I may need a new place to play online...

  1. ... Colluding? It's two people in the same house with different accounts playing different games never logging on at the same time haha. They didn't even say we were colluding, just that we were accessing an account that wasn't ours because we were both logging in on the same device.

  2. I’m banned from global too for a similar reason… lifetime ban!! I’ve messaged them every 3 months for about 2-3 years and they never change their answer . 🖕🏽

  3. Ignition seems okay so far. They waived the fee for my first deposit, so I was able to use a credit card, and at least I'm playing for now. It does seem like I might finally have to learn to use Bitcoin nonsense if I want to carry on here, though, as there's a pretty substantial fee for credit card deposits.

  4. I've deposited and withdrawn from Ignition several times with no issues. Their software is glitchy sometimes tho. And bitcoin is the best way to go. I used to be scared of bitcoin just for the fact I didn't know how to use it, but after tons of research it's the best way.

  5. I love playing bovada great cash games lots of rookies going all in on terrible hands usually can clear 100-500 in a 30 minute session

  6. I’m convinced they have induced variance. Ahead pre flop? Wins about 40%. Get it in good with aces full? Sorry, guy has quad 4s. Wake up with QQ in BB? Fold that shit to a min raise, they have aces. Unless you have aces- then villain will go all in with 66 and the runout is 34587.

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