Trip trips…

  1. Future reference: Trips is when 2 cards are on the board, and 1 is in your hand. A set is when you have a pair in your hand and the third card is on the board.

  2. Why does everyone on this board trot this out like some sort of "gotchya"? A set is still trips. This is akin to saying a square is not a rectangle.

  3. To be fair, Bicycle Prestige (Fournier deck with Bicycle faces), are awesome cards. They're my go to deck at the moment. Bought a dozen of them.

  4. Same happens to me 8 years ago at hippodrome casino. I was playing 1-2 and my brother came to my table, few hands in we end up in a triple set over set against big fish. guess who had the biggest set between my brother, me and the fish. (We were sharing bankroll too)

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