Wasn't sure what the "Play it Safe" on ACR poker and accepted it not realizing I was Surrendering a huge portion of the pot when I pushed around over $1200 ALL-IN heads up pre-flop.

  1. Something off on the numbers for your QQ all in. Unless their rake is abnormally huge you should have at least got your money back. You are over 50% to win no matter what suits. But maybe it calculates knowing the dead cards and all the Qs are gone but all the AKs are alive. That would screw you.

  2. Something is off, I didn't even click anything on that one hand and somehow that went through. It doesn't even give you time to assess the situation, and I don't know if there's two sets of questions or something and clicking the same answer gives u two different pasths...so yeah I turn it off. Sick of it. ... and I still stand by the fact that i think the underdog in an all in flip winds way more than it should... I played live for 15 years and never have I seen the incredible amount of runner runner or incredible river cards where the underdog wins...so when i play the sitngos, my odd goes up with I go in with low cats suited, connector or what not and half the time I beat them and i try not to go all in pre with big pairs cause I swear I lose them 50% of the time and a lot of them to 1 or 2 outers on the river... it makes sense cause they want to maximize the number of people playing for best profits..

  3. I told you, I never cared for it until I clicked it today. And it still didn't explain how things transpired today. I didn't even click anything one time and it still played out. And on one ocassion it seem like I had 5 seconds to decide while the other times it was no more than 2 seconds.

  4. You think i'd waste my time writing all this up or look up peoples post hisorty...for what? I could easily delete them but I don't care too. Get a life bro. What I said is what happened. You obviously have never played the cash games before else you'd know what i'm talking about iwth the details.

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