Who would you say are the Top 5 cash game (not counting Mikki of course) and Top 5 tourney players, right now?

  1. When did Buttonclickr say Stefan was greatest cash player ever? I know munezstarr said stefan is the only player he studies and that he is a few levels ahead of him.

  2. Usually the conversation ends up being 'duh, hes the best, who else?" This just avoids the inevitable coalescence of opinions. Give someone else a shot.

  3. I don’t think any live players will fall into either top 5. Although I guess it depends on what you’re most concerned with. If you want to know who applied and understands GTO concepts the best and are the most balanced, then guys like Stephen17, LinusLove, and the likes will top the cash game list.

  4. this thread shows not much discrepancy between online and live. the differences are obviously huge. for example, while trained online, gman obviously has some really sick live skills. ivey and antonious too. whether berri, stefan, linus guys could sit with them profitably, idk. obv they'd crush online.

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