Prosecutors resigned after NY DA said he wasn't prepared to move forward with indictment of Trump

  1. Not the first time this happened. Cyrus Vance had enough to charge Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric on mail and wire fraud before he was elected. It’s was a clear cut case. An attorney representing Trump showed up and made a generous donation to Cy Vance’s re-election campaign and he chose not to indict. It was all just a coincidence I’m sure.

  2. The people of Manhattan need to recall him. Since he is intimated by prosecuting powerful and wealthy men, half of Manhattan will be able to steal from other half while DA Bragg turns a blind eye to the crimes.

  3. Holy crap, so according to this a main reason they didn’t charge is because they thought that Michael Cohen, a Trump insider who could be a credible witness explaining the crimes, wouldn’t work because he had already spent too much time talking about Trump’s crimes and might be seen as biased by a jury… what??

  4. But…there is other evidence. Why do we stop just because there is one tendril with a weakness? This horrible lack of accountability and refusal to enforce has to stop or it is all for naught.

  5. How can it bias if it’s a recitation of truth and events :/ that’s fucking BONKERS. The USAs rule of law is done, it’s not even got the veneer of applying to rich and powerful people anymore.

  6. "Some prosecutors, including Dunne and Pomerantz, believed there was sufficient evidence to charge, while others, including some career prosecutors, were skeptical that they could win a conviction at trial, in part because of the difficulty in proving criminal intent."

  7. I thought they didn't want to move forward with inflating/deflating assessments for Trump is that they would have to prosecute so many other NY property owners.

  8. I mean there's no way they would bring a case against Trump with the most damning, not to mention only evidence just from Cohen's word alone. So so what that he spoke about Trump's possible crimes? They'd be a paper trail as well.

  9. Not biased. Simply a liar. Cohen would be too easily impeached. This is the problem with Trump’s inner circle. They're such slimy rats that even if they turn on him, they're useless.

  10. The jokes on us. The non believers were called fake news. The believers were called patriots for all the feels. The ultimate scam. He did that. Yeah no he needs to pay

  11. They key is you need your partner to plead guilty for you, I am sure he is paying them under the table why else would so many admit guilt for him and risk prison.

  12. I grew up hearing “ignorance of the law is not a defense.” Part of me has not given up hope on Trump’s prosecution- and another is just tired of waiting and doesn’t believe in justice or the rule of law anymore. It doesn’t exist.

  13. I'm not sure which crimes you are referring to. Intent matters and is written in many laws such as possession of stolen property, theft, assault, vandalism, etc.

  14. This is why whenever another article comes out about Trump doing something illegal, I don’t care. Because no one in any position of power ever holds him accountable. They just feign outrage and do nothing about it. Let me know when he’s charged with something

  15. Instructions received and ignored. Please have 375 more buzz feed clickbait articles to get your blood running and your hopes high whenever any tiny detail pops up

  16. The New York case was supposed to be a slam dunk. What the fuck happened? My only hope is they are holding off for a bigger federal case but honestly, that seems unlikely. It really seems like a certain class of criminal is above the law in this country, contrary to what the propaganda would have us believe.

  17. Someone needs to ask cuomo if he was governor would he have the balls to prosecute. Because no one else seems to. Maybe Letitia

  18. There is no justice in this world, he's gonna keep taking advantage of a broken system forever, and will flaunt it until the day he dies. Hopefully sooner than later.

  19. That is totally not true. He is going to take advantage of the broken system until he gets re-elected and scraps the system.

  20. I said it already, but Trump is a textbook mob boss who finds underlings to take the indictments on his behalf. Manafort, Rick Gates, Weisselberg, they were all fall guys for Trump. For this case, the DA really needed Weisselberg as a witness. But unfortunately, they could not flip Weisselberg.

  21. Trump must have a deal with the devil to never actually be prosecuted. because, literally any other cock goblin would have been in custody by now. fucking mango small hands.

  22. If anyone else did half of what Trump did, they would have been immediately indicted. Rule of law is dead in this country.

  23. Bragg might be expecting a pay off later on and it might be from one of the right wing billionaires. Bragg’s plan was to stonewall everyone and hide behind the ”secrecy” of investigation to cover his refusal to do his job. Bragg should cowboy up and publicly admit he tanked prosecuting Trump. Then he should face a recall election.

  24. Yea that seems to be the saying that those of us who aren’t prosecutors even know. Unfortunately we also know that when it involves money, and a lot of it, that you can pay your way into an alternate narrative. Hell, even if you can’t change said narrative, you can simply wait until the next news cycle and all is forgotten

  25. Supposedly trump's got bigger problems. The court order to overrule Eastman's claim of Attorney Client privilege is predicated on trump having committed crimes. If it has solely been Eastman, trump would still have the right to challenge the subpoena. As it stands, he does not, which is not good for him.

  26. "Yes he did a lot of demonstrably illegal things. But his crazy fanbase threatened violence, so we're not going to do anything about it."

  27. Every time you hear someone say the walls are closing in on trump, remember this story, and one’s like it.

  28. What else do we need to know about this treasonous bastard? DA is looking pretty complicit in all this shady shit.

  29. And CNN slides this in on a Sunday. Nobody paying attention, everyone looking at Ukraine. Fucking hell. I’ve lost faith that this guy is going to be held accountable.

  30. Actually, this story broke a few days ago...maybe a week. The fact that it popped back up means someone important is paying. Hopefully, public pressure gets the new DA removed. Not sure who has that authority.

  31. Well I didn’t know the details but yeah, I expected this would result in a big ol nothing once they strung us along enough that we lost steam.

  32. So how much money do we think Bragg was given to decide that just giving up was the best decision? A lot of people would be okay with them "wasting" the money on a prosecution that ultimately fails.

  33. Myself and thousands of others called this months ago... Just more theater to keep the peasants distracted while the rich and powerful enrich themselves off of our collective labor and stupidity

  34. This is simply because we have a Capitalist Justice System: everyone gets just as much justice as he can afford to buy.

  35. It's going to be strange looking back on these years in a few decades and seeing how the history books/wikis cover all the things Trump got away with.

  36. The jury system is outdated and biased. Trump is never gonna be brought to justice. Justice doesn’t exist. Especially in the realm of government. Especially when dealing with the haves vs have nots

  37. Wow so if you're rich AND famous then you can commit any crime imaginable and you won't be punished because you won't get a fair trial?

  38. So no one in this grifting, crime-riddled family will ever face justice for the crimes they’ve openly committed. Good to know. Fuck the “justice” system that protects these criminals.

  39. I know nobody wants to hear this, but what if we are being taken for a spin by the media, and the reality is that Trump has managed to stay within the boundaries of corruption intended for the rich?

  40. I though the state of NY had indictments ready to go as soon as trump was no longer president. Suddenly there’s no case? We are fucked. Hope you want fascism under trump, because this is how you get it

  41. The new guy is corrupt. He won’t release the resignation letters of the attorneys who resigned because they undoubtedly call him out. The simplest explanation.

  42. Honestly young folks that have the means should just concentrate on getting themselves and their family to a 1st world European country.

  43. I totally get the gesture. But I also hate when this happens because then you lose two good lawyers who cared about doing what is right. And now they’re going to be replaced by who? Someone more willing to tow the line? It’s been happening so much and I get why they don’t want to work at (insert place). But those good people have to stay and fight. Idk. It just scares me that the ones who care are walking away.

  44. These prosecutors are complicit with his crimes, then. Whether they are accessories before or after the fact will be up for a real court to decide. Put them on trial beside Trump.

  45. This man will never face the consequences of his crimes and will likely be re-elected. We were already fucked. But we’re more fucked now.

  46. Amazing how every criminal prosecution stops just short of doing anything meaningful…. So many fucking cowards.

  47. They basically said that they have been working on this too long and accumulated too much evidence, in such would be labeled as bias if they took it to court.

  48. That's right! Taxpayers aren't people, they can't be victims! Corporations however, they need rights and protections! What if someone tries to victimize the corporation?? They'll need at least 20 to life, because no peasant messes with my company's (and therefore my) bottom line, and gets away with it!

  49. Starting with scumbag Allan Dershowitz who was at Epstein Island but only got a massage with his underwear on from an old, unattractive woman. Really. He said that.

  50. It's also where Trump raped a 13 year old girl. All the depositions were taken so there's mountains of evidence proving that he did it, she dropped the case her lawsuit because of death threats and being poor.

  51. Welcome to US law, where people with sufficiently large bank accounts don't get prosecuted unless they threaten the balances of people with even larger bank accounts.

  52. Sometimes I get really mad because some poor toddler is fighting cancer, instead of cancer choosing Donald Trump.

  53. John Gotti known as the Teflon Don has nothing on Donald Trump. At least Gotti went to prison a few times. I really believe and more importantly Trump thinks he is six feet tall and bulletproof.

  54. "We all know this guy is a detestable criminal, and we have all the evidence we need to lock him in prison for the rest of his life, and our case is solid as tungsten. But we're not going to indict him. For... reasons."

  55. It's almost as IF they're fully aware that in proceeding to hold one corrupt politician accountable, it puts ALL of them at risk of being held accountable. So in honoring their own self-preservation, accountability is kept limited to just harsh words, strongly worded letters, media theatrics and very little substance.

  56. I am so saddened by the fact that the ideal so eloquently expressed by Lincoln at Gettysburg - that a US government designed to be of the people, by the people, for the people - seems to have perished.

  57. The thing about this that pisses me is the other day I overheard two Trump supporters saying that the reason the prosecutors resigned is because they (the prosecutors) knew it was a witch hunt and didn’t want to be part of it. It’s un-fucking-believable how uninformed some people are.

  58. I remember being downvoted for reminding everyone that Trump will never be held accountable, because the only thing he did differently to any other President before him, and every President yet to come after him, was loudly talk really, really stupidly about how he was corrupting the office.

  59. Big surprise. Corrupt NYC is who allowed Trump to run unchecked until he reached the level he has. NY has historically the worst politicians and bureaucracy

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