Robbi Calls Garrets Aill-In with J4o on the Turn

  1. I've never ever ever seen Garrett ask someone why they called ever. He's an experienced player and the whole time he was looking at Andy and Phil looking for help "like am I wrong??" "does this look off?"

  2. The only reason I’m not thinking it’s cheating is cuz she obviously seemed to be catching him in a bluff all night playing trash against him and she looked like she was about to get frisky when garret had a boat. Clearly garret is in her head from previous hands.

  3. I don't know if she's cheating, but she said multiple times that she thought she had a 3, but checked her hand multiple times before calling on the turn? I don't know...

  4. She could be lying about the thinking she had a 3 there, AND ALSO not be cheating. Just trying to rationalize her incredibly dumb play after the fact. If she cheated, then how? Just mere suspicions aren't proof. Literally everyone BUT Garrett at the table didn't think she cheated. I'll take their word for it over a bunch of reddit accusers.

  5. She doesn't think she has a 3. After she calls, Garrett asks her if she has a small pair and she says "you give me that much credit?". She also doesn't look at her hand again after calling, so she knows she doesn't have a pair.

  6. yeah also had some crazy lines earlier too. i think its all for clicks and this is much bigger than it seems. next mike postle

  7. So weird to give the money back. Also if you're gonna cheat why hero call on the turn when G has so many outs. I have no idea if she cheated or not I'm pretty confused.

  8. I know. I actually feel bad for her. There's no chance she's cheating lol. People just can't fathom how bad she is. But just listen to her talk about poker and her demeanor the last few times she's been on.

  9. Does anyone know her history as a player? Is she terrible, because her post hand analysis sounds like the guys who play poker at the pub...

  10. Worse than, she said she put him on ace high and called with jack high. She said she had blockers but what she blocked are is his most obvious bluffs. Its gotta be cheating.

  11. I’m with you. I’m not gonna say it’s a sure thing - but I think there was something shady going on. And I’m not a Garrett stan - her explanations, demeanor, and subsequent actions were sooooo strange.

  12. Between Garret and Andy’s faces, they def think something as off and not possible. The only ppl not talking are Phil, Garrett, and Andy. Shit don’t seem right

  13. Now she claims she misread her hand but I mean she stared at her hand for 5 seconds after Garrett makes the all-in bet. There is zero chance she misread her hand. Very sus...somehow she knew she was not behind.

  14. I've made her play before in like 2 dollar games. Raise the turn as bluff, get caught and say fuck it here take my 2 bucks I call w.e

  15. Good explanation. Once we realize that someone's $2 is same as another's $200k Money is relative to people and how much they have

  16. Yeah that's the conclusion I'm leaning towards, like...either she misread the hand, or is really bad, and is just trolling after the fact because she knows he's tilted.

  17. She can't be that bad. That's not bad, that's not knowing how to play. This is explanation requires a great deal mental gymnastics. This only makes sense if it's her first time playing, and it's for a few bucks - not at this level.

  18. Honestly, the whole situation just doesnt make sense. Although just jumping straight to cheating since there is no explanation also seems a bit premature.

  19. Now they are saying she looks guilty because she gave the money back but in her situation I can feel the instinct to appease the cash cow that is Garrett

  20. Wow get crazier and crazier. She gave Garrett the money back and now this guy rip is blowing up. This guy is in on the cheat.

  21. just watched all the clips together and skipped the random hands, here’s what’s actually happened:

  22. 100% had time to straighten out their story, RIP makes a scene to distract, she wasnt smart enough to realize she could just say she misread her hand, he had to tell her that

  23. If i made a deliberate soul read after that and won the pot theres no way in hell anyone would see their money back.

  24. Conspiracy time: Hustler saw how much publicity Chess is getting due to the Hans Niemann controversy and decided to set up their own scandal

  25. Picked that exact moment to use her cheat superpower and get it in as a 50/50 coinflip? Not likely. Let's be real. She had been making sus plays all night. I admit it was a dumbass call, blocking the top half of straight draws with her J and literally beating nothing else, but there you have it. IF she was cheating, there would be FAR better spots to pick. The "cheating" theory makes as little sense as the call itself. EDIT: then he turns around and bullies her into giving back the money (ALL OF IT, not just the half each player wagered)????

  26. I don’t really know how she’s cheating but like it’s the only explanation for the hand? Her story changed a bunch and she had literally zero sensible explanation for the call, like she could just say “I thought Jack high was good” and keep quiet and the accusations don’t carry as much weight as they do now. I have to be honest, my theory is that Rip (or much less likely Person) gave a subtle “call” tell having seen the cards assuming she had literally any sort of show down. That’s a lot more likely than hacking or buttplugs or whatever y’all are theorizing, she was just donkey enough to run with the info, obviously still cheating.

  27. I don't actually think there is a way at Hustler to cheat like you said unless someone else like RIP gave her a signal. But i dunno

  28. Was watching netflix with this on mute next to it, followed the action of the hand and thought the graphics were wrong when I saw her call.

  29. Garrett will probably give the money back once he gets off tilt, however doesn't look good for any one of the two

  30. This hand didn't happen in a vacuum. She isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Fish do fish things with no reasoning behind it. Anyone looking for a high level breakdown of the hand from her let alone a mildly coherent are not paying attention.

  31. I dunno man. Everyone is acting like this is clear cut but Robbi was literally horrible all night. Called bets when Garrett had a full house drawing dead

  32. I mean it seems so possible that she's just bad, misread the hand, or decided to fuck around with somebody else's money and call one of Garrett's bluffs.

  33. RIP and Robbi are too familiar and colluding imo. This RIP guy is way too involved. Apparently during the altercation off table, Robbi referred to RIP by Jacob. And they might be business partners? Or something like that. If Robbi misread her hand she should have said so. You don't give the money back unless you're guilty in some form. You just don't.

  34. The strangest hand I have ever seen. It is a 3 hour tape no one is relaying cards offstream. Even if she could see the cards, statistically she was behind his draw. Only thing I can think is Garrett's play last night against Andy influenced the call. Interesting on how this will play out.

  35. Not that I think that she cheated, but the footage/card data is obviously stored live, so it's technically possible with insider collusion.

  36. The reaction she made when the ACE peels off, She huffs in disbelief? Like i just won both hands....BEFORE Garrett says i have 8 high....Super SUS

  37. As someone who has been cheated 3 times in home games, if I see a hand like this, involved in it or not, there are serious alarm bells going off in my head. There is nothing remotely sensical about what happened. Bad players don't even do this. Her body language and demeanor after the hand wasn't great, her inability to defend her actions and constantly changing her story looks really bad, then giving him the money back after the fact looks horrific.

  38. It’s simple. They should have put the “winnings” from that hand to the side and start an investigation. Action from the game should be stopped until further notice.

  39. Go check the video again… everyone is saying now that she thought she had a 3… which conveniently makes sense. But notice when during the counting of the stacks.. after the hands have been revealed and everyone is losing their minds she takes the cap off her bottle that’s been on the table advertising her coaching the entire stream and takes a drink. But she doesn’t put the bottle OR most importantly the CAP ITSELF onto the bottle.. and it’s missing out of the cameras ever since.

  40. You are suggesting that her water bottle cap is a microphone and a HCL producer is feeding her info when she takes a sip and holds the cap near her ear?

  41. She said she called because she had the Jack of clubs but thats one of the worst possible hands to bluff catch with on that board. The way she nervously fumbled her rationale when explaining was super suspicious.

  42. Someone literally asks do you have a 3 and she says no. Then she tells Garrett I thought you just have A high and Garrett responds so you call with J high and she doesnt know what to say. Weird shit

  43. Holy fucking shit this is wild. Robbi giving money back is clearly concerning, but Rip coming out of nowhere blowing up is a big warning sign. And they're business partners WTF!?

  44. This rip guy is sus as fuck. He knew exactly how much money she came in with and how she had it racked, and is the only one upset. There is clearly more going on behind the scenes with him and robbi

  45. Yep. Mike X said they’re business partners. Suss af to have them at the same table. She obviously just made a whale call and Garrett lost it bc of how he played the previous night too.

  46. The thing that doesn’t make sense with this is she is claiming blocker. The Jc is the worst possible blocker you could have. You ARE blocking the straight & flush draw bluffs that you WANT your opponent to have. Like…J4 just isn’t a bluff catching hand. I totally understand you want to catch Gman in a bluff, but literally almost every hand someone could have beats you UNLESS you soul read 78 as the draw he was on, or saw his cards. And than she says is a 3 good? But like Bart said, she never mentioned misreading her hand. Most controversial hand to be played on HCL for sure. She gave the money back which looks 100x worse on both players. This is wild.

  47. My theory: she cheated, but the problem is, she misheard whoever whispered Garrett's hand to her as ace high instead of 8 high, which he had. Then they told her to call which she did, but couldn't explain why she would call ace high with jack high. That's why she later came up with the story about thinking she had J3.

  48. Really possible that hand wasn’t legitimate. Garrett certainly thought so. Not only does her line make no memes, but her explanations after we’re contradictory and didn’t make sense. Very strange.

  49. She called two streets with J-high against Garrett's boat right before this. Seems like she was just embarassed about making a bad play and was saying whatever to diffuse the tension. Getting berated by a muscley dude at a table full of men doesn't help either. I think Garrett was way out of line.

  50. Lol at using your supposed cheating superpower on a coin flip? Chick made a stupid ass play, was embarrassed, tried to play off her bad play by needling Garrett as if she "owned" him and Garrett thru a hissy fit because his gto, massively autistic brain can't imagine a possibility of getting overwhelmed and making a terrible call like that.

  51. Garrett is streaming lol, not going to say she’s cheating because she could just be an Uber whale but that is very sus

  52. I dont see anyone explaining how she cheated. Evidence matters when it comes to big issues like cheating and damaging someone's reputation. I don't think a cheater would call in that spot because 1. It makes everyone suspicious that she is cheating 2. Your opponent has a lot of outs. You want to make such calls on the river when you know you win the pot. She simply misread her hand and was embarrassed to admit it in front of pros like Ivey so she tried to justify it and as a result dug a hole for herself. To me this is another case of how a popular successful person can abuse his power and force his will on another person. He got all his money back from her. The same thing has happened in Carlsen Niemann case. The strong popular one has abused his power and has accused his opponent of cheating in their game without any evidence and as a result has damaged niemann's reputation. Unfortunately Robbi was not ready for such a situation and didn't handle it well which made the whole situation suspicious. It should not be easy for a relatively unknown female player to sit and play high stakes with all of these top male players. Hopefully Garret will reevaluate the whole situation once he has calmed down and give her money back or provides a convincing explanation that she has cheated and does not deserve the money.

  53. I agree with you and Everyone’s basing it off of how she’s reacting. Cheating makes no sense. You’d pick so many better spots if you were cheating. Never on a 50/50.

  54. You are expecting the average viewer of this program, a subset that on average might only be slightly smarter than the average person in the general population, to use logic. Going to be difficult.

  55. I don't think she's cheating, she just has no idea how to play poker. She thinks Garrett is making a bluff so just decides to call without really thinking what her hand is.

  56. Yea I’d say more likely this is what happened. She sniffed the bluff and didn’t think hard enough about wtf she was bluff calling with or she thought she had the 3 and was too embarrassed to say that.

  57. My honest guess. She’s a complete fish who got caught up in the moment most likely misread her hand. Garrett is understandably pissed is being a sore loser. She’s probably flustered and since it’s probably not her money to keep the peace she offered the money back.

  58. I don’t understand… wouldn’t having a blocker to the possible draw hands make it slightly less likely that he has a drawing hand??

  59. if i hero call 100K+ on the turn with J high and i win, im freaking jumping and celebrating. That was just weird af.

  60. so like.... let's say she was cheating. Why tf would she choose it in that spot? Garret has a lot of outs. It doesn't make any sense to cheat right there lol. I think her speech was just made up at the top of her head and she genuinely did misread her hand.

  61. First hand I started watching was her having QQ and jamming an insane amount that she’s never getting called… just so happens the guy has J2 for two pair. She even ends up guessing his hand… thought it was fishy and that’s even before I saw anything about this nonsense

  62. There was some guy about a year ago on HCL who punted $100k in like 30 minutes, you could tell he was super nervous and not comfortable with the stream and stakes, he mucked the winning hand in a pretty big pot and also made a horrible call against a boat.

  63. If she thought she had a 3, whatever. That being said, how do you stare at your cards for 20 seconds and still misread your hand? She also has no reaction to “finding out” she misread her hand. Really bizarre.

  64. I think this is genuinely the 1st time ever Phil Ivey has been SHOCKED & SPEECHLESS at what he has just seen at the poker table 😳

  65. Strong players and smart cheaters wont ever make this call. Weak players and stupid cheaters might make this call.

  66. She just sucks folks. Everyone screaming cheating is the same kind of people that screams online poker is rigged when they try to bluff a hand and get called with trash, but that trash beats you.

  67. Gman hustled and bullied a woman for 135k. Had a temper tantrum n went full bitch. Packing up his chips he was legit afraid he was about to get beat up by a guy in a cowboy hat. His hands were rattling bagging up. He’s gotta give that money back, he robbed Robbie!

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