Senate candidate who smoked blunt in ad burns Confederate flag in latest spot

  1. It may also be possible to call Gary Chambers by name and/or link directly to the new YouTube video

  2. Fuckin christ. You'd think a post about a blunt-smoking, traitor-flag-burning stellar individual would either contain his name and said fuckin videos in the comments but no. Thank you dude! You make the world go round you Rockstar of links!

  3. Jesus, I had to scroll all this way to find it and I'm glad I was persistent, because that's some real shit. We need more of this in American politics, we need to make people that support this backwoods country talk of confederacy uncomfortable, instead of the other way around. Fuck those that wave and support that traitor's flag, that is not America.

  4. Here's a video of this candidate, Gary Chambers, spitting straight fire at a community meeting a couple years ago

  5. We need these people in office. These are the people who are going to stand up and stick up for the community and people they represent.

  6. Here’s the campaign video where he spits straight up facts for marijuana legalization, oh and he smokes a joint while doing so

  7. Oh this is that guy? I remember watching that video when it first came out. I wish I could vote for this absolute fucking mad lad.

  8. White guy in his 30’s here… holy shit, where do I donate to this guys political fund?? Feel like we lack people in politics that have such passion to serve. I’m on the spectrum where uplifting our neighbors economically benefits us all (in America’s case, the class that financially struggles). Hope I see him or more like him taking point on how we as a nation level up.

  9. The net result is still a bit shit though. Robert E. got dropped but Lee got to stay. That has since changed...NICE!

  10. Hot damn, I remember seeing this on Reddit when it first happened and everyone called for this guy to run for office, I did not put together until now it was the same guy with the badass recent campaign messages.

  11. Burning the Confederate Flag is an American Tradition. If you're upset by that, you are not interested in working towards the ideals that the US claims to revere.

  12. I think it's telling that the end of the Civil War isn't a recognized holiday, nor do Americans generally know the date of Confederacy surrender (April 9, 1865), like Europeans do for VE Day (May 8, 1945). We need to change that.

  13. If Chambers won in Louisiana and Charles Booker ousted Rand Paul in Kentucky, I would regain a glimmer of hope for America's future.

  14. I find it staggeringly unlikely that he could win, but he's generating nationwide attention with these ad spots, which is a great start. He's managing to find things that look and feel dangerous and inflammatory, but that no one has any right to be offended by. That's really speaking some truth.

  15. I don't have too much hope that he'll win but he is the first politician I've ever donated money too. I want him to win also.

  16. Why do they never say the Democratic candidates names in headlines? There's even times where they'll refer to them as "'s challenger".

  17. This is intentional. The outlet or agency publishing this headline is not aligned with his values, or someone more powerful in his party doesn't want that type of association with the brand.

  18. Remember kids, If your Hush Puppy and Gumbo recipes require a confederate flag to be cooked right, you’re fucking stupid.

  19. Don't forget that it's MY heritage, and really that of all freedom and justice loving Americans to burn Confederate flags.

  20. My co-workers husband got a rebel flag tattoo when he was 18 in the 90s, cuz that was the rhino to do. For years there after he wouldn’t take his shirt off on vacation because he knew people would think he was racist and didn’t want to offend or alienate people. In his late 20s he got it covered.

  21. Well yeah, anyone who is openly and regularly declaring himself/herself a patriot is probably a nationalist who doesnt know the difference. Patriots want to make the country better, not devolve its every process.

  22. PS. Seems like you can only donate on the desktop version of the site. There’s no donation section, just a section to buy merch on mobile.

  23. Anyone who burns the traitor's rag should be elected to the senate, we've got too many Confederate and neo nazi apologists. We need someone with balls like this guy.

  24. My ancestors burnt the fuckign confederate flag. Our land has cannon balls, and fucking cannons on it from where they died fighting to burn the fucking flag.

  25. If this man doesn’t get elected, y’all are doing something seriously wrong. He might actually do some good!

  26. The Confederate flag: the 4th iteration made by racists after their original ones were shoddy, shitty, or looked too much like a white flag of surrender.

  27. I think, we all think, the flags was a nice idea. But not pointin' any fingers, they coulda been done better. So how about no flags this time, but next time, we do the flags right, and then we go full regalia.

  28. There’s quite a lot of information on the war to maintain slavery, and I missed that one. Source? Not doubting just curious.

  29. It's not like he burned the flag of an actual country. I love it, this is like a Republican candidate showing a campaign ad where he's brandishing an AR-15 in a school and staging an immigrant deportation.

  30. This guy is like the anti-maga candidate. I love how he's taking every extreme thing the GOP does and turns it on its head. Guarantee conservatives are shouting "Terrorist" as loud as they can because he destroyed a Confederate Flag.

  31. I sometimes miss my ignorant childhood days when it genuinely just meant being a little country boy on a farm who loved the Dukes of Hazzard and all that.

  32. Because those other things were invented by black people, and we all know how they feel about black people.

  33. Please come to North Carolina & burn all the confederate flags here. Just saw a new one today less than 5 minutes from my house. I hate seeing them so much.

  34. Even if he doesn’t win donate, show the DNC the type of progressive candidates we will support.

  35. We Americans should be burning that shit confederate flag any chance we get. Fuck anyone who flies that flag and fuck anyone who flies an alternative version of the US Flag.

  36. I'm in Louisiana and he will get my vote. Sadly I highly doubt he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

  37. He should melt an AR-15 down to metal and ash in a forge and pour the molten metal into a mold shaped like a sex toy for his next campaign ad.

  38. Man this guy could be in favour of writing legislation to put the tip of a kitchen knife into my own dick hole and I’d still vote for him

  39. I hardly ever comment on anything but have to say Amen Brother Gary!!! I wish more of our representatives were this passionate about their communities as he is about his.

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