The Stakes just got Higher Folks!!

  1. Oh jesus, did Doug basically out her for/accuse her of cheating? Thought I read that he's her ex-husband, but that she uses his name still because her real maiden name (Hussain) know.

  2. In America, whether you believe something or not doesn't matter. If you say something: A poker player cheated, false flag with crisis actors, etc, it does not matter if you believe your own bullshit or you are spreading purposeful lies. If your harmful words have real world consequences, you get sued for millions of dollars.

  3. That's part of the reason why I love playing poker, meat all kinds of people from all walks of life. Espeicially the hot cocktail watress that tells me i'm her nicest customer in the casino looking at me straight into my soul with her big pretty eyes, like take me ...

  4. Lol they will get the money back no question if nothing is found. But if they’re planning on suing for anything else that’s ridiculous.

  5. The show manager specifically and intentionally told her that he can't have ANY comment on the return of money. Technically by the actual words said, it was voluntary. IDK if coercion can be implied and ruled on legally but it seems not so cut and dry.

  6. Feel for Garrett here. Courts have shown time and time again to just not be able to understand poker. It’s why Postle isn’t rotting yet. It’ll be almost impossible for him to prove how suspect that call is and how likely it was she was cheating unless Hustler finds something conclusive in their review. Seems like it’d be as easy a defamation case as they could find.

  7. Garrett fucked up... I hope he gets what he deserves and has to pay millions for dragging Robbis name through the shit

  8. It seems like nowadays all the masters/ambassadros can badmouth newbies, and tarnish their careers with no repurcussions

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