What is the best suck out or bad beat you have ever delivered?

  1. Had this happen once, dude cbet like 5 bucks on q97 so I floated on the button w 44. Turn a 4, we get it all in, river 4 I show my hand and he flips over 99 😂

  2. I counterfeited the bad beat once as a dealer. A2s vs 33. Flop was 3s4s3c. Turn was the 5s. They get it all in, flip the cards up. Everyone starts cheering. Being the great dealer I am, I told everyone we still need to put the river out. River was the 6s, which meant that A2s did not qualify since he wasn't using both of his hole cards in the winning hand.

  3. I have 10-9 suited on button. Flop comes 9-9-4 with two hearts. He checks and I bet relatively large playing my image, he snap shoves all in and I call. I’m thinking that he has rockets but am very surprised to see AK with no heart. Turn comes an A and river comes…another A

  4. I hit a runner runner perfect royal vs a flopped boat— flop OESD, turn broadway, rivered royal redraw. Got it all in, 200 bb pot

  5. This happened to me once XD ik you weren't the guy the pot I lost was near 500bb XD flopped kings full of aces, get it all in on the flop against AQs, their suited K is on the flop, runner the J runner the T, 1500 ish pot buh bye XD

  6. Loose, low stakes home game/meet up. Me with J high flush with J9s on the turn with an OESF redraw. Knew the villain had the nut flush. Was playing loose and a little splashy because why not at such small stakes plus I think I was decently up.

  7. AJJT hearts and clubs, raise pot on the button. Shortstack BB calls. Flop KK7 two hearts. I bet half pot, he jams for 10bb. I call cause I'm bored. He has KQ87. Backdoor quads gets there.

  8. I’ve repeatedly two outered my friend when I have queens or kings and he flops an ace in some 3 or 4 bet hand. I think I’ve two outered him three times this year in big hands

  9. Multiway all in I had AA and called their shove pre. One had TT the other ATs. T on flop, A on river. 1/82 in a 55$ event tourney, ~250$ bounty. Not badbeat but best suckout and feeling I had playing poker lately.

  10. 4 bet pre, 200bb deep with KK. I flopped a King and it was all in on an ace turn, ofcourse they had aces and I rivered Quads 😉

  11. Delivered? None. Received? This guy mailed me a double runner runner gutty straight flush (hits a two outer to pick up a one outer) nut sack punch on the third hand of the table (5/10NL with 5 ante), all-in on the flop.

  12. 3 bet pot flop jj7hh, 300 bb deep. Buddy obet flop obet turn brick, and I just didn’t believe he was doing this with an overpair and the player only had JJ in his 3! Range for holding a jack, and would always mindlessly barrel AK so I shipped it and he snaps with quads and wallah we get 8h turn and win with 9T

  13. Had A2 off and played it. Flopped the straight and played it all right. Opponent called in on the turned and called him. He also had A2 but suited. He hit a straight flush on the river

  14. 1-2-5 PLO, I had 22Q9, other player had 66xx. Came out 46Q no draws. I check-raise pot, other player raises to around $400. I thought he was full of it and shoved for over $1k.

  15. I had QQ vs KK on a K high board with two rags, rainbow. Villain had played aggressively preflop and continued his aggression on the flop. I went running quads … effective stacks 550 BB’s … in a 10-20 game. 🤷‍♂️

  16. Had A7 called a small UTG open, so did the BB (NB is very deep had me covered by about 3x, UTG is short)

  17. furiously searching the comments for the sonofabitch who went runner runner 8 for quads against my flopped set of Aces

  18. Jd7s on 8910dd flop, limp pot, checked to me I bet, old guy station call, short stack jam, i rejam, station call with 56dd, short stack has qj no diamonds, turn Qd, river another diamond. We scoop 3 way pot with worst equity 😂

  19. At a home game, I'm sb with 72o, 20bb. 3 players limp, I complete. Big blind (24bb) min raises. Calls around, I call.

  20. Not technically a bad beat, but the run out got me paid. Villain raised AA and I call 77. Flop K77. He bet, I called. Turn a 9. He bet, I called. River an A. He bet, I raised, he shoved all in, I snap called. He left upset and never came back to that weekly game

  21. On the money bubble of a tournament, I got Ah7h all in vs A8 on a A82h flop. Drawing to only running hearts or running 7s.

  22. Playing $4/$8 Limit O8, I river a one outer with Qh9hXX on a KhKx5xJhTh board against MP’s KxKxXX. Bad beat paid out 9 grand to me, and about 18 grand to him.

  23. Best would be betting three streets of king high and runner runner straight flush vs top boat. Pretty much a one outer both streets. Also bottom set vs top and rivering quads after turn went bet raise from me and he called.

  24. I flopped a set of 5s on a K-7-5 board of a min raise pot. Villain makes a pot size bet, I shove figuring he probably flopped 2 pair with k-7, he calls, showing a set of kings. I bink the case 5 on the river though, Improving to quads. This was in online poker for fake money, but still.

  25. I in the BB with 52o flopping a straight vs AA that decided to limp the button and the flop coming A34 with a flush draw; held lol

  26. I have 2s 4s in the small blind. Been a long time so I don't quite remember pre flop action, but we got to heads up somehow. Flop comes 3x 3s 5s, of course I jam because I'm a degen. Dude takes a full 30 seconds, felt longer, to call with quad threes. I call him a prick for slow rolling me and ask to see the ace of spades on the turn. That beautiful card actually comes and I scoop. Wasn't a huge pot, we used to play .25 / .50 in several local bars on a rotation. Still, the gratification of sucking out after being slow rolled gets me thru down swings to this day.

  27. Was playing 50/100 in a fairly shady home game, but none of the casinos wanted my action at the time because of some drama. Anyways I have the 89s with spades. Its heads up at this point and effective stacks are about 35k.

  28. In a 3 bet pot heads up I have aq suited villain has pocket 9s, flop comes 899 two clubs, I cbet being preflop aggressor since I have the nut flush draw, he check raises me huge and I’m at the point I’m either folding or getting it all in. I get it in thinking my flush draw is certainly good, he wouldn’t fast play a boat like that not even trips I figured, he snap calls and I’m thinking I’m fucked. He tells me if I’m on a flush draw I’m no good, he flips over his boat I flip over my hand. I’m dead. Dealer puts out the turn jack of clubs, I make my no good flush. Dealer puts out the river, 10 of clubs and quickly announces “straight flush”. I had no idea that I even had the redraw, I was stunned. Villain is an older gentleman and kinda chuckles before leaving the table. He returns with another buy in. Someone asked him how he didn’t flip over the table, he says he figures he would have gone broke in that hand on the turn or river anyways. He says he was more upset at the fact that he had pocket nines instead of eights since it didn’t qualify for the Bbj

  29. My worst beat. My hand Q10 D Villian 1: 108 offsuit Villian 2: KK Flo: 10-10-2 Villian 2 bets 45 I go all in for around 200 Both villains call Turn J diamonds River 8 I lose around 700 bucks

  30. I 3 bet 66 vs JAs. flop come 6j and something else random and he does make flush draw, i cbet, he calls. turn comes 6 and he shoves. Me and this player go at it all the time so i remember this hand.

  31. AJs flop is J 10 9 rainbow, raise leads to all in and call turn is A and river is A opponent had Q8o for a flopped straight, losing to my less 1% chance of getting a boat

  32. First time I ever played live. At o'sheas on the Vegas strip. I made a set of aces on a flop of AQJ, got it all in against KT. I was counting out my chips to pay him off while the dealer ram out the board. The guy beside had to nudge me and tell me to look. Board ran out 88. I did a victory lap and tried to high five the loser. He did not oblige.

  33. Specifically remember this hand… there’s some set up. Playing $1/$2. UTG (laggy) opens to $10. MP player flats. I 3-bet to $40 with 77 from the button just mainly trying to isolate. The small blind calls all in for less. The big blind moves all in for like $55 total, so it doesn’t reopen the action… UTG and MP can both reraise but they both flat and I cannot reraise so I have to flat. So we go 5 ways to the flop. I don’t remember stack sizes but I know I had the table covered .

  34. This happened at my home game. We play smaller stakes, variants, drink a lot. I raised from the button without looking at my cards. Flop is 8-8-7. It checks around to me and I just go all in blind. My buddy snap calls with 8/7o. Immediately tables his hand. I wait to look at mine.

  35. All in preflop, I had 99 vs QQ. Probably around 200 bucks in the pot. We decided to run it twice while I got my rebuy ready.

  36. Dude was straddling the button every hand he had the chance and would 3 bet every chance he had in that spot. I called the $50 with 78. Heads up pot. K62 on the flop. I check. He c-bets like $100. I check raise all in for like $500 more. Thinking there's no way he can call since his range is so wide here. He Insta calls with AA. 5 on the turn. 9 on the river.

  37. deep in a tourney, nearing the bubble. I have exactly 2BB's. 1st to act w/ 7c2s. Proudly announce all in. Get one caller, holding AhAc. Flops A/10/8 all spades, turns 3s, w/ a blank on the river to give my 2s the flush. Rightfully so, he had a meltdown and didnt cash. Final 5 of us split the remainder.

  38. Dude had pocket kings and flopped quads , I had 56 of hearts , ended up getting a runner runner straight flush

  39. It was in PLO so it would have been much more impressive if it was just texas, I have AK of clubs and J Q 10 of clubs come on the flop- I’m first to act so I check.. he flopped a straight flush 8 9 of clubs and bets into someone with a set of tens.. who calls so I just softly call… turn comes a jack of diamonds I go all in they both call- river is a dud and couldn’t of helped them anyways .. it was royal flush over straight flush over full house and they were both mad at me for slow rolling 🤣🤣

  40. Three flopped sets. I have the middle set. All of us all in on flop. Turn gives quads to bottom set. River gives me higher quads with the one outer. No BBJ. Top set on flop comes in third to two 1-outers

  41. In a tourney I was playing. Villain just rebought in and it was the first hand he was playing since. I'm on the button with KsKh7s7c and the villain is UTG

  42. I get dealt 77 in CO and called an EP raise pre. EP had QQ. Flop 77Q. Ended up all in by turn and river came a Q. Worst part of all, to qualify for BBJ u need quad 8s or higher to lose. Pain

  43. Don’t really remember the best suck out or bad beat but this happened last night in a bounty event locally. Buy in was $200, 8 left, 3k up top (already collected 4 bounty chips worth $100 each)

  44. AA vs QQ vs my AKs. All in preflop. Flop has an A. Turn gives QQ a straight draw; my AKs has only a flush draw….which hits on the river.

  45. Reno Peppermill daily, my only tournament of that short trip. Was all-in preflop with QQ vs T6, about 20bb. The villain was on tilt or just wanted to gamble after moving back to our table. Yes, my QQ sucked out with a 66K flop. The sickest part was that there wasn’t a Q on the board. Both turn and river were K. And I won the ~30 player tournament couple hours later

  46. Guy I play with has flopped the nut flush twice in the last 3 weeks only to have someone else turn/ river a straight flush. I had 1 of the straight flushes

  47. I called from cutoff with K2 os against a bet and reraise. Flop was K23. Original bettor goes all in and reraiser folds and I call. Guy shows pocket QQs and the guy that folded says I folded two Queens. I definitely win and not worried of turn nor river.

  48. Sitting in the CO on 10BB’s on the bubble of a tourney, look down at AdKd. I rip, small blind says good luck bro and rejams for like 1 extra BB. AKs against KQo. Flop comes out QQQ. That was a long Uber home.

  49. 1$/3$ Live was tilted and felt like i have to 4bet shove 100bb into one 3better and 2 limpers. we end up going all all-in. i had AKo vs KK vs JJ board runs out J55 5 5😂😂😂 this is by far the greatest bs i ever saw😂

  50. I have aces. Flop is K, Q, J, villain bets, I call. Turn Ace, villain bets the pot, I call. I KNOW he has a straight, c'mon, pair the board. Q on the river, villain immediately goes all in, I snap call and immediately open my hand right near the ace to show the boat. Villain starts ranting, "Every time I make a hand, this mf gets a boat! F this game!" SLAMS his hand on the table face up. Donkey 1, "Awe, man, you had a straight, rough..." Donkey 2, "And you hit a flush on the river, brutal..." Donkey 3, "Wait a minute, isn't that a .... You already know, the only dealer at the table already knew (this guy)... Villain rivered the ROYAL, had no idea.

  51. Was a small home game back in uni. Like, £0.02/£0.05 blinds. Was late in the session after playing all night, only about 4 of us left.

  52. 40bb eff. turbo PKO (can’t remember the bounties in play but they were substantial in comparison to current payouts), 16/1,500ish runners, TT in SB. BTN opens 2.2bb, I 7.5bb, BTN c. Flop - AT6r I 5.5bb, BTN c Turn 6 I AI for roughly pot, BTN snaps with AA River is the case T and BTN was the eff stack by about 3bb

  53. Playing 1/2 Big O online. 400bb deep. Playing 3 handed, villain is aggro whale playing 99% of hands. I have AA2xx. I forget exact action but it's 4 or 5 bet preflop. Flop is some garbage like J88r. Low SPR, it all gets in. Villain has 88xxx somehow. Turn A. River A.

  54. Live £1/2 cash game. Casino, but not London fairly relaxed game. It's late been playing a few hours, my stack is ~ £400 and I bought in for £200 so I'm feeling pretty good. We're 5 or six handed, people are tired and tipsy discussing going home. Villain UTG says "This is my last hand so I'm all in" - goes in for his stack which is about £500! People laugh, folds round to me in the BB. I wake up with KK.

  55. the best one i've seen was in a tournament. player 1 has 10d9d player 2 has KK they get it in on the flop which comes Qd Jd Kx turn Jx river Kd

  56. I straddled for $5 in a 1/2 game and ended up with quad 7's to beat out a full house K's and 7's. I don't even remember what the pot was, it was near $200 at the river...

  57. Not the most unlikely suck out, but definitely the most impactful. Won a Michigan WSOP online circuit event for $16k and a ring. Had a pretty healthy chip lead and got 88 in against a TT who went all in on the flop. Turned an 8. Ring is from Jostens. Not bad.

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