1. Yeah, I have a bunch of friends who would totally play online if it was legal/regulated. They are hesitant/scared to go play live because they are purely recreational and not that good, but they enjoy playing. And they don't completely trust sites like Ignition and ACR, let alone having to go through all the steps just to play on there.

  2. Never going to happen in California. It’s gonna cost a 1/4 billion for draft kings to pass a sports betting initiative supported by the major sports leagues. Poker does. It have that juice here.

  3. Ya but for only the US, I don't want it opened up to the world when the US is years behind skill wise online on average. Keep the US pool safe.

  4. I doubt a poker renaissance will ever happen again because growth is almost always driven by 18-35 year olds and I don’t think either of those projects will get those demographics that much more interested in poker.

  5. I see your young people won't care about Brunson and raise you Brunson has an incredible life's story that is bound to be interesting to anyone.

  6. It’s not hard at all as an American to play online. Even in states without fully legalized online poker (like PA/MI/NV/NJ), you still have Global, ACR, Ignition, BOL…

  7. I don't see how a movie would usher in a renaissance lol. It would have to be a blockbuster with an already emerging poker scene that uses the movie to elevate the game further. Sort of like what Saturday Night Fever did for disco. These movies will likely be medicore if not outright forgettable and the scene isn't emerging, its a very uber nerdy niche

  8. Im surprised the poker boom hasn’t happened in a bigger way yet. 13-35 y/o are obsessed with being able to make a living without actually working.

  9. Ugh! I got so excited for a moment that there would be a poker movie in the style of "the queen's gambit" which could bring women and minorities into poker. Instead, it's just going to be about an old white guy? Poker is living in the damn 80s!

  10. If we can somehow merge more crypto people with poker that would be our best bet. Some how a real crypto casino that accepts and pays in crypto, but who knows, sounds like stars and dreams at that point.

  11. I love that these movies are being made about Doyle Brunson, there couldn't be a better player to do these movies on.

  12. The best thing to get a new poker boom would be another crypto surge producing more young wealthy people with money to burn or a booming economy that produces a similar effect.

  13. I still don’t understand why they aren’t making Rounders 2. Last I heard both lead actors and the Director were all interested in doing the sequel. It might not cause a poker renaissance but it already has a built in audience and now they could expand on the game and strategy compared to the first movie that was more of a cookie cutter version of how the game’s really played. Mike and Worm reconnecting after 20 years. There’s so many way they could go in making a solid sequel even after this many years. Hell the first one wasn’t a blockbuster but it still grossed double the budget so the sequel is pretty much guaranteed to do better. Maybe I’m wrong I just don’t understand.

  14. Honestly, I think Koppelman has struggled to come up with a good story for Rounders 2. He wants to write it. He hints about it. But I think he’s struggling and doesn’t want to make a dud of a movie and have it feel like he did it as a money grab like so many other sequels. Plus, it’s not like he isn’t staying busy with other projects.

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