, traitorous, grifters. Disgusting.

  4. They’ve literally outlined a plan on how they’re going to install their own counters. Like it’s published how they’re openly going to steal the election…

  5. It is. Its how they operate and have for my entire life. First they muddy the waters by doing X, then they accuse Dems of doing X, so that when they REALLY double down on X "enlightened" centrist go 'both sides!'. If you want to know what their plans are, just pay attention to whatever made up controversy they have thier propaganda arms screaming about.

  6. Yeah sort of feel like a republican candidate has a good chance of winning any way. But if not, I'm pretty concerned about the response. I do hate that the presidency that Biden inherited is so chaotic due to a lot of external factors because the average American that doesn't really watch or read any news just sees that gas costs too much, food costs too much and baby formula is almost nowhere to be found. For a lot of people, these things not existing in Trump's presidency means that they're directly Biden's fault. In reality democrats have tried to put together policies that might alleviate even a little of this pressure but republicans won't let most of it through. It actually makes me mad that republicans would rather make democrats look so bad to their voters than try to help the country

  7. They stole 2000 with Bush and nobody batted about eye. It'd been there game all along. Gerrymandering their way to other victories.

  8. I still can’t reconcile how they cast doubt on all Dems elected but consider republicans elected to be all fair and square - on the SAME BALLOTS

  9. Because they're liars and they know they're not held as accountable as everyone else. - we have to get past the "That's funny, I thought..." stage.

  10. In 2024, if a Dem presidential candidate wins and they call the election illegitimate, well… I say fuck my incumbent nutjob right wing city council members and state legislators. Cue the claim “Oh, only the part about the president and federal appointments were faked…”

  11. They don't believe these things at the top, they just know if they keep saying it over and over again they'll convince gullible people who will get violent.

  12. They’re not playing the same game on the same terms. It’s not two chess players trying to out-maneuver each other; it’s a chess player and a hockey player vying for the venue itself, with the hockey player trying to make the argument that chess shouldn’t be played at all and that the room should be permanently converted to a rink so that chess isn’t played there ever again. Nothing against hockey players; just an analogy.

  13. I’ve still not gotten an answer to this. I ask Trump supporters about this. They have no answer.

  14. Charge these fuckers with sedition or something. There is a nationwide coordinated effort by the GOP to delegitimize our democracy and turn it into a Christofascist dictatorship. Stop letting them do this shit without consequences.

  15. And this is the party with which Dems want to find a middle ground.. Dems probably would fight harder for Log Cabin Republicans than GOP themselves, but somehow the media would have us believe "both sides" are at fault for the deepening divisions in our country

  16. It’s not reasoning: it’s rhetoric to activate a base of voters. They will say and do anything including openly contradict themselves if it will keep those votes. Their sole motivation is power, and they have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing, not even court orders. Power is all they understand, and when their power fails, violence will follow.

  17. What I don't get is even if we accept for the sake of discussion that homosexuality is a choice (clearly, it's not), why would that mean we should restrict people's freedom to choose it? What great public concern would justify that?

  18. Hahaha and the Texas log cabin republicans just stated that the Texas GQP would never say this, just two days ago.

  19. We're within a few years of a ban on homosexuality in Texas. Marriage will go away and I legitimately think there will be some form of reporting on homosexual activity. I can see a same sex kiss in public becoming an indecency charge.

  20. And it won’t stop there. The LGBTQ community is just the easiest target for them. If GQP has its way, they will move on to other groups that aren’t white and Christian.

  21. Oil extraction should be nationalized in general. Fuck giving out all the permits and land leases. If oil companies are gonna play the "it's not as profitable for us to produce more oil when it's demanded," then capitalism is failing.

  22. "We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States," the resolution says.

  23. “States’ rights” is a bs argument. They’re claiming power over other state governments now, AND the federal government.

  24. Lol, I'll always associate bad faith Republicans with that one guy who raided the capitol we all saw barking out orders loudly and confidently. It was something along the lines of, "HEY, HERE'S TED CRUZ. HE REJECTED THE VOTE...what, that's good?"

  25. I don't get it they say that Biden is illegitimate but provide ZeRo evidence to prove it was stolen. Constantly during rallies and TV spots on FOX they say they have evidence of fraud but still waiting for them to show it. It's the same thing with the JFK shooting all my life they talk about the grassy knoll and second shooters. They need to be confronted "Put up or Shut up".

  26. It’s because they are post truth radical inbreds. They finally threw off the shackles of proof and realized they could believe whatever they want without the burden of evidence if they just keep repeating it and reinforce it with violence

  27. It's birtherism all over again, those people then knew Obama wasn't Kenyan, it was just code for not recognizing him because he is, well, you know.

  28. You’re talking about the religious right…people who have based their entire world view on ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims. “Proof” and “evidence” are not things to these people.

  29. I'll throw my hat in with this vote, I'll even make it my cowboy hat from my rodeo days to really piss this sad sobs off

  30. I loved mythbusters but I quickly grew to hate that quote, simply because it was often parroted by the most pretentious, stubborn people. It’s a pretty rare thing nowadays so that just reminded me of some ancient cringe

  31. They also called for an end to Federal Income Tax, the abolition of the Federal Reserve, and the right to crypto currency. There’s also their desire to classify transgendered individuals as mentally ill and advocate for a new constitutional amendment banning any future laws restricting any type of gun control.

  32. Just skimmed through the entire document. These mother fuckers are evil and dangerous. I need to get my family out of here and I’m very worried we can’t leave fast enough

  33. They're not even doctors. They have no right to classify something as a mental illness (which this isn't). I hate living in Wannabe-Gilead.

  34. Desperate people desperately trying to hold onto power as the voting numbers in their state have slowly inched closer to blue every single year. If they don't act now, they may not have the chance to later. It's all pathetic as well as disgusting and so reminiscent of the Pre Civil War US its truly worrying. Hook them up for treason and sedition. They've moved past just talking about it and into action which changes the situation.

  35. To the Jewish community of Texas, please sue the state in the argument that banning abortions takes away from your religious freedom

  36. If Biden's election is illegitimate then every single GOP rep elected in 2020 should immediately step down as they were illegally elected as well.

  37. I love this idea they're trying to ship that Dems were smart enough to steal an election while leaving 0 evidence, but also too stupid to change the other parts of the ballot so that they dont have the majority they need in congress to use said stolen power.

  38. Exactly. Texas is like the rebellious teenager who repeatedly begs to use the family car and then complains when they have to buy gas.

  39. So the party in control of Texas has essentially just declared open rebellion against the US government. It’s time to declare the GOP a terrorist organization and deal with them as such.

  40. It takes the Dems getting a backbone and saying ‘you know what? no. you can’t say shit like this without consequences.’ - Dems need stop talking about compromise, it’s not going to happen - like you said, the are openly starting a rebellion, treat them like anyone else, they’re traitors.

  41. Literally, is there no legal consequence to the state government declaring a democratic federal election illegitimate? Everyday there’s something new republicans in this country are doing that fucks over the USA.

  42. Dominion should file lawsuit against the Texas GOP. By that statement, they’re saying Dominion’s voting machines were not accurate. I wonder how quickly that little blurb in their party stance goes away quietly when confronted with a lawsuit.

  43. I'm slowly but surely taking steps to get out of this shit hole, if for no other reason than I'd like my daughter to be able to visit me without fear of her mere existence being a capital felony.

  44. This is the goal in TX and FL - if they can get just a few more sane people to leave it will go 100% to the nutjobs permanently.

  45. Me too. I can’t raise children here. The schools are bleeding teachers. And for the cost in property taxes lately, you think the state could do something besides oppress people. Unless you are a gun owning fascist you just aren’t heard.

  46. DUDE, SAME. I’m actively trying to move back to the Northeast. Almost 4 years living here has made me realize how truly FUCKED this state is and I just can’t take it anymore.

  47. I’m in CT and it shouldn’t be as surprising as it is at the amount of people from the south - specifically texas - that are relocating up here. My husbands friends literally just packed up their whole house and left to come here recently.

  48. I have less than a week until I move out of this backwards fucking state forever. I grew up here, I've been here almost my entire life but, holy shit has Texas gone off the rails and it's getting worse and worse every day.

  49. I successfully left and now live in Finland. Best decision ever. I'm happy to talk about the process and my decision process if you want to talk to someone who took the plunge.

  50. It's hard to see posts like this. I agree with you but I also love Texas so I'm just gunna stay here and keep voting because if good people leave you don't fix anything likely will make it worse. This shit's occurring not because we have crazy people in Texas, that's everywhere, it's occurring because NO one is voting. Major turn out is around 18% and local elections are is FAR less with many spots around the state running unopposed. We are doing it to ourselves and collectively allowing them to do this because "Most" people don't vote. I'm sure some people "Can't vote" but statistically most people just do not care enough to vote either meaning planning it, being aware of when it occurs or researching who to vote for. So every time I see a local Texas pollical post I'm going to remind people to Vote because our turn out doesn't reflect the people. Though likely this demographic does vote so fuck.

  51. Anyone in public service who parrots the big lie is a traitor to the United States. Full stop. There’s no grey area, no nuances, no complications of any kind.

  52. Even if you consider the humanity of the unborn, they don’t have any rights to another’s body and should be able to be removed at the discretion of the host. I don’t understand why people even discuss when does life begin? Even if they had rights, a person has bodily autonomy and no person owes anybody their flesh and blood.

  53. Cool, then visit the roach-infested studio apartment of an 18 year old with a five year old kid that she's raising by herself, and spend an entire day seeing what that young woman's life is like.

  54. Give them their portion of the national debt and send them on their way. They've been wanting to secede and become their own country for quite awhile.

  55. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills down here sometimes. We got rocked by winter storms two years in a row due to terrible infrastructure and a power grid disconnected from the rest of the country, resulting in over 200 deaths the first time around. We’re out of water in Odessa. And thanks to our very loose gun laws, we are home to some of the largest school shootings in the nation. We’re also dead last in mental health services. But every Republican I know down here doesn’t seem to bat an eye at that and is more concerned with drag book readings or losing their precious AR-15s.

  56. How does this not disqualify the GOP from running in the next State elections? Why let them participate when they refuse to accept the results? This is absolutely not sustainable.

  57. People of Texas: if you aren’t an old, white, heterosexual, male who is a misogynistic homophobe why are you voting Republican? There is not a place for you at their trough.

  58. Even the people who are heterosexual, white men, why the fuck do they still vote for the GOP? Texas and the Deep South in general just seem to love to make their lives more and more miserable by voting in policy that VERIFIABLY makes their lives worse.

  59. People in the west Texas town I live in actually believe that stopping the Hispanics is the most important issue in the whole country.

  60. I work with a guy who said and I quote “I vote republican because I believe everyone should be equal”

  61. Remember when the Right laughed and mocked people who for like a week were upset that Hillary lost and told those people they had to wake up to reality.

  62. So the federal government is illegitimate? Cut funding and impose sanctions TX govt. Hopefully they'll try to secede, so the US can use military force (again)

  63. The republican party is a criminal syndicate. At this point we should be reaching out for international aid to assist us in putting down this enemy.

  64. Other countries could declare the GOP a terrorist organization like Canada did with Proud Boys. These white supremacist groups & GOP are one and the same now since the GOP refuses to condemn them.

  65. The state of Texas protects the life of the pre born and also wants Texan students to learn about the humanity of the pre born but couldn’t protect the lives of 19 students and 2 teachers in a classroom while a gunman killed them all with an assault weapon during an hour long mass shooting. That’s Texas pro life - TRAGIC.

  66. You all realize that Texas GQP is just ahead of the curve, right? You can expect this same stupidity from Florida, Alabama, Arizona GQP party leaders as well.

  67. Time to close military bases in Texas and remove defense contractors there. End any federal funding they get and remove federal groups like ICE, CBP, and DEA. Good luck guys, have fun being stupid.

  68. This is just sad. But not surprising. In 1999 I moved to Texas and it was the best decision I had made at the time. I found true love, a great career, amazing family. Owned a beautiful home, had savings in my bank account saw some amazing places and ate some great food. But seeing how EVIL TX was becoming I decided to leave in 2015 back to my home state. It’s a Shame watching watching a place that provided me so many opportunities decide to make it harder for others to receive the same ones. I own land there and had considered retiring but at this point I might as well sell it. I doubt there is anything that could get me to return.

  69. Texas fully embracing the Big Lie. But I guess that makes sense, since the GOP can't win if they keep to facts. Hell, they can barely ever win the popular vote.

  70. The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization The GOP is a terrorist organization

  71. In Nazi Germany, the Fascists gained control by telling everyone that they would fix very real problems and giving them a scapegoat.

  72. Shut the GOP down. They’re not interested in leading. They’re not interested in your welfare. They’re not interested in your autonomy. They want power, and they want blood.

  73. This is scary as hell, ESPECIALLY after some of the hearings which could not be more clear that Trump didn't win, was told he didn't win over and over and most likely KNEW he didn't win.

  74. This country is truly broken that facts no longer matter. That there’s a frighteningly large percentage of the population of the US that are so willing to believe the lies that are the easiest to prove are false. The oligarchy has done an unbelievable job of convincing these people that an entire political party hates America. The majority of those literally vote against their best interests, and sometimes for things that would directly hurt them, because somehow they’ve been convinced that politics is some kind of team sport. It’s incredibly soul crushing. I honestly don’t know how much longer democracy in the US will survive at the rate the GOP has speed-run itself towards full blown Theocratic Oligarchy.

  75. If Biden is an illegitimate President, then the infrastructure bill he signed is illegitimate as Biden had no authority to sign it into law. Which means Texas really ought to return

  76. Texas officially the dumbest state in the US, good luck if you were on your own you are basically a 3rd world country at this point descending even further as we speak.

  77. The whole damned platform is ridiculous. Sharia law Christian style - they even made sure to include refusing women equal rights. Texas Republicans want a rich, white male dominated theocracy and aren’t being shy about announcing it.

  78. Serious question, what happens when a party within a state formally declares the presidential election fraudulent and says the president is illegitimate? This is a genuine challenge to presidential and federal authority that lies outside the bounds of the democratic process in place for those challenges to occur. When your platform is focused on undermining the legitimately derived authority of the government, isn't that treason?

  79. As a Texan this infuriated me. They care more about a trans kid or spending time on a completely baseless theory than taking care of this state’s population. Let’s worry about Suzy’s gay teacher more than the roads to drive on or the fact that Suzy’s future due to climate change is in danger. Let’s worry about making sure a former president feels bowed down to than protecting 8 year old from being massacred in a classroom. This party is full of clowns who care more about getting power and going back to the early 50s than actually running a state. If they hate government so much then get out of it and let others who give a shit run it.

  80. Well, gosh. I know they are burning books, letting me die in winter and summer weather with no electricity or water, take away logical transportation options, cause the state to lose billions in publicity stunts, allow for few personal freedoms and try to take away people's children for giving them healthcare, but the democrats would make billionaires pay taxes. I'm sorry. I just can't support that.

  81. Seems that refusing to recognize Biden as the legitimate president is their way of declaring their intent for civil unrest at the best, or civil war at the worst.

  82. I just wish we can get an election with qualified candidates under the age of 60. People who grew up before color television existed shouldn't be making our policies anymore.

  83. I grew up in West Texas in the 90’s. I have a lot of good memories of that time. I lived in a small town with people of all backgrounds and we all just got along. There was no us vs. them. People were able to set aside any differences they had if it meant helping out their neighbor. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor or a minority, everyone was respectful to one another.

  84. The Republican Party ceding control to their religious fanatics is like Cersei giving control the High Sparrow in GoT. Even they will end up regretting it

  85. Can we please just get the fuck rid of the bible belt? Most of these states are takers and filled with psycho religious fundamentalists and racist fucks.

  86. I would tell Texas to secede if it really feels that way. No federal support for anything, a shitty power grid, and the Christian taliban in power (among many other terrible policies). Allow those who want to leave, to leave.

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