Elderly Florida Democrats Say GOP Canvassers Duped Them Into Changing Party Affiliation

  1. They tried changing mine. They didn't canvas me. Turned in a new registration for me as Republican with my last name as my first name and my middle name as my last name. Since I am already registered it was red flagged. The cops are now involved and they did it to 800 others in my county. They don't know if that was the organization's policy or one individual working for the organization which was meant to get people registered. The cop told me that if it's the organization it's going to make National headlines. Either way I will be getting a settlement. Fucking losers.

  2. This really doesn't make since to me. It's like they think you have to vote how your registered while in reality they just forced a bunch of liberals into their voting pool for their primary races.

  3. Good luck. In 2004 republicans went around to college campuses disguised as medical marijuana proponents. They stood outside of heavily trafficked buildings and had students sign their petitions those that did would receive, unbeknownst to them, a Republican registration card in the mail a month later. I know because I was one such naive 18 year old. It made news for a day, but no class action settlement as far as I know.

  4. They know DeSantis isn't guaranteed a win so they'll do everything possible to manufacture it. Glad those pricks got caught.

  5. How was changing your name going to help them, other than creating a fake vote? How did it flag it, your address?

  6. This happened to me a couple of elections ago. I moved and updated my address, and when I got my new voter registration card I saw I was suddenly listed as “no party affiliation.” I didn’t think much of it until I tried to vote in the primaries and learned about our closed primary system.

  7. For the first time, Florida just tilted to having more Republican registrations than Democrat registrations. This could be the reason why. And just another reminder that there is no part of the Republican party currently advocating for or acting like a freedom loving organization.

  8. If you break the stats out the largest %gains for the GOP in voter-reg relative to 2012 are in counties in the near Panhandle - everything east of Destin and west of Gainesville, outside of Tallahassee. Lafayette County IIRC had a net 80 point swing rightwards, from D+40 to R+40.

  9. *repost of similar article (because I F'd up and posted wrong title. Couldn't post original story since link had already been posted.

  10. We need to get rid of party registration/closed primaries and just set up an automatic registration system that follows you once you hit 18.

  11. The only way Republican win elections is by cheating. This is the NEW NORM for the GOP. It ok in their minds, but if the other side did it, then it's illegal!!!!

  12. Well, if the GOP wants to switch Democrat voters to R, they may as well run a second candidate as an R so those people can vote for them with their new-found party affiliation.

  13. And again. They can easily switch back to their preferred party, but if they aren't aware of being switched, they may find out too late and are not able to vote in their preferred primary. This can cause disenfranchisement and they decide to not vote in the general because their preferred candidate is not on the ballot. Same thing in presidential when people say they don't like either candidate so they just don't vote.

  14. (This is a strategy that is used in closed primary states) but that only works if they KNOW they are now registered as a Republican. Many of these voters only found out because it was reported on the news and they remembered canvassers coming to their residence so they checked their registration and found out they had been switched as well. They are now finding cases of thise across the state, not just in Miami.

  15. Is this some bullshit trick so afterwards when a bunch of "registered republicans" voted Democrat, they can keep excusing their evil voter laws or , even worse, overturning elections? The play would be "voting numbers can't be correct, look how many 'registered republicans' suddenly voted for the democrat'"? I can't figure out why the hell else you do this.

  16. I was about to say, I don't get why anyone would even register for a party, you get nothing for it and can still vote however you want. Then I remembered primaries, and some states suck and make you register to participate.

  17. Also, some candidates need people to sign statements of support to be on the ballot, which usually becomes a party affiliation. It's also how many parties get on the ballot at all. And most states make you do a new party registration each and every year if you don't reach some arbitrary threashold.

  18. Why does it seem that every time we read about something fraudulent related to voting that it is always the GOP?

  19. They're used to it. Check out how many giant click bait ads are between the "articles" and the forums on Breitbar or just listen to the absolutely shit they're advertising on Conservative radio. Everything from Patriot Dog Food to a $100 a year email address that ends in ".reagan". My favorite has got to be all the Republicans politicians with donation buttons that set recurring as the default and mislead you about it.

  20. I'm a Canadian and even though I have a lot of interest in US politics there are things I don't understand. Like this one. Who cares what your party affiliation says in their files? Isn't the important part your vote anyway?

  21. That's because you're thinking like a normal person and not a treasonous shark. If you are trying to push the narrative that the elections are all rigged it doesn't matter what people voted for. But if you say the ratio of registered dems vs reps doesn't add up with the ratio of votes for dems vs reps you can use it to help cast doubt on the election results. The idea that votes matter only applies to people who actually believe in democracy...

  22. Another Canadian here scratching my head. Elections here are so private. No one has a clue who you're inclined to vote for unless you tell them. We register to vote. Period.

  23. In Florida and many other states, you can only vote for your party's primary race, you cannot vote for the opposing party until the general election.

  24. Why is it mandatory to register for a party when you fill for voting registration in the US? It can cause so many issues.

  25. We don't register with a party affiliation here. What is the effect of changing their registration? Like, they can still vote for whoever they want, correct?

  26. Not in the primary. They have closed primary elections in Florida. So you can only vote in the party primary that you're affiliated with. If they don't realize it and are not able to change it in time, it takes away their right to be represented by a candidate of their choosing.

  27. An extremely simple, optimistic possibility is that this was fraud committed by canvassers not carrying out some deep, dark plot, but just trying to pump up their numbers so they look better to their bosses and get a promotion or whatever. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

  28. A decade or two ago, you could reliably vote for either party based on candidates that fit your preferences. I voted across all party lines for individuals I thought would do best. The parties weren't great, but they were reasonable.

  29. What? Republicans acting in bad faith? Probably just an oversight. An honest mistake. I’m sure it’ll never happen again.

  30. Thst depends on if they caught it in time. It's being televised all over Florida and people are checking their registration and finding they had theirs switched. They have enough time to change it back. But if this continues or people don't check to confirm their party affiliation prior to voting in the primaries, then there is a good chance they will not be able to vote in the primaries. Thankfully, the next primary is in Aug so there is enough time to make sure people are registered correctly. It's also being investigated by county officials

  31. As someone who's not from the United States, I don't understand this. Do you need to declare your voting intention when you register to vote?

  32. Some states have closed primary systems, which just means that you have to be registered to that party to vote for which candidate you want to be on the ballot for the general election. During the general, everyone gets to vote.

  33. I don't get what this accomplishes. You get a bunch of democrats who can now vote in the R primary but would probably still vote for the democrat in the general. You're not forced to vote your party registration.

  34. Idk how any conservative can look themselves in the mirror and think they’re on the good side. Y’all are some shady, untrustworthy people, and it’s like that with everything y’all do.

  35. What a turn off, to win republicans needs to cheat. Says plenty about their standards towards Democracy. I think they despise the notion of a free democracy for all.

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